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Strong Woman Revival

Updated on April 11, 2017
GARH608 profile image

My road to a better me. It was a tough journey. Tougher than any that I have ever been through. I know it isn't over yet.

Ambition and Passions

When you start over, you have to create new passions. Some you just revise; such as the fact that my path led me to my favorite population. ANIMALS! There are only a few beings on the planet that love me more than my dog. I know, because I have lived. I have witnessed. Animals will always be very important to me, because animals were important to my Grandfather. It is interbred into me through him. It makes me feel closer to my grandfather when I am around animals.

However, when I started my current job as a job coach, I didn't know what to expect. (A BSW classmate of mine was doing the same kind of work in North Carolina.) However, I knew that my boss was quite impressed with my resume. After two months being with the firm, I had to attend a mandatory meeting about our company merging with another company. At this meeting, the boss stated that Vocational Rehabilitation office were singing our praises. The boss stated the client's name - which was my client. I knew from that moment on that I had started making a name for myself, and my boyfriend has been very supportive of my accomplishments. That helps, because I have been given a last minute client, or had to be on hand to make an introduction between another job coach and client, due to a last minute change.

However, my boyfriend seems to think the first job coach is jealous of me. Which I can see why, our boss has sung my praises in mass emails, as well. Not something I encouraged, but I cannot do anything about it. The first job coach had to cut her hours, so it isn't my fault that she can no longer be the "on demand" girl. I will just keep going until I no longer can keep going.

Now, I have been doing more assessments than actual coaching lately. Our busiest time of year is usually Spring and Summer time. Therefore, I have to wait for an actual coaching client, and do lots of assessments with high school students.


I really enjoy the quotes of strength that I receive on facebook. They give me even more thought to increase my strength. To process what I have been through, and where I am going.

I have now conquered the fear of driving in the snow. Sliding all over a country road really isn't as scary as I thought. However, I try to avoid roads near bodies of water, because drowning is not the way I want to leave this Earth.

I do believe that "Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back." Which is one that I will continue to work on until my dying day.

"Anything you can't control is teaching you how to let go." - Believe me, I have. There will always be anger. Thanks to my soul damage.

I'm not good at traveling backwards anyway. With my seizure disorder, it just makes me dizzy.


I have increased my strength My new routine has set in. Humanity had taught me that this was the only way to be, until someone that was ahead of me in a Jack in the Box drive thru, saw me crying in my own vehicle, and paid for my breakfast. Therefore, I continue to keep moving. I'm still functioning. I rely on my soul.

Short hair lover

In my meetings with new people, going to different businesses and meeting these strong women. I have found that many of these women are getting their hair cut shorter, which I think is great and SO refreshing. Even one younger than myself got her hair cut short. I hate long hair. Especially, when I am just plain busy and need a minimal maintenance hair cut. When I first got my haircut and had to do annual training with my bosses' boss, she didn't recognize me. It was pretty funny!! My hairdresser cut my hair so I can change my part to either side, or wear bangs with no part at all. That makes it fun.

However, soon, I will need to change my hair do again for a special occasion.

The guy that I have been dating doesn't mind short hair, which is also refreshing. (Especially after hearing the story of why my father hates long hair. Yes, the story has to do with 4 year old me. HE HATED COMBING MY HAIR AND TRYING TO GET THE TANGLES OUT. Never knew he did my hair, but HE DID!! Probably had to when I travelled to Canada with him on the weekends. No more tangles with short hair. I had a short hair do by 1st grade. My hair do today is similar to my 1st grade school picture.)

In conclusion

There are so many things that I want to do to further my own feminine strength, and to help other women further their own.

From my BSW program, one of my classmates had the privilege of attending the Woman's March at Capitol Hill. I think that's awesome. However, all I could do was put the "I stand with girls" frame on my default picture, and to the Republicans chagrin I spoke my mind. It brought me closer to more Liberal friends, and made me decide to block some others. No regrets. Just sanity. I am no longer putting up with:

Son's friend's parent: "Who did you vote for?"

Me (respond politely to a question): "Obama."

Son's friend's parent: "You're the anti Christ."

Politely walk away.

I should have said, "none of your business." However, I was not prepared for her response. I was NEVER so glad to NOT be a Republican in all my life. Because if that is how they act, I want no part of it. None. I won't change how I vote because of their bad behavior. She acted immaturely, and I am very glad that I have no relationship with her today. From what I hear, she divorced the father of her five sons anyway, and remarried someone else. She couldn't have been all that to begin with. I suspect that the "friends" she was spending time with in a nearby city, when the father of her five children was in Iraq is now her new husband. That is the way of the military. Too stressful.


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