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Super Stop Cigarette Holder - Product Review

Updated on August 4, 2014

On a quest to quit smoking, or at least reduce the negative effects of smoking, my husband came across the Super Stop® Cigarette Holder on The Super Stop® Cigarette Holder is an 8 filter system designed to filter tar and nicotine which was just what he was looking for. After reading the product description and the great reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars), he decided to make the purchase and give them a try.

Amazon Product Description:

Super stop 8 filter system disposable cigarette filters drastically remove tar, nicotine and other hazards from cigarette smoking without altering the taste of your cigarette. Super Stop filters also reduce nicotine intake which in result reduces nicotine dependency. Since the filters are clear, you can see the amount of tar, nicotine and hazards THAT DO NOT ENTER your lungs which otherwise will stick on your teeth, gums, mouth and lungs. Each individual filter is good for 2-4 cigarettes.

The Super Stop® Cigarette Holder currently sells on Amazon for $9.49 with free shipping. For this price you receive 5 packs, each pack containing 30 filters. Definitely worth the money to give it a try. The shipping was quick too. The order was received in 4 days with standard shipping.

The product is easy to use. You simply place one of the Super Stop® holders on the end of your cigarette filter and proceed with your smoking. The added filter restricted the draw on the cigarette slightly, but my husband didn’t feel like he was missing anything. It does take a little longer to smoke a cigarette though.

The Super Stop® cigarette holder is portable too. One filter is only 1 inch in length and is very lightweight, making it easy to fit in your pocket. My husband keeps a box of them in his vehicle, and since each filter is reusable, he carries one in his pants pocket to ensure that he has a filter with him at all times. The nicotine and tar smell from a used filter is only slight, so he doesn’t smell like a stale cigarette either.

My husband smokes a light cigarette and uses one filter for 3 cigarettes only. We were amazed at how much tar and nicotine is filtered out after just one cigarette so we would definitely say that the claim to reduce tar and nicotine is true to fact.

As for the claim of giving excellent smoking pleasure, we would also say this is true. At least for my husband it is. When he compares a cigarette without the Super Stop® holder to one with, he says “You can definitely feel the punch of the drag on the cigarette without the holder. Smoking with the Super Stop® holder delivers a less intense smoking experience, but still a satisfying one.”

The third day is when my husband started to notice the effect of using the Super Stop®holder. He started feeling like something was missing and he became slightly edgy, but not to the point of feeling like he was going through a withdrawal. At the same time though, he noticed that he was breathing better and had more energy. So maybe the good results counteracted the edgy feeling. On the fifth day he commented that his feet were no longer hurting. My husband’s profession keeps him on his feet (literally) for more than 6 hours a day and he has often complained that his “dogs are barking” (feet being sore!). Since his feet are not hurting as much now, we wonder if that is a result of more oxygen and less tar and nicotine.

Being a 1 pack a day smoker for over 30 years, quitting is no easy feat for my husband. It has been about 10 days now since he started using the Super Stop® cigarette holder and every once in a while, either first thing in the morning or right after dinner, he craves the full punch of having a cigarette so he has smoked about 4 without the filter. Even though he initially enjoys that full punch, he does say that he prefers to use the filter.

The Super Stop® cigarette holder does hold up to its claim of reducing tar and nicotine and giving excellent smoking pleasure. Keep in mind that smoking pleasure will be different for each person, but according to my husband, the claim was true. We would highly recommend this product for anyone that wants to reduce their intake of tar and nicotine, or is looking for assistance to quit smoking.


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