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Supplements that aren't supplements

Updated on December 30, 2010

Thanks Mr. Clinton and the FDA

The past few years of the 21st century have seen an explosion of truly dangerous substances sold as "dietary supplements". The FDA's old definition of a dietary supplement was an analog, amine, compound etc (loose interpretation) that was found in foods. Apparently, that, nor the FDA's own policy of reviewing any new compound sold as a supplement aren't working.

When's the last time you heard of Madol (desoxymethyltestosterone) was in your food? You didn't, because that's a synthetic "designer" steroid. Designer steroids have had their molecular pattern changed in some way, causing the drug to be metabolized differently--causing an obscured metabolite to come back-- fooling drug testers. For everyone's information, drug tests very rarely test for a drug, but the metabolite it becomes after metabolism. This affords drug testers a longer window of time in which the substance is detectable.

Back to Madol: The "supplement formulated and once marketed by Gaspari Nutrition, Halodrol-50 (4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene-3, 17b-diol) is a steroid. Yes, it IS a steroid, with very powerful anabolic (muscle building) properties, as well as androgenic (steroid hormone) properties. This drug was sold unchecked for some time until an expose' was published in the Washington Post.

Promagnon 25 (people speculate Peak Performance is a Gaspari shell company),IDS Growth Tabs, and EST Nutrition's Hemadrol are all exact the same substance! Guess what, you can still buy them!!! Even though the FDA has issued warning letters, these companies still continue to produce and sell these drugs! Until recently they were available everywhere. The last bastion for such drugs always ends up being Supplement Warehouse (Supplements to Go).

Being this is still going on, future capsules will include some out of production supps, as well as some that are still available (still produced). The list is quite staggering, dwarfed only by the amount of different compounds that are real anabolic steroids.

I'll also talk about Bill Clinton's decision to stop the FDA's evaluation of supplements.

This formula attracted the attention of the FDA, who then (took them long enough!) issued a warning letter to Gaspari Nutrition. Some of the other compounds and companies are listed here, too. Note Designer Supplements Superdrol, that IS methylated Masteron (a real steroid, and it's also methylated making t far more hepatoxic). There are medical texts speaking od the horrors that unwitting users experienced!

Read what some of these poor people experienced!

Just as bad, some athletes who would have never knowingly used steroids were drug tested and failed, some losing titles etc that it took them years to have the privilege to compete for.

The following is also a must read!

Even mainstream periodicals realize the FDA's efforts are for naught!

The Patrick Arnold Connection.

Those of you who frequent probably know who Patrick Arnold is. He's a very bright guy, speaking from a scientific standpoint. He has a wide range of knowledge about nutrition, AND chemistry.

Let's look at the BALCO scandal:

The Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative. This company lured athletes in with the promise of testing their blood, and in exchange, designing a sophisticated supplement regimen to help them improve their athletic performance. Well, here's what really happened- The applicants were all put on doping regimens, most of them unknowingly.

These "supplements: were  Erythropoieitin  (mostly used for blood doping- increasing the amount of oxygen the blood can deliver), Human growth hormone (HGH), Modafinil (a stimulant), tetrahydrogestinone- an anabolic that sometimes reverses the roles of typical androgens (though an undesirable side effect) as it can make men more feminine, and the last- the reason for pointing to Mr. Arnold- desoxymethyltestosterone or Madol. Enter Halodrol 50!

Halodrol 50 was a metabolite of DMT, and obviously designed by Arnold, NOT "The Scientists at Gaspari Nutrition" as the famous quote goes. Halodrol 50 was sold as a supplement to thousands of unsuspecting consumers. It IS a steroid, and contrary to the exaggerated claims, will definitely aromatize. Estradiol is one of the primary by products, but just by virtue of being methylated, the drug does not resist conversion to estrogen. Bitch t!ts anyone?

This formula was marketed under many names. And anyone who knows "one person's" obsession with PEAK ATP can surmise that Promagnon 25 was a Gaspari shell company. Same drug, more useless ingredients. PEAK ATP has NEVER been shown to have a positive effect on strength gains. Even Pappaport admits that.

So, Patrick Arnold shares "one" connection with Gaspari's products. Did I say one? Oh, make that at least two! Arnold's "former" supplement company marketed 6-OXO, which was Androstenetrione. Look at an old Novedex bottle. It say 3,6,17 androstentrione.

Novedex hasn't changed, just the label. It's an unapproved drug!


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    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 2 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      Congress as passed, and the President has signed the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control act. This makes all of these prohormones (prosteroids) illegal. The penalty is seemingly limited to huge fines, not imprisonment.

    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 4 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      Now, let's add some new ones to the list. Recently, Gaspari Nutrition was sued over it's use of DMAA. The product Spirodex contained this compound. Class action information can be found here.