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Swallowing Those Tough Pills

Updated on January 17, 2019
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Prisca is an individual who understands that life happens, and we all are connected. She is simply here to help and learn from others.

Hello Reader,

Thanks for your visit today. So, you want to know what I mean by "swallowing those tough pills", right? Otherwise, you wouldn't be here (whether the information was for you or someone else). In every one of my posts, there is bound to be a message for someone. So, let's get into it.

The first step in getting better or getting on the road to recovery in your life is to come to terms with the fact that you have a problem or a problem is present. The longer you deny it or put off taking the first step the longer it will take to fix. The problem or dilemma could be anything or within anything(health, relationship, personal, drugs, finances, etc.). If the individual himself or herself doesn't see a problem, those issues will never fix. So, this is where we truly must be brutally honest with ourselves ...

Ask yourself this question: "Would I rather the next person tell me how much of a bitch I am or realize that I am that bitch and make the decision as to whether I want to continue to be that same bitch"? You have to consider what's going on around you and the situation(s) you may be in at any given moment. Perhaps your behavior or actions may be affecting your personal relationships with friends and family. Maybe you have a problem that negatively impacts your finances or your person medically.

Would you let yourself get in the way of your quality of life? What are you willing to do to fix the errors you are causing in your life? Are you willing to attempt to fix it at all? These are questions that you should ask yourself initially. I can say this to you now because I am currently going through this. I want to fix my life and be a better individual. The thing is that I have a teacher now. I have that someone to guide me and give me that little push along the way, but there are many who doesn't. I truly understand because I've been there, and this is where you have to decide if you will be your own hero.

I've always been the type of person who just didn't give a shit about life outside of my own. I didn't wish harm to anyone, but I could not stand anyone in general. I stayed out of the way, and later learned that you do more than you think by doing nothing at all. I wanted to be home .. Away... Isolated from the outside... then it eventually started affecting home the same way. I was an individual who thought that if you don't treat anyone any kind of way at all you won't have to worry about getting bad karma. That's not true either. Swallowing those hard pills hurt so bad, but that is what's required to exhibit progress.

You may be one of those individuals who are so messed up that you don't think you will be able to fix... I am willing to bet that those of your loved ones who suffer from your actions or decisions are constantly asking for just a little EFFORT. As long as you try, and give it your honest effort, I am 99.9% sure that they will love you and respect you more. This shows them that even though you have that war to fight with yourself, you still try because they are worth it and so are you.

So, you have to decide if you want things to be different or remain the same. Consider the cost(s) as a result of your decision. The main person that lives with your decisions is you. Everyone else will survive and move on (eventually), while you slowly become bitter and rot on the inside. A very big mistake that I am guilty of.

I've swallowed a few reality pills lately. Not because I wanted too, but because it's what's required for me to fix anything. I began to realize how much of a negative Nancy I was... I became that toxic person I always talked about staying away from without even realizing it... I was bitter and hated people in general. After 34 years of living, I am finally seeing a side of life I've never seen. I feel like I was given another chance at LIFE... Trust me there is a hefty price I pay for this new life. Coming out of your comfort zone is a hefty price in itself, but there is more to it than some can stomach. I pay up because I am not this monster I've become, and I want to fix it.

When you keep it brutally honest with yourself you fight that pressure with yourself first. If the subject or situation occurs, you will know how you need to approach it. The after effects won't be as intense as it would have been, but it still may hurt like hell.

No one likes to be criticized, especially about themselves personally. When you are your own critic you are arming yourself with discipline, integrity, and knowledge. You will be able to effectively handle negativity (be it thoughts, individuals or situations) and control your emotions and actions as you do so. I haven't fully mastered this part yet, but I have a goal. I work towards that goal every day. It will make you a stronger and better YOU. Although, sometimes that negativity is just the push that some needs, everyone doesn't process this information in such a way.

So, swallow those horse pills no matter how bad it hurts. . In doing so, you will be able to address certain situations with a different approach than what you're used too. The objective is to do different things to get different results ... It starts within yourself first. You have to be the one to make that final decision as to whether you want to be better or not. This has to be a personal choice you must make with yourself.

You might be a person who struggles with mental illnesses and learning disabilities like me... Well, be warned. You will get so caught up in yourself, and start believing that you can't do anything. This will turn into a crutch if you let it. You're not trying to let it, right. If so, why have you read this far?

It's so easy to use that word "can't" or make an excuse. Well.. At some point, you have to defeat yourself and say "yes, I can! #FYM" (I chose not to disclose in this post the meaning of that acronym for my own voice purposes) This is the hardest thing to do for some, and I am guilty of it as well. I'm not all the way there, but I am a work in progress. You may feel like your not making progress or no one cares or notice. You probably feel like you're doing the best you can, right? Well, be brutally honest with yourself here and ask "Am I honestly giving an honest and true effort?" Dig into every detail, and find the answer. If there isn't any improvement, most likely you're not. Then ask yourself this question, "How did I handle this issue, and what can I do differently to get a better result or outcome? Only you know the correct answer, but will you lie to yourself and keep doing what you been doing or swallow that pill and fix it? At some point, you have to start somewhere. YOU are the beginning...

There are a couple of things I could elaborate on, but I will another time. Let's interact! What was the toughest pill you had to swallow? You are more than welcome to leave your answer in the comments.

I hope this post was helpful to someone. You are more than welcome to share with someone if you think they need it. Thank you for reading


© 2019 Prisca


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