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Lose Weight Safely With Super Food Ideals

Updated on May 24, 2011

Take Care of Yourself So You Can Live to Take Care of Others

Nothing Beats a Coastal Sunset
Nothing Beats a Coastal Sunset

Super Foods Weight Loss Tips

There is a lot of information on the Internet with regard to super foods as highly nutritious, antioxidants, diet weight loss enhancers and much more.

Super foods are great antioxidants. They are proven to minimize oxidization within the body. Accelerated oxidization due to free radicals in the body causes the body to age and break down internal cellular structure at an increased rate dependant on the amount of free radicals versus antioxidants one incorporates into the daily diet. Super foods are a great free radical fighter. The analogy here is much like an apple skinned and exposed to air. Without a protective skin the apple begins to oxidize and it turns brown. This is because the apple is now spoiling and dying at a cellular level. The mineral & vitamin nutrients (much like the exposed apple) we consume can oxidize before they can optimally benefit your health at the cellular level. The scientific data shows that oxidization at an accelerated rate has a direct relationship on your DNA and impacts on an aging body’s metabolism, weight, illness and disease manifestation, etc. If you want to stay healthy and fit even as you age, but just don’t have the time to eat right, I highly recommend you supplement your diet with high quality super food antioxidant vitamin mineral packs daily.

I’ve listed a few items that are not only super foods, but also healthy weight loss foods you can incorporate into your diet plan. So if you are thinking about a healthy diet and/or weight loss program, I recommend adding one or two of these super foods to your daily food intake program.

Five Weight Loss Super Food Tips,

1) Grapefruit – Known as a fat fighter, can be purchased in capsules, contains cancer fighting compounds, red grapefruit has been shown to lower triglycerides.

2) Sardines – Mass protein benefit and omega-3’s which boosts cardiovascular health, boost mood and stabilizes blood sugar. They are free of contaminants such as mercury and heavy metals and very inexpensive.

3) Pumpkin – Canned pumpkin, or fresh pumpkin is loaded with fiber, easy to prepare. Enhance flavor with cinnamon (blood sugar reducer), it’s filling and delicious. There are many weight loss recipes based on pumpkin.

4). Range fed beef – Range fed Beef is a great diet food, doesn’t contain antibiotics. It is a high protein source, protein stimulates metabolism, you feel full longer and range fed is high in omega-3’s which provide many other benefits.

5) Green Tea – Is rich in antioxidants, promotes healthy heart, digestion, blood sugar regulation, body temperature, raises metabolic rate, and accelerates fat burning process. Five cups a day is said to be the ultimate fat loss solution. Green tea is also a natural relaxer, de-stressor.

If none of these super foods look appealing to you… check out my profile site link, at the home page enter super foods into our health search engine at the top of the page. You will see convenient links & products for further super food research and selections to further your weight loss goals.




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