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TMJ Symptoms

Updated on September 11, 2007

Do You have TMJ Symptoms?

Do you suffer from clicking, popping or grating sounds in the jaw joint? Is it uncomfortable to open your mouth when talking or eating? Or does your jaw lockup on you when you open your mouth? Then you might be suffering from TMJ.

What is TMJ or TMJDs?

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJDs) refer to a set of conditions that can cause pain in the area of the jaw joint and associated muscles and/or problems using your jaw. Both or just one of your TM joints may be affected. TMJDs can affect a your ability to speak, eat, chew, swallow, make facial expressions, and even breathe.

"TMJ" stands for TemporoMandibular Joint, or the jaw joint. You have two TMJs, one in front of each ear, which connect the lower jawbone to the skull. The joints allow movement up and down, side to side, and forward and back-everything necessary for biting, chewing and swallowing food and for speaking.

If you place your fingers just in front of your ears and open your mouth, you can feel the joint and its movement. When you open your mouth, the rounded ends of the lower jaw (condyles) glide along the joint socket of the temporal bone. The condyles slide back to their original position when you close your mouth. To keep this motion smooth, a soft disc lies between the condyle and the temporal bone. This disc absorbs shock to the temporomandibular joint from chewing and other movements. Of course things don't always work smoothly and problems and disorders may occur.

TMJ disorders fall mainly into three categories. It's possible for you to have one or more of these conditions at the same time:

  1. Myofascial pain: This is discomfort or pain in the muscles that control jaw your function. It can also extend to the muscles in your neck and shoulders.

  2. Internal derangement of the joint: This involves displacement of the disc that acts as a cushion between your skull and lower jaw.
  3. Inflammatory joint diseases: Various forms of Arthritis can affect the joint. In addition, Synovitis, an inflammatory condition of the synovial membrane can also cause TMJ. The synovial membrane lines the joint and produces a fluid that lubricates the joint

What are the different TMJ Symptoms?

  1. Pain in the facial muscles and jaw joints may radiate to the neck or shoulders. Joints may be overstretched. You may experience muscle spasms from TMJ. You may feel pain every time you talk, chew, or yawn. Pain usually appears in the joint itself, in front of the ear, but it may move elsewhere in the skull, face, or jaw.

  2. TMJ may cause ear pain, ringing in the ears and even hearing loss. Sometimes people mistake TMJ pain for an ear problem, such as an ear infection, when the ear is not the problem at all.
  3. When the joints move, you may hear sounds, such as clicking, grating, and/or popping. Others may also be able to hear the sounds. Clicking and popping are common. This means the disc may be in an abnormal position.
  4. Your face and mouth may swell on the affected side.
  5. The jaw may lock wide open (then it is dislocated), or it may not open fully at all. Also, upon opening, the lower jaw may deviate to one side. You may find yourself favoring one painful side or the other by opening your jaw awkwardly. These changes could be sudden. Your teeth may not fit properly together, and your bite may feel odd.
  6. You may have trouble swallowing because of the muscle spasms.
  7. Headache and dizziness may be caused by TMJ. You may feel nauseous or vomit.

What Causes TMJ?

Not all the causes are known. But, some possible causes include injuries to the jaw area, various forms of Arthritis, genetics, hormones, low-level infections, auto-immune diseases. TMJ may also be due external causes such as:

  1. Modification of the surfaces of the teeth because of dentistry or accidental trauma.

  2. Over-opening the jaw beyond its range.

  3. Sleeping on one's stomach causing strain on the face, neck and lower jaw.

  4. Speech habits resulting in jaw thrusting.

  5. Excessive gum chewing or nail biting.

  6. Excessive jaw movements associated with exercise.

  7. Repetitive unconscious jaw movements associated with clenching or grinding your teeth.

  8. Size of foods eaten.

Is there anything I can do to alleviate my TMJ Symptoms?

If your jaw is locked open or closed, go to a hospital's emergency department.

  1. The open locked jaw is treated by sedating you to a comfortable level. Then the mandible is held with the thumbs while the lower jaw is pushed downward, forward, and backward.

