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Symptoms of High Blood Sugar: Treatment

Updated on October 5, 2012

Frequent urination, feeling thirsty more often and frequent hunger are some of the symptoms of high blood sugar. Several natural remedies are available to bring down the blood sugar levels

The inability of insulin to remove glucose molecules from the body is known as hyperglycemia or diabetes. It could either be due to a decreasing quantity of insulin produced by the body (type 1 diabetes) or decreased ability of insulin to remove glucose molecules (type 2 diabetes). Some of the most important symptoms of high blood sugar are feeling thirsty frequently, frequent urination and feeling hungry more often. High blood sugar treatment (diabetes treatment) involves strict dieting. If necessary regular doses of insulin are prescribed as treatment. Regular exercise is also essential to keep the disease under check.

Symptoms of high blood sugar may indicate two different types of hyperglycemia. Fasting hyperglycemia is the blood sugar levels higher then 90-130 mgs/dl after eight hours of fasting. The second is the post meal (postprandial) blood sugar levels of more the 180 mgs /dl. Consistently higher levels of post meal hyperglycemia indicate a greater chance of a person developing type 2 diabetes.

Hyperglycemia can lead to a variety of complications. It can damage the kidneys and cause kidney failure. It can also damage the nerves. This can lead to foot wounds and ulcer. These wounds would be difficult to cure and may lead to amputation of the foot. It can also lead to the damage of the retina which may cause blindness. High blood sugar levels may also lead to the formation of plaque in the arteries. This will accelerate atherosclerosis which may result in a heart attack or stroke.

The treatment for type 1 diabetes includes a combination of insulin, exercise and diet. Treatment for type 2 diabetes includes weight reduction, diet, insulin and exercise. Some measures to control diabetes are

  • Consuming less coffee and tea
  • Avoiding oily food
  • Avoiding starch food
  • Consuming smaller amounts of food at short intervals than having heavy meals.
  • Avoiding stress as much as possible
  • Lower salt intake
  • Avoiding foods containing sugar, bread, rice and potatoes.

Mango Leaves
Mango Leaves | Source

Several home remedies are also recommended for diabetes. Dried mango leaves can be taken in powdered form. Mango leaves can be soaked in water overnight and the water can be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Eating four or five curry leaves on empty stomach is also effective in controlling diabetes. Fenugreek seeds are also useful in reducing high blood sugar levels.

Turmeric in combination with Indian gooseberry is also beneficial for diabetes patients. Onion is also quite an effective remedy for lowering blood sugar levels. Garlic is also said to be beneficial for diabetes patients. Cinnamon is another herb which helps to bring down the high blood sugar levels.

Another herbal remedy is European blueberry leaves. Boil a few leaves in water for half an hour. Drink a cup of the water thrice a day. It has the ability to reduce the high sugar levels.

Ginseng also reduces the fasting blood sugar levels. It also lifts the mood. The recommended dosage is 100- 200 mg per day. Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant which grows in the forests of India. It is also known by the name of Gurmar meaning sugar destroyer. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine to control blood sugar. It is available in the form of tablets.


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    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 

      8 years ago from Philippines

      I have type 2 diabetes condition. This hub is of tremendous help especially the information on herbal remedies. I'll bookmark this. Thank you for sharing.


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