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Updated on June 18, 2013



So I went letter boxing(you know putting advertisements in people's letter boxes) the other day. There I was rocking my cool shades with my earphones on making much progress I might add. I remember looking at the clock before I left the house it was about 1030 so anyway I was in the sun for a while because when I got back it was about 2:00. So you know how they have the sunscreen ads in the summer telling you to be sun smart and hat you should wear sunscreen? Ya I thought those were for light skinned people like really light skinned people who would not be considered black any day and so I think it would be fair for the purpose of my argument to add that i am a dark skinned girl like ebony dark so you can understand my ignorance.

So anyway by the time I got back home my feet are killing me from walking(yes walking I don't have a bike an yes I walked for four hours straight!). Long story short after a couple of hours I touch my neck and it feels very tender and so when I had a look in the mirror it was as red as anything. i couldnt beleive it! i was sunburnt! I was just so burnt that I couldn't even carry a handbag on my shoulders the next day because the contact with my skin in that area was so sore. So they say ignorance is bliss but after the bliss comes the pain(i can tell you a whole lot about that)So below is a list of things you need to do to avoid sunburn.

Preventing sunburn

Cover up

Although it is hot going out in the sun with a short sleeved or sleeveless top is a no no. Wear something long sleeved but also light so that you don't get too hot. It is very important to cover up to avoid the direct contact between the sun and your skin.

Wear shades(sunglasses)

Shades are an absolute essential to avoid glaucoma and other eye related diseases caused by too much sun. Wearing sunnies also stops you from squinting which can cause premature wrinkles so if you want to look forever young you should totally rock those sunnies. Shades are an absolute essential they stop the eyes from being sunburnt(yes eyes get sunburnt too apparently).

Wear a hat and put on sunscreen

Hats are an essential to prevent the uv rays from the sun on the face, head and neck as sunscreen won't do 100% of the job. Last but not least put on sunscreen for all over body protection. Sunscreen is very very important as it also protects your skin against dangerous UV rays that cause skin cancer.

So next time you go out in the sun cover up and be sun smart. Remember you don't even have to feel burnt to cause damage and no it doesn't matter if you are blue pink or black sunscreen is for everybody. For those in the summer season enjoy the sun but be sun smart.


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