  2. The closed locked jaw is treated by sedating you until you are completely relaxed. Then the mandible is gently manipulated until the mouth opens.

However, if you're like most suffers, your TMJ symptoms are temporary and last only weeks or months, simple care is all that is usually needed to relieve the discomfort:

  1. Eating soft foods.

  2. Applying ice or moist heat .
  3. Avoiding extreme jaw movements (such as wide yawning, loud singing, and gum chewing)

  4. Anti-inflammatory pain medications such as aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin, Aleve) may ease the pain of TMJ

In rare instance if your symptoms severe and you're not finding relief from the treatments suggested above, there are several irreversible surgical treatments available:

  1. Manual adjustment of the bite by grinding the teeth.

  2. Mandibular repositioning splints which move the jaw, ligaments and muscles into a new position.
  3. Extensive dental work such as crown and bridge work to balance the bite.

  4. Orthodontics

  5. Surgical procedures

  6. Replacement of the jaw joint(s) or disc(s) with TMJ implants should be considered only as a treatment of last resort. TMJ implants are intended to improve jaw function. Pain alone is not a reason to undergo a TMJ replacement procedure; often, after surgery, the pain level stays the same or even increases.

Most people find that simply eating soft foods and pain medication isn't quite enough, while surgery is too intrusive and unnecessary. Chances are you'll find that the solution that's right for you lies somewhere in the middle.


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    • profile image

      Myncplupjuppy 2 years ago

      Good a single, cheers for the tip

    • profile image

      Jo blow 3 years ago

      u say u have 2 tmjs. wher the f the other 1?

    • profile image

      Chiressa 3 years ago

      Hello all-

      Ive had TMJ for about 4 years now. I had compacted wisdom teeth and had a botch surgery getting them extracted which lead to my HORRIBLE TMJ. I have grinding and clicking. I have facial nack pain and random shots of pain in my jaw bone. I get head aches and under stressful situations I often feel my face is "unatural" as in its so tense I don't know where to put it. If i put my fingers in my ear I can feel the sliding of my jaw. I can see the sliding of my jaw infront of my ear as mentioned above. Ive done tons of research on the matter and haven't found very much relief. I have had tons of different guards each making the TMJ worse after using it for to long. A year ago I went to a Neuro Muscular Dentist who was going to charge me $4000 to track the movements of my jaw so your mouthguard is made at the physiologic rest position. He said the guard had to be worn 24/7 and could leave me with a lyspe. He provided data and charts and showed pictures of patients who wore the guard and you could actually see the difference in their faces. Hope this helps.

    • profile image

      Patricia 4 years ago

      Thanks to these post I finally have answers !!!! I have experienced this problems for almost 15 years but within the past 10 years after I had a stroke its becoming progressively worst. I have never gone to the doctor for it because like some things I always put aside thinking it will go away on its on. Today was the worst locking I've ever experienced so I decided to go on line to search for possible answers and I found them. I believe in prayer and God gave me an answer through this post. Thank God and thank you all for posting your symptoms. May God bless and continue to heal all of us that suffering from this infirmity.

    • profile image

      mazhar 4 years ago

      i hav 99% symtoms matching and suffering since 1997 or so till date the situtaion is worsening. i am on etilaam 0.5 mg zyven od 50 and nirsaan md 1 mg each od since 10 years or so. these only pulls me rom worse to bad and when i stpos taking these medicine situation worsens. i have lost hope really. only GOD can help me or is there on earth too..?????? surely there must be.

      mazhar lko India.

    • profile image

      michael holmes 4 years ago

      my ears pop when i chew , eat or drink,and smoke unfortunatly,but i only have 3 lower teeth

    • profile image

      me 4 years ago

      I had a wisom tooth pulled on the top left side about 2 years ago and every

      Since then my jaw has been bothering me ever now and then , between my ear and jaw swells up and gets very tight and its painfull to eat , talk , or open my mouth . But it usually goes away in a couple of days.

    • profile image

      addidacow 5 years ago

      My partner and i accustomed to acquire high on lifetime yet of late I've truly accumulated some sort of