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Depression/the mask of Destruction

Updated on August 25, 2014

No one really knows what hides behind the reflection of a face .Millions of us are hiding behind a mask just to get threw the day.Robin Williams, the comedians,the actor and director struggle for year fighting a losing battle with depression. What was the source of Williams depression?No one would have ever known by looking at him what he was hiding behind his smile. Robin Williams, was tired of the struggles.

Like Robin I have been struggling with depression for years,from a tragedy that almost destroyed my life, the Murder of my son. I have seen therapists and taken antidepressants but I'm still depress. The medication never makes me feel good about myself it,it leave me at times confuse without thought. I personally hides behind a mask not wanting people to realize that I am in pain.

I worked took care of my children and smiled at friends and family members but deep inside it was killing me. In the darkness of my bedroom all the demeans comes out i cry, drink and listen to all the thoughts inside my head instructing me what to do.Sometimes all my energy leaves me, i feel lone with no willpower.I than think of my son and believe that he tells me to be strong, watching over me. Every day I wake up is a new challenge for me I know what I'm face, I try controlling it

38 million of Americans are struggling from depression, we see smiles on their face but deep down no one really knows the struggles within.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      Depression is a disease that 38 million people are struggling with each year due to life changes. No one thought that Robin Williams, struggled with a depression that finally took his life. No one really knows what hides behind a smile..jada67