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A Healthy Body.

Updated on October 7, 2013

Strong Core Muscles

In the early 70’s at the age of 10 I started competing in track, and back then I knew the importance of being in shape. As I became a teenager I realized I was one of the few that utilized the weight room in my workout routine . Being a sprinter I wanted a body that was strong all over. One area that got a lot of attention during my years as a runner and a motorcycle racer was my core muscles. Your core muscles are where the body's center of gravity is located and from where all movement originates. This is where your body's power comes from and it is key to keep this area of your body well tuned. Proper exercise of core muscles not only ensures proper acceleration and deceleration during exercise or sports, but also aides in preventing possible injuries.

How many of you complain about back pain? Having a weak core can cause discomfort in the trunk region of your body and make you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries.

Yoga - good for mind and body.
Yoga - good for mind and body.

Fitness Ball

Core strengthening requires the regular and proper exercise of your body's core muscles. A good alternative to your basic core strengthening regimen is to learn exercises that use a fitness ball. Balancing on an over-sized, inflated ball requires that you focus on using your core muscles for support. It may look easy but is harder than you think. I have included this in my routine and do it a few times a week. When working out it is good idea to rotate your routine because your body does better it you mix it up. It's like keeping your muscles guessing and not getting lazy by the same daily routine.


Pilate's and Yoga

Another alternative to your everyday core workout is to do Yoga and/or Pilate's. Using yoga positions at the end of your workout with proper breathing will help you unwind from your workout. Not only is a strong core essential to body health but flexibility is also key. Many of us as we get older are less flexible and it is a good idea to incorporate yoga into your workout. If yoga is not something you want to do remember to stretch every time you work out regardless of your routine. Again, yoga has many benefits other than keeping you limber.

Workout Strategy

As with any workout routine, don't just work on one area. Your core is very important but being all around body strong is important. Getting in a cardio workout is very vital to all around heart health. Along with a good, well rounded, healthy meals will give your body the necessary nutrients to keep your body and mind going. Many that work out seem to stick to the same routine day after day. Mix it up a bit. Do core training and weight training a couple times a week. The other days do some cardio and finish with some yoga exercises. If you are in doubt to what you should be doing talk to a trainer to help you out. Many health clubs have trainers on hand to show you proper technique which is key. Improper technique can be a waste of time with no results or lead to injury. Remember quality of movement or exercise is better that quantity. If you can go the route of a personal trainer that would be ideal but make sure you like what they do. Watch the trainer with someone else. Are they watching for technique, talk about safety, and are they mixing it up in the routine they are doing with their clients. Asking others that may have or are still using a trainer and can they suggest someone. And remember no matter what you do whether lifting, yoga, or Pilate's it is quality of movement.


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