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Struggles/Hardships And How They Have Shaped Your Aspiration

Updated on September 8, 2013

My Life In The Eyes Of My Daughter

My teenage daughter wrote this for her high school assignment and never showed me until one day I stumbled upon by mistake while cleaning her room. I ask her if I can publish this.She said go ahead. As, I was reading this article with teary eyes and realizing that how my condition has affected my whole family, making me sad and helpless. I ask this question to God, why me?. At least, I understood know why she is so desperate to pursue a medical career.

Here what she wrote:- “I want to describe mom’s condition, her struggles, my pain and heartache watching her and my persistence for her.If I could describe my precious relationship with my mother it would be that “I love [her] as the trees love water and sunshine – she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights” (Terri Guillemets). My mother has been the one person in my life with whom I could completely trust. She “spoils” me like a child, she hugs me when I tell her I love her, she consoles me in times of hardship, she buys me Krispy Kreme donuts when I know they are “heart attacks” waiting to happen, she takes me to the movies on Friday nights, she bakes cookies for my sister and I on Sunday afternoons, and she brings me back to reality when I have dozed too far off. Unfortunately however, she suffers from pulmonary hypertension. For as long as I can remember I have always been irritable about the fact that she could never play hide-and-seek with my sister and I the way she could with my older cousins years earlier as a younger woman. Perhaps I am being unfair or perhaps I refuse to acknowledge the fact that she cannot do these kinds of things. Some nights I dream of a mother who laughs as if she is not bothered by the discrepancies in her life, but then I wake up and there my mother is, her weak body unable to take on the daily strains of house work. Her condition has gradually deteriorated over the past few months and she eventually succumbed to disability leave.

Now I see her at home, looking frail like a lonely autumn leaf swaying in the breeze and I wonder if I will ever be able to accept the regression of her condition. I worry if this illness, which has become such a critical part of her fragile existence, will catch up to us one day, snatch her away, and leave as suddenly as it entered our lives. Thinking about these concerns and becoming disillusioned with the idea that these concerns are my excuse of isolating myself from her has greatly influenced my motivation to prevail in the medical field. I don’t want another child to become disillusioned with the “reality” that was never so, to distance themselves from their parents because of an unconvincing and perhaps treatable illness, which is not the answer to keeping a lifelong friendship with the parent. I can’t allow myself to stand by and watch another parent suffer because of something that is out of their reach when I have inevitably become part of the cure.

My future obligation is to prevent people from feeling like they have to conquer their medical obstacles by themselves because I know someone who has tried to do the same and she has only ended up hurting her loved ones. Most importantly though, my mother has given me a part of her heart to keep and I hope to use the love she has cherished me with to bring happiness to those less fortunate than I”.

With My Daughter


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