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Struggle for moving - Exercising with Fibromyalgia

Updated on September 3, 2014

Excerpts from Schachter CL, Busch AJ, Peloso PM, Sheppard MS. Effects of short versus

  • A recent study indicates that aerobic exercise divided

into short bouts in sedentary women with fibromyalgia

can produce positive results.

  • "The effects of short compared with long bouts of aerobic exercise were compared

    in a study that recruited 143 sedentary women with


Fibromyalgia Awareness


Exercises recommended

If you have Fibromyalgia you should walk, stretch with Yoga, swim, ride a bike or use a stationary bike, eliptical or snow skier. They help the body stretch to make it more flexible to take away the pain. It is better to do some kind of stretching like Yoga and combine it with making the body move. Gentle stretching or gentle exercise is what is recommended by WebMD and other doctors when it comes to maintaining Fibromyalgia.

Sensory overload on a personal note

Ok, so below you will find a list of sensory overload that could go with Fibromyalgia. Migraines are a side effect. With Migraines there is a hightened sense of smell, odors around a person. A normal person may not notice if a person next to them has a large amount of cologne on, however, someone with Fibromyalgia or Migraines will notice it right away and have to leave the area because they will become ill. Other people who do not experience this may just pass it off as a person over reacting, bu if you have sensory overload it is not the same.

Another subject is noise. I worked on the line of one the major brands of hotdogs. The environment was very loud because of the machines. I did not realize how sensitve I was to the loud sounds until I went to work there and it became one of my sensory over loads. And yes I am always asking my family members to turn down the TV or whatever they are listening to at the time. Again, a normal person would not worry about this but some one with Fibromyalgia will go into sensory overload.

Summary of exercises

If you have fibromyalgia, exercise can improve your quality of life and reduce pain

My experience with a Personal Trainer

I just started working with a Personal Trainer who only specializes with people with Fibromyalgia. The first visit about took my stamina. Since I wasn't used to working that hard, the 30 minute routine we did made me hurt all over. It wasn't her fault that I hurt it was the Fibromyalgia. I had a relapse which made me a little down because my body just doesn't do what it used too. We did weights, areobics, stretching and nothing that was very hard. She was very nice and understood when I moved out appointed time back a week. If you start out too strong it will defeat the purpose of trying however, go back and try again. I have working on the exercises at home at my own pace and am getting better at them every day. So when the doctor tells you to move, motivate yourself by telling yourself that it will be okay and if you start small and do not expect alot you will get there. I do feel better after learning how to move correctly. Walking slowly down a path or street you like will be a great start. So what have you got to loose, go try.

Yoga workout

Here is a link to a Yoga workout. It is very low key and is formed for Fibromyalgia patients.


Exercising with Fibromyalgia can be hard or just trying. They say yoga is best because it is stretching the muscles. However, if the pose cannot be done because you hurt then that is pointless. I know that the Mayo Clinic has a DVD for Fibromyalgia patients that includes a yoga work out. Aerobic exercise is the best because a person can just walk and feel like they have worked out for the day. Movement is the basic principle. As long as you are moving, the pain is not as bad. Exercise with Fibromyalgia is tricky because you do not want to over do it so that you have a relapse. Weight training is good in moderation, so pick a form you like and get moving.


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