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GMO-"Global Alert". Super weeds & Super worms taking over our crops

Updated on June 27, 2014

GMO global alert


This is a Global Alert

A new or continuing global pandemic?

Super Weeds, Super Worms, Super Bad - and a super act of Genocide in the U.S.A.

Is this the appropriate way to de-populate the earth?

Messing with God's creations and mother nature can only lead to global disaster.

We are dooming our children to irreversible sterility?

Only time will tell.

A callous and greed Congress

Do you ever wonder what motivates Congress to do anything? Anything at all?

If you ask 100 people this question you will undoubtedly get 100 different answers, because no one really knows that answer.

The last Presidential elections changed nothing. In fact, it just made unbearable living conditions for most of Americans, worse.

We can look at both political parties and speculate which would have changed things for the better if they were in the majority control of both the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency.

This is certainly a scarey suppositions at best.

Worms and Weeds - pests in any garden

a can of worms
a can of worms | Source
climbing weeds
climbing weeds
corn eating worms
corn eating worms
garden worms
garden worms
red worms
red worms
weeds? huh? NOT!!!!
weeds? huh? NOT!!!!

A novel idea

The ideal U.S. government should require 3 parties represented with equal numbers of each (Representatives, Senators, and Independents) in both the House and the Senate.

A new law needs to be enacted to require any new legislation to be approved by the general public before even being introduced to either the Senate, or the House; or at least by a 2/3 vote of the House or the Senate.

And on top of that, no new legislature should be passed without 2/3 of the votes in either chamber.

To allow either current party total control of Congress is a recipe for disaster and for radical laws to be passed.

A travesty of justice

What is happening now in the U.S. and in Washington is a travesty of justice.

All the individual states with the GOP/tea party in the majority are still doing exactly what they were doing before November 2012. They are introducing thousands of radical bills and passing them without any opposition in respect to women's rights, abortion, contraceptive use, and laws that are making voting more difficult, or impossible, for all Americans to participate in.

Corporate America is still writing their own laws and they are passing without any debate.

Members of congress are still in denial of climate changes, air pollution, ground pollution, and oceanic pollution - and most dangerous of all the pollution of our food supplies.

Their prime concern seems to be the corporate profit margins, not the safety of the people.

But the greatest travesty is the FDA passing a law that gives Monsanto the right to continue to genetically modify our foods without our consent and without labeling them so we at least have a choice as to whether to eat them or not.

The FDA has refused to put any restrictions on the use of antibiotics in our meat supplies, or halting genetically modified foods pending more studies as to whether it is safe or not.

The truth of the matter

And recent studies have shown that GMO food products are not only unsafe, they actually are causing sterility in the animals whose flesh we consume on a daily basis, and tumors that kill.

When humans eat these GMO food products, either directly, or indirectly through the animals who are fed them by the farmers, these side effects are being transmitted to humans.

The tumors are a real threat to the first generation of humans, and sterility and/or birth mutations is eminent in the next generation.

But increasing corporate profits seem to be the major priority for those who see the accumulation of the almighty dollar as their ultimate goal in life.

The following is an email i received today regarding Monsanto's destructive practices and some of the consequences we are facing because our government refuses to put a halt to this practice:

Dear d. william:

An agricultural giant called the Monsanto Company has risen to the top of the corporate food chains thanks to their genetically modified corn and soybean seeds, seeds bred to withstand and even produce their own herbicides and pesticides.

But in the decades since they’ve appeared on the scene, two more things have sprung up: a new crop of “superweeds” that have evolved to resist our chemicals, and root worms that have become insecticide-resistant “superworms,” both of which are set to swarm the Midwest in the coming year.

Rather than come clean, Monsanto has been covering their tracks, working to market their corn as fresh produce and spending millions to kill California’s Prop 37 requirement to label their corn and soybeans as genetically modified products.

The FDA still doesn't require safety studies for Monsanto’s new strains, they’re designing food to produce dangerous chemicals, and these same chemicals have been breeding superworms that will devastate the landscape in the decades to come.

Don’t stay silent. Please, join us in calling on Monsanto to stop fighting Prop 37 in California, and spread this information on the danger of genetically engineered crops to as many friends as you can.

It’s time we knew what’s in the food we’re eating and the crops these companies are growing. Stop the super weed and super worm swarms. Join us in calling for greater transparency at the Monsanto Company!

Thanks, -- The folks at

P.S. For further info visit http;//

Maine Farmers concerned over the destruction of natural crops by dangerous GMO crops

Congressional priorities

One can only assume that this government either does not care about the safety and/or welfare of its citizens, or conclude that it is in collusion with Monsanto, DuPont, et al, in the inevitable killing off much of the world population, (or at least the U.S. population) as most of Europe has already banned these GM foods.

The sickening part of it is how Congress, and Corporate America, has managed to distract from this activity by constantly propagandizing the gay community based on whether they should be allowed the same rights as the straight community or not, and their avid (and rabid) obsession with the reproductive rights of women.

One would think that instead of trying to kill off millions of people by tampering with the food supply, they would encourage same sex marriages. Both would accomplish the same results in decreasing the overpopulation crisis we will soon be facing, but the latter is the least destructive to the survival of mankind itself.

Is it more humane to kill off people by unnecessary wars, poisoning people by tainted food supplies, causing genetic shifting that could produce a race of mutants, or worse, cause sterility that would be irreversible, rather than to take a chance of slighting the religions of the world by actually encouraging same sex partners?

Those who fight against same sex couples and argue their points based on their religious beliefs are the same ones who condone greedy people like Monsanto who think they have the right to arbitrarily alter what God has given us for sustenance.

If people spent as much time making sure their kids were taken care of properly, ensuring our clean air supply, maintaining our drinking water supplies, making sure they had a safe (and healthy) food supply, rather than spending all their time worrying about what others are doing in the privacy of their own homes and behind closed doors, we might not be having all these troubles in the world today.

How many millions of people must die from ingesting genetically modified foods before it becomes pertinent public interest news?

Is this not more important than trying to mandate morality on others?

Governmental priorities, and those of the general public, are focused in the wrong direction and for the wrong reasons. We are being blinded by ignorance to the point of creating a greater world disaster than ever imagined by the holocaust in the 1940's.

The GMO's will kill billions more than the Crematory ovens at Majdanek and the individual pain and suffering will linger longer than the trek to the crematory. History has a way of repeating itself because of the apathy of people, and ignoring the tell tale warning signs of the destruction to follow.

by: d.william 03/31/13

Our future reality: The Dangerous Threat to Humanity Itself by proliferation of G.M.O foods in our diet

Why are we feeding these foods to our children?

GMO - Global Alert

© 2013 d.william


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