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Syphilis Rash Symptoms and Treatments

Updated on August 1, 2015

Syphilis Symptoms

The sexually transmitted disease syphilis has been spreading in vast numbers since 2000. The good thing is syphilis is curable. It seems to be mainly be present with homosexuals, but this is not always the case. Syphilis starts as a sore somewhere on the mouth, genitals, or rectum that is painless. The most common way of spreading is by sexual contact.

Although it is spread by mucous membranes or skin to skin contact. It is a bacterial infection and after the initial sore, you can have no other symptoms of it for years, even decades. If you suspect you may have syphilis you should go to your Doctor right away. If left untreated it can cause severe health problems in the long run.

The bacteria actually damages brain, heart, as well as other vital organs. If you do test positive for syphilis, your Doctor will treat you right away.

Syphilis Sore

Syphilis Phases of Symptoms

After the initial sore is healed, within a few weeks you may get a rash that begins of your buttocks and spreads to the whole body. A lot of people also get sore that are like warts along with the rash. These are usually on the genitals and/or in the mouth. Many people also complain of having flu like symptoms including fever, muscle aches, lymph nodes that are swollen, and sore throat. These symptoms can happen several times over about a year time frame. Some people only have these symptoms for a few weeks before it disappears and don't get them again.

The second stage of syphilis is called latent, which happens if you don't get it treated. It will lie dormant or hidden in your body for years after the first year or so of symptoms. The dormant stage is when you have no symptoms and it can lead to the third stage called teriary or late syphilis. This is when the disease does damage to the organs, heart, brain, nerves, blood vessels, among other major problems.

Syphilis Treatment

The treatment of syphilis is very easy. Your Doctor will administer a shot of penicillin and if given upon early symptoms it can be cured.


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    • DeborahFantasia profile image

      Deborah 6 years ago from Italy

      I didn't know he died that way !

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      Brenda Trott, M.Ed 6 years ago from Houston, TX

      Al Capone died of syphilis, it looks like it was painful.

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      lindseybunkley 6 years ago

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