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Sun Blisters - How to Treat and Prevent Them

Updated on July 5, 2010

Sun blisters take place when your body's natural defenses to UV and UVA rays have been exhausted. Sun blisters are a dangerous kind of sunburn and can be accompanied by chills, fatigue and fever. A blister is the skin's last ditch attempt to defend the developing skin below the exterior by pushing out the outer skin and injecting a fluid between the layers. These blisters typically dry up after a few days which results in peeling skin.

These blisters are easily averted, and due to the danger and pain they put you through, it is in your best interest to do all you can so that they never happen.The temporary impact is that it can take many weeks of pain and irritation before these blisters heal fully. So just consider this the next time you want to remain outdoors longer when you sense you should seek shade; one hour of sunshine is not worth a month of pain and a critically increased chance of skin cancer that could shorten your life.

Preventing Sun Blisters

Sunburns that turn into blisters are much more common in light skinned individuals. Though humans of any skin color can have extreme sun exposure and acquire sun blisters. Some people mistakenly assume that they cannot get sun burned unless it is sunny outdoors. UV rays penetrate clouds and though it will take longer than on a sunny day, you can get sunburn on cloudy days.

Skip venturing outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in order to skip the most extreme sun of the day. If you are going outdoors at any time of day, apply sunscreen to all areas of your skin that will be exposed to sunlight. Wear clothing that blocks the sun, white linen would not be recommended. Hats are a great way to keep the sun out of your face, though you will also need sunscreen on your face. Head indoors instantly if you feel any signs of sunburn. You often feel sunburn much later then when it first started and staying out “just a bit” longer can make a little sunburn into sun blisters.

Treatments for Blistering Skin

It is imperative to know how to appropriately treat sun blisters should you develop them. Sun blisters are very different from ordinary blisters and should never be popped. Popping the blisters offers no relief and boosts the chance of infections. If your blisters open up before drying out and peeling, there are many options you can take. Apply an antibiotic ointment to the affected region. Do not remove or pick at peeling skin, the longer the dead skin remains the more time the immature skin underneath has to prepare for its debut.

It is important to do all that you can to avoid sun blisters. Do your best to have sunblock available at all times and always be aware of your sun exposure levels. Have sun protective clothing and sunblock available so that using them is quick and simple. If you ever find yourself stuck with some of these blisters, you will want to "baby" them so that they have all the time they need to heal.

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    • profile image

      Marie 3 years ago

      Ok. Im hoping this can help someone someday :)

      I got a horrible sunburn last week. It was my worst ever. I was in so much pain! It took days for the heat and the pain of the burn to lessen, but then I got blister! Big ones! Thenthe blisters almost came together so that the whole sunburn (well most of it) was basically one giant blister cause my top layer of skin just moved. Then it just started to rub off. Nothing I put on would help. It would sting cause of the fragile skin underneath, it was new raw skin. But so dried out. I knew any creams or lotions or Vaseline based products would hurt. They hold that burn (which is still slightly there) in and the heat cant escape. So I tried baby oil! It worked amazing!! Helped so much!

      I hope one day this can help answer someone's question cause I couldn't find help anywhere! So that's my experience :) good luck to all of you!

    • profile image

      Michaal Toney 5 years ago

      ive had blisters for the past 3 days and they are not even drying up i apply aloe vera gel and what can i do ?