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REDUCE STRESS NOW with these 20 top tips.

Updated on April 21, 2013

Stress Makes You Ill

Without a doubt; stress makes you ill. It can cause:

  • strokes
  • heart disease,
  • hair loss,
  • high blood pressure,
  • irritable bowel syndrome,
  • headaches,
  • joint pain,
  • diabetes,
  • ulcers,
  • allergies
  • muscle pain and weakness

To name but a few things. So it is clear that stress is not a good thing to have. Thankfully, the 20 tips below will help to alleviate any stress you may have.

Be prepared to queue
Be prepared to queue
Have a manicure
Have a manicure
Wear Earplugs
Wear Earplugs

1. Try to make sure that you eat regularly. Always have lunch and make sure you leave your workstation or desk to do it. If you eat irregularly your blood-sugar gets low and everything seems more stressful

2. Get enough sleep. Set a reminder on your phone to tell you when to go to bed if you're in the habit of staying up till all hours.

3. If you need a quiet moment during the day or yourself unable to sleep at night due to a snoring partner; wear earplugs.

4. Try to cut out coffee, tea and cola drinks with caffeine.

5. Try to get up at least 15 minutes earlier in the morning. That way if anything goes wrong you will have time to cope with it without getting stressed about being late.

6. Do not put things off. Get it done today.

7. Make notes in your diary or set reminders on your mobile phone for appointments, birthdays etc. That way you won't beat yourself up for forgetting something important.

8. Do everything you can to prepare the night before. No more last minute ironing or making sandwiches.

9. Learn to say no! Then you won't get stressed out doing something you didn't want to do in the first place.

10. Have copies made of all your keys and keep them somewhere where they will be accessible if you need them in an emergency.

11. Unplug your house phone and switch off your mobile for an hour or so and take some relaxation time.

12. Always be prepared to queue in traffic, in the supermarket, the bank; in fact everywhere where other people are likely to want to use the same service as you. Play a game on your cellphone; listen to relaxing music on your iPod to pass the time.

13. Never let things run out before replacing them. Fill your prescription before you take your last tablet; keep your car topped up and buy milk and groceries before you use them all up.

14. Never leave it to the last minute to set off for an appointment. Always leave at least fifteen minutes before you think you should.

15. Try to be more flexible and relaxed about chores. Some things can be done less than perfectly and not be noticed, others don't need doing at all.

16. Breathe out your stress. Take a breath in for 5 seconds. Hold it for 20 seconds. Breathe out for 10 seconds. Your stress will melt away and you will be getting rid of toxins. Repeat 10 times; 3 times a day.

17. Put things away where they belong when you have used them and encourage other family members to do the same. That way you should never lose them.

18. This one is mainly for the ladies. Have a manicure, pedicure or some other beauty treatment to make yourself feel good.

19. If something doesn't work properly; either get it fixed or throw it away. You don't need the stress of struggling with it.

20. Always have a 'Plan B' and possibly 'C' as well.


Top 10 Stress Reduction Foods

  1. Almonds
  2. Asparagus
  3. Beef
  4. Blueberries
  5. Broccoli
  6. Cornflakes
  7. Cottage Cheese
  8. Melon
  9. Milk
  10. Seaweed

Have a good cry!

A really good howl can do you the world of good and relieve stress. Crying releases endorphins as well as toxins. That's why we often feel better after a good cry. If you find it difficult to get started try watching a sad film to set you off; then start thinking about why you're stressed and all the things that are upsetting you. That should open the floodgates.

You may find this hard to believe but in Japan they have crying clubs where people meet up to watch sad TV shows and read sad books.

An interesting stress reduction technique

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