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Successful Eating Strategies: Have a Meal Plan

Updated on October 21, 2014

Focus on the Goal: Have a Plan

In the fast paced world we live in, there is on offer an abundance of choices for every avenue in our lives. In particular for the nutrition side, often our eating habits fall prey to fast and convenient distractions that do not always work best for the health of our bodies.

The distractions often lead us to making choices to favour the less healthy options on offer as these options are more readily available and a lot more hassle free in our day to day endeavours to rise above the challenges of the world.

The best way to combat falling prey to the many distractions our environment offers is to have a firm plan in place for what we need to accomplish in our day and a strategy at hand to deal with the multitude of variables that threaten to distract us from our focus and achieving our key daily objectives.

Nutritional Focus and Eating Strategies

Having an eating plan and strategy in place is a vital aspect of our day to day living and productive existence. Whether we want to gain weight, lose weight or strive for a healthy efficient body, a meal plan is a dynamic part of our life plan.

A firmly established meal plan will become a vital tool in achieving targeted nutrition goals, as this will set out what we are to eat at each meal, what snacks will be allowed in between meals and what frequency our nutrition intake intake will be.

So whatever our nutrition goals are a meal plan is the framework for achieving our goals.

Strategies for Success: Life Style Benefits

Besides the specific nutritional benefits, having a meal plan in place has a multitude of positive effects in other areas of our lives such as:

  • time management
    • Having a week’s meals planned ahead we will save crucial time in not having to ponder what we will eat at each meal or what we will snack on.
    • We can have prepared meals or food groups for each day of the week and this will cut unnecessary time spent on meal preparation (in particular after a days work)
    • Our time at the grocery store will be cut down as a meal plan will establish our specific grocery list so no time will be spent wandering up and down the aisles wondering what to buy.
    • This will also mean fewer unnecessary trips to the grocery store.
    • budget management
      • Planning meals in advance we can determine how much nutritional meals can be prepared for.
      • We identify a specific list pf groceries and thereby don’t purchase any random items when wandering the aisles at the grocery store
      • We can plan our grocery lists in advance.
      • Quality
        • Easier to select healthy options through a meal plan so we are not reactive when cravings strike and therefore reach for the most convenient meal.
        • We can sequence efficient meals throughout the day to stave away cravings
        • We can eat appropriate foods and meals to fire up our metabolism

All Day Focus

So for a more focused and efficient method and approach to day to day endeavours a meal plan will have a vast impact on streamlining our days.


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