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13 Everyday Superfoods

Updated on December 1, 2017
stelaligizaki profile image

Stella works on Greek Secondary Education. She is a teacher in Greek Language and Sociology. She holds a master's degree in literature.

We don't need pills. We can eat common superfoods
We don't need pills. We can eat common superfoods | Source

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition," said Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. In recent years, scientists discover the beneficial properties of many foods. These are super foods. Pharmaceutical companies use them in formulations. Some of them are rare and expensive. But we can find other common superfoods in our house. What are they? We should learn their benefits. Everyday superfoods must be in our daily diet.


It contains a billion live lactic bacteria. Its lactase is beneficial for the normal intestinal flora. It fulfills the ¼ of the daily need for calcium. We must have two cups of natural yogurt a day. The combination of organic honey and yogurt is healthy.


We all use them in our kitchen. Lemons are acidic in taste. But they maintain the acid-alkaline balance. According to the Biological Ionization Reams (RBTI) theory, lemon is the only anionic food. When we eat this fruit, it benefits our cells. It contains glycoside. This substance is anticancer. Lemon juice is also abundant in vitamin C. It can heal even the scurvy. That is why the British sailors drink it every day. Lemons stimulate their immune system.

We love apples and lemons
We love apples and lemons | Source

Lemons benefit the liver function. They dissolve uric acid and toxins. They promote bile flow. They also cleanse the intestine. If you have constipation, you can drink lemon in hot water early in the morning. The peel contains tangerine. This combats the brain diseases, such as Parkinson. Lemon also helps in the proper functioning of the lungs. Many athletes drink lemon juices to increase their performance. These also protect people from retinopathy, a vision-threatening damage.


The apple’s benefits are many. They offer strong and gleaming teeth. They make your skin shiny and smooth. Their antioxidants and vitamins are plenty. Apples are a great choice to lose pounds. The vitamins and minerals they contain are necessary for the body's needs. These fruits are rich in fiber and reduce appetite. They boost the immune system and fight off viral infections. If you feel tired, you can tone your body with apples. They restore the natural bowel movements. Their pectin promotes healthy digestion. It also treats liver damage.

Apples Prevent Cancer

Studies have shown that they reduce the risk for pancreas, liver, colon and breast cancers. Also, they increase good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). If you eat an apple a day, you have fewer chances of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those who don't eat apples. Eating apples for many years prevent stroke. These super fruits benefit our heart. They contain quercetin and they contribute to the proper functioning of the lungs. They improve the eyesight because they contain vitamin A and B-carotene. Apples prevent Alzheimer and brain aging.


Two eggs meet our needs in vitamin B12, B6, B5, and B8. They also give us vitamins K, D, A and E, iodine, phosphorus, and selenium. This food is a key source of iron. Eggs contain choline. This is an important nutrient for human health and brain cells. Studies show that today most people have choline deficiency. Still, the egg consumption increases the satiety feeling. So, it leads to fewer calories and weight loss.

Eggs make us happy
Eggs make us happy | Source

Olive Oil

It is the basis of a healthy diet. In Greek antiquity the olive tree was sacred. Christians also attribute great importance to this tree. Olive oil is a miracle for our health. It increases good cholesterol and helps the proper heart function. It has strong anticancer activity. It combats harmful free radicals. Studies show it can prevent Alzheimer. It also contains oleocanthal. This substance is anti-inflammatory and a painkiller.


We love chocolate! It gives energy and mental clarity. It contains carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Chocolate also offers us potassium, copper, iron, and magnesium. It has endorphins. These have analgesic properties and boost our mood. This food is full of antioxidants. It neutralizes free radicals. They manage cell death and aging. They also reduce atherosclerosis and stroke risk. One piece a day is enough. The diabetics or those who have cholesterol could eat dark chocolate without sugar and fat.

Dark chocolate is healthy!
Dark chocolate is healthy! | Source


It is cheap fish, necessary for our health. It combines nutrients and flavor. It is rich in protein, vitamin D, and calcium. A few sardines can meet the daily need in omega-3. This is useful for brain function and prevents cardiovascular diseases. When we eat the bones of these small fish, we get much calcium.

Sardines and Olive Oil keep us healthy
Sardines and Olive Oil keep us healthy | Source


Blueberry improves our memory. It protects against brain diseases such as Alzheimer. It increases our metabolism. It prevents cancer and slows aging. These fruits contain polyphenols, minerals, trace elements and many vitamins such as B-carotene, C, and E. We use them in sweets. They are perfect for jams. We prefer them organic.

