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Surgical Complications: How Medical Procedures Go Awry: Pt. 2

Updated on July 24, 2013

Read it Here First!

Post-Surgical Flight

And so, I was lifted aboard a tiny aircraft bound for Reno, NV during the "...storm of the year...", claimed our local newspaper, The Inyo Register. We folk in Mono and Inyo Counties are greatly disturbed by claims like this since any 'storm of the year' in Mammoth Lakes is taken extremely seriously. At the peak of Mammoth Mountain the summit sits at 11, 053 feet. Remember that Anthony, my dearest husband of nearly 25 years, had to make the decision since I was still fairly 'high' on the narcotics they had given me. His choice was between flying me to Reno during this particular storm-my death seemed probable due to the air conditions, or remain in Mammoth Hospital. We both chose the air.

The nurses and pilot giggled as I mentioned how smooth the flight was-so far. They told me that the very day before, they and the patient himself had all thrown up during the excursion. I'm terribly glad this flight was on the 14th rather than the 13th of March. And now, as April is about to hit mid-stride, the13th-Friday-will be a distant memory eventually.

           What IS it about these aeroplanes?
What IS it about these aeroplanes?

Renown Hospital

                     Can you find my room?
Can you find my room? | Source

Renown Bound

Smooth the flight remained through the rest of our trip. I was so 'doped up' that I did not even notice, however the 3 person crew were quite astonished at the 'smooth as silk' factor! We then arrived at the Reno, NV airport,-one I have no idea where-as me and my gurney were trotted off-quite uncomfortably-to the Cardiac Unit at Renown Hospital. As I was settling in to my room, I noticed that my 'hospital roommate' was very, very animated and happy. We became fast friends and both of us made much noise together.

Renown is a hospital that treats many illnesses-essentially a clearinghouse for sick people. Then they move on to medicinally greener pastures. My roomie, in fact, was in the clutches of a psychotic break. She was singing constantly, dancing, listening to loud and annoying music on her "ipod"-I think-and wanted me to listen to it, too. I did, once. After my realization of her condition-I cried to the nurses to move me, which they couldn't-I left well enough alone. It was most difficult to reject her offers. We were already 'friends'.

The Professionals Were Great

Doctors and Nurses at Renown

I have nothing but praise for the professionals who tended to me during my stay there. My only complaint would be that when they determined that I had not had a heart attack, but since they'd only so many beds, couldn't move me. Thus, the daily meals were terribly bland and, well, boring. They were unable to transfer me to the Ortho Ward, which I was in dire need of in order to receive my physical therapy.

I remained at Renown for 5 days and on my last day, Kathy, my favorite nurse allowed me to give myself a sponge bath before Anthony came to pick me up-it was absolutely heavenly.

Medications and Sanity

I am a recovering alcoholic/drug user and was loathe to accept any pharmaceutical assistance. However, I was unwilling to let the staff know of my addiction, so my situation regarding medications became quite an issue for me.

"Quite an issue"? Let's get honest here, Laurel. It was extremely dangerous for me to be given these drugs. In A.A. and N.A., there is a 'rule' not to ever, ever try a drink or a drug again. It's that simple.

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

But for me, it wasn't so simple after all.

I am powerless in such a situation, in and AA, , this is a powerful phrase we use often to describe the hold that drugs and alcohol hold over us. So I was more than willing to encourage the nurses to inject these drugs into my IV. Blessed, blessed IV; that is exactly what I was thinking at the time.

"Keep It Simple, Stupid" is a phrase that addresses the user of drugs and alcohol, reminding us to simplify our lives by only taking on only as much as we can, to ease up on ourselves; essentially not to take that first drug and/or drink. In the end, however, I was glad to have these pain medications, for the wound was extremely painful and I had no intention of going through surgery without them. My wound has now almost healed entirely and I am happy to say that I have ceased needing narcotics for the pain-which is almost non-existent at this point-and am taking a non-narcotic pain reliever called Tramadol:

As it stands, at this moment I am taking the Tramadol for pain management and Klonopin for the anxiety I have felt ever since this whole fiasco began to unfold.


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    • Chatkath profile image


      8 years ago from California

      You have been through so much L - keeping your sanity (whatever that means lol) somehow I find amazing... So many issues, maybe it is your sense of humor that keeps you going! My best to you as always - I can relate to so many of your concerns, a day at a time sweetie! Rated up and useful!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      8 years ago from Minnesota

      I can't believe you went through all of this and it turned out it wasn't a heart attack. What the heck? What a story Laurel.

    • Will Apse profile image

      Will Apse 

      8 years ago

      Good heavens, I was upset last time I went in an ambulance and they turned the siren on. Can't a man die in peace?

      If I had been shown an aircraft, I would probably have ended up like your room mate in hospital number 2.

      Anyway, glad things are better now...

    • lorlie6 profile imageAUTHOR

      Laurel Rogers 

      8 years ago from Grizzly Flats, Ca

      Thank you, sweets! Oh yes, my roomie was quite a kick...once I knew what was going on, I sort of tripped out a bit, but she was still fun!

      Thanks again for the writing compliments-I trust them from a writer like you!!

      All my love,


    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 

      8 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Hey Laurel - I enjoyed it immensely. Of course, I was interrupted in betwixt these:) lol

      It sounds like you made the very best of the situation. I bet the roomie had to be a bit entertaining:) I am off to three! Excellent writing again - you know how to tell an interesting story!

    • lorlie6 profile imageAUTHOR

      Laurel Rogers 

      8 years ago from Grizzly Flats, Ca

      You sweet dear woman!

      Thank you for your comment about 'wit', for I've always admired Twain/Clemens and other witty folks.

      I do appreciate that soooo very much!

      I am so glad that you enjoyed these two, now I'm off to- hopefully-finish the third.

      Take grand care of my wonderful Marsei!




      PS: I wonder why other followers aren't showing up? Do you have any ideas? Some said they 'couldn't wait' for the next part, but apparently they could, indeed. Hmm.

    • lorlie6 profile imageAUTHOR

      Laurel Rogers 

      8 years ago from Grizzly Flats, Ca

      Thanks, Marsei!

      I appreciate the lovely compliments and hope you enjoy Pt.1 just as much...I'm about to start Pt.3!

      I'm also planning to read another of your hubs, should do it daily, but as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."


    • Marsei profile image

      Sue Pratt 

      8 years ago from New Orleans


      I greatly enjoyed this hub. Your wit came through as usual, but also the fear and anxiety were palpable. I am now going to read part 1 so as to know exactly what's going on.

      Voted up and funny and awesome.

      Good hub, my friend.



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