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Super foods provide high powdered nutrition fast

Updated on October 17, 2011

Many people are not aware that millions of Americans are suffering form the effects of malnutrition. even though we have access to a wider variety and more food than ever before people are actually eating worse than they did 50 years ago, This problem is due to many factors and it has led to the explosive growth of the nutritional supplement industry.

Nutritional supplements - healthy or scam?

Supplemental nutrition is big business because food is so bad. Even the fresh food we get today is not as nutrition as it was even 30 years ago. Many diets consist of highly processed, prepackaged foods that contain fillers, preservatives and artificial chemicals. To get proper nutrition you must eat a diet filled with lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains and whole foods.

Are your vitamins really helping you stay healthy?

The best nutritional supplements must be easily absorbed and readily available for your body to use. Whole foods supply other elements beside the synthesized nutrients in vitamin tablets. Whole food supplements have phytonutrients and trace minerals that compliment the absorption and digestion of nutrients. Super foods like Spirulina chlorella and other blue green algae pack a host of nutritional elements that are completely bio available and literally made for your body to use.

Super foods is a term for super green powders containing chlorella kelp and other green vegetables. The primary advantage of using this form of nutritional supplement is that the nutrition in this powder is easily and immediately digested and used by your body. Unlike synthesized vitamin tablets, there are no fillers or tablets to digest first.

Food is big business and nutrition often takes a back seat to manufacturing and distribution demands.

It only makes sense that whole foods are better for us than refined foods. As a species we have not changed in tens of thousands of years. We have literally been eating the same things nearly all that time - until about 75 - 100 years ago. With the industrial revolution and post WWII the economics of food changed form growing food to producing it. This led to changes in refining, manufacturing, shipping, storage and quality. Food became something to produce rather than produce you eat.

It only makes sense that whole foods give your body more nutrition than a single vitamin or even a fistful. It doesn't matter how many you take if your body can't use them. Super green food supplements provide a massive amount of protein, trace minerals and highly digestible vitamins. Because it is a whole food it also contains other elements that assist your body. If you want to feel the effects of taking supplements why not try super green food?


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    • profile image

      beths nutrition 9 years ago

      I was looking through my old comments and I wanted to thank you again for this great article. It's amazing how fast this sort of thing works. I can be fading at my desk in the afternoon and then suddenly I feel full of energy again, ready to take on the rest of my day and my evening. It's much better than caffeine ever was and doesn't leave me with any of the bad after effects.

      I'm embarassed to admit that I was addicted to caffeine for a while and it was hard to break that habit. But I did it and now I want to live without it for the rest of my life. Super foods are such a blessing in trying to realize that goal. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    • profile image

      beths nutrition 9 years ago

      It's strange, I thought for a long time that I was eating healthy because I don't get a lot of junk food or anything like that. But I didn't think about how much of what I was getting was processed anyway.

      Now I'm working on eating more whole foods, getting better greens and all that. I like the idea of of adding energy drinks that come from real whole foods instead of chemical mixes.

      It's sad that we're so technologically advanced we think that we can solve our nutritional needs with manufactured products instead of realizing that plain old natural foods are what's best for our bodies. Thanks for sharing!