Blueberry cooking is great
Blueberry cooking is great | Source


Everyone should have garlic in our house. We don't need them only to protect ourselves from vampires! Garlic is healthy for our bodies. It has natural antimicrobial properties. It cleanses the urinary system. It is anti-cancer. It relieves itchy skin. You can try a bath with water in which you have boiled garlic. If you have an eye sty, put a little garlic. This will disappear soon. My grandmother used it for the ear pain. She burnt garlic with olive oil and placed it in a cotton. She put it in the ear. This treatment soothes the pain. If you have the flue, you can eat garlic. The symptoms will subside.

Garlic, a medicine for more than 5000 years
Garlic, a medicine for more than 5000 years | Source


Curry contains turmeric. This spice is anti-inflammatory. It combats arthritis. Turmeric lowers cholesterol and prevents thrombosis. It protects the liver and inhibits fibrosis. It has anticancer action. This super food can treat digestive inflammation.


It symbolizes life and fertility. It is a blessed fruit in Buddhism. Pomegranate is a source of valuable nutrients. It improves men’s erectile dysfunction. This fruit is rich in vitamin A, C, E, folic acid, iron, potassium, and fiber. It is low in calories. It cleans and protects the skin. It heals burns and reduces wrinkles. So, companies use it in cosmetics.

Pomegranate protects against brain damage. It prevents skin, breast and prostate cancers. We use it to treat diarrhea. It reduces aches in the bones. We can prepare this drink: In 1 liter of boiling water, we add 1 cup pomegranate and boil for 3 minutes. We wait for it to cool down. We strain and enjoy our beverage. The pomegranate is difficult to peel off. You can cut it in half and immerse it in hot water. Then it is easy.

Pomegranate Salad
Pomegranate Salad | Source

Baking Soda

We use baking soda for cooking and baking. It has excellent qualities. We mix it with foods. One of them is the lemon. For example, a drink of soda and lemon helps kidney health. If you experience urinary problems or if you have kidney stones, try this simple remedy: You can drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of soda and a few drops of lemon. It increases the pH of your body. The kidney function will improve. The kidneys will filter more properly the blood and prevent urinary infections. Many urologists recommend this treatment.

Also, the soda fights cavities and whitens teeth. It also combats bad breath. You can wash your teeth with water and soda. You put a teaspoonful of soda into two cups of water. Then you can brush them. Harmful germs will disappear.

Aloe Vera

It is the plant with the most therapeutic properties. We can use aloe on salads or for drinks. It contains over 200 nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and more. Aloe has the ability to heal burns. Cosmetic companies use it for skin rejuvenation. In potable form, it stimulates our organism. It protects the digestive system. Aloe prevents the growth of bacteria in our bodies. You can put this magic plant in a flowerpot. Even if we have a sore throat, a small piece will heal it. We peel off and chew it. The symptoms will disappear.

Aloe Vera Flowerpot
Aloe Vera Flowerpot | Source

We do not have to look far to find miracle substances for our health. A lot of superfoods are already in our kitchen. These are everyday foods. We should use them more often. Their beneficial consequences will improve our life quality.

Which superfood do you like the most?

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    • stelaligizaki profile imageAUTHOR

      Stella Aligizaki 

      13 months ago from Greece

      Τhanks for your kind comments, Michael. I appreciate your opinion!

    • Michael-Duncan profile image


      13 months ago from Germany

      We spend billions each year on drugs and artificial treatments incompatible with the natural body mechanisms, to fight ailments whose root cause is an ignorance of proper diet practice. Thanks for highlighting the necessity of this.

    • stelaligizaki profile imageAUTHOR

      Stella Aligizaki 

      13 months ago from Greece

      Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth. I will follow your advice. I hope it will pass. My regards!

    • enl1230 profile image

      Elizabeth J Neal 

      13 months ago from Louisiana

      Your article looks great to me. You should pass with flying colors! I'm working on passing as well.


    • stelaligizaki profile imageAUTHOR

      Stella Aligizaki 

      14 months ago from Greece

      Thank you, Kari. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      14 months ago from Ohio

      I like this list. I need to go back to eating an apple a day. And I love lemon, I can put it in my water. Thanks for the information. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • stelaligizaki profile imageAUTHOR

      Stella Aligizaki 

      14 months ago from Greece

      Thanks for reading, Dora and Rachelle. I appreciate your comments!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      14 months ago from The Caribbean

      Very helpful. The foods you listed are not difficult to obtain. Thank you.

    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 

      14 months ago from Tempe, AZ

      I love most of the foods on this list, especially sardines, yum! That Thomas Edison was one smart cookie, wasn't he? ;)


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