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Summer Threats and Their Solutions

Updated on February 19, 2017

Summer is a great time to travel. People drive down to the beaches and get as much sunlight as possible. Many explore the clear sea water, jump off cliffs for thrilling wonders or simply find some peaceful place for a relaxing break. Afterward, it is a common practice to show off some tanned skin as a souvenir from the stunning adventure. But, even with these traditional fun activities, people should be more careful these days. Everyone must be more cautious even if it's the time for unforgettable outdoor getaways.

Staying too long under the sun can cause damage
Staying too long under the sun can cause damage | Source
A sunburned skin isn't something to feel so happy about.
A sunburned skin isn't something to feel so happy about. | Source


Going to the beach and baring most of your skin to the scorching heat might lead to a painful sunburn. Having a tan in summer could be considered a trend, but be warned that a sunburn is considered a first-degree burn and can damage your skin.his is not just for people exposed while swimming, but also those who go hiking or enjoy outdoor activities for long hours under the sun.

Also, this is not just for people exposed while swimming. If you go hiking or enjoy outdoor activities for long hours under the sun, you are also prone to getting a sunburn.

What to check?

-stinging sensation
-red skin
-peeling skin

What's the remedy?

Put some after-sun gel or aloe vera to the sunburned area. Aloe vera is a natural skin healer and can help soothe the pain. You may also use petroleum jelly to relieve the sting. Then replenish the liquids in your body by drinking plenty of water.

Don't forget that when your skin gets burned, it also gets dehydrated. So, while trying to make your tanned skin, drink up as well.


Stay away from the sun especially from 9 AM to 4 PM. These hours are considered the sun's peak. It is safer to keep yourself away from the damaging heat. However, if you really have to go out during those hours, put on sunscreen (tip: at least with SPF 30). Protect yourself. Aside from the sunscreen, wear hats and light-colored clothes to cover up. Even if you have that perfect summer body, you can show it off at a proper time and not ALL the time that you are on the beach.

Heat Stroke

Still due to the summer heat, people have higher chances of having a heatstroke. Even the percentage of heat stroke cases is increasing. In 2013, there was a report that 5 out of 10 Filipinos complained about heat stroke every day. This number is constantly increasing, if not at an alarming rate, but still a source of concern.

The hot temperature and not drinking enough water can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Young and old both have chances to have a heat stroke. Some cases have children affected more because they are not so vocal about how they feel and would prefer to take extra playtime outdoors without any fluids to replenish their thirst.

What to check?

-intense headache, dizziness
-red, hot, and dry skin
-shallow and rapid breathing

In some extreme cases, you should watch out for possible confusion and loss of consciousness.

What's the remedy?

Heat stroke is a serious condition. This is not just another form of heat exhaustion. That being said, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. But as a first aid, find a cool place and remove unnecessary clothing (layered shirts, malong, etc.).

Then dampen your skin with a wet towel, sponge, or even find yourself a hose. This is a way to cool down your system. If it is possible, apply ice to areas like armpits, groin, neck, and back.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Do not drink too much coffee and alcohol. These two can make you lose more fluid. Encourage children or any family member to drink lots of water, and let them bring tumblers with them whenever they go out. Also, staying under the sun for a really long time is not good for you. Try to find shades or cooler places once in a while.

Find some shades if you are outdoors and no closed area nearby.
Find some shades if you are outdoors and no closed area nearby. | Source

What's your usual action against the summer heat?

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Heat Rash

Heat rash is a skin problem which is caused by heat exposure and hot, humid climates. This skin problem is commonly seen in babies, but can also be found in adults. This condition is caused when our body's sweat glands are blocked which leads to the inflammation of the underlying skin.

Heat rash is also known as prickly heat or bungang araw in Filipino.

What to check?

-irritated red or pink dots on the face, neck, arms, or shoulders.

What's the remedy?

Keep the area dry and cool. Just remove clothing that covers the area and let it air-dry. This condition usually goes away after a few days. You just have to remember not to put thick creams and ointments because these can irritate the skin further.


Keep your skin cool and dry by wearing light and breathable clothing. Parents should also be wary of this condition when they choose clothes for their babies. It is nearly the summer season, so keeping your babies warm can cause illnesses to them.

Extra: Jellyfish Sting

In the tropics, the beautiful beaches and clear seas can also bring danger sometimes. There are cases of jellyfish stings around some areas in the Philippines. That is why even without the announcement be prepared for this possible condition.

What to check?

-extreme stinging pain
-uncomfortable rash

In severe cases,
-chest pain
-difficulty in breathing

What's the remedy?

Treat this out of the water. Get the person or yourself out of the water to do first aid. If there are still tentacles attached, remove them using some tweezers, shell, stick, or a gloved hand. Do not use your bare hands.

There are some controversies when it comes to the solution, here are some explanations and the suggested remedy:

*Urinating on the affected area will not be the best solution. There are some cases where people gave their testimony to the benefit of urine when they got stung, however, it doesn't have enough acid to neutralize the venom.

Vinegar is the long-tested first aid for a jellyfish sting. But its effectiveness has been put to questions these past few years. However, I suggest that if it is readily available, you can still use it. Soak the area with vinegar immediately, because this (acetic acid) can neutralize the alkali-based venom. When you use vinegar, do not rinse it with tap water because this might reactivate the stinging cells.

  • Others suggest putting the affected area under hot water. If you can find a hot bath, let the victim get in there. However, remember to be careful and not to burn the victim.

Then remove nematocysts (poisonous sacs) by applying shaving cream or soap lather and scrape it with shell or razor.


It is usually an accident when people get stung, however, it is advisable to stay away from the area populated by jellyfish. You can ask around the town, with the locals, about the jellyfish so that you can be prepared and cautious while swimming.

Other Summer Ailments and Emergencies

Chicken Pox
Food Poisoning
With these additional conditions, be prepared and try to be cautious in this season.
Bacteria can spread and multiply faster in hot weather
Bacteria can spread and multiply faster in hot weather | Source

Food Poisoning

Due to the hot temperature, food tends to spoil faster in summer. The bacteria present in the surrounding and in food multiply faster in humid weather and is also intensified with improper food handling. Then with the typical outings and get-together, there is a higher risk of food poisoning.

What to check?

-abdominal pain

These symptoms usually are observed after eight to sixteen hours after having the contaminated food.

What's the remedy?

Some mild cases of food poisoning can be taken care of at home. The patient would be required to drink plenty of fluids and loads of rest. However, once the person has a fever, you need to seek professional help. The doctors would most probably prescribe the patient with re-hydration solution and probiotics to have good bacteria in the stomach. But for more severe cases, the patient might be put with an IV.


If it is already an extreme scenario, seek medical help immediately. You can call your local emergency hotline or ask the locals for help if the victim has to be taken to a hospital.

Be aware of the possible illnesses and try to be prepared.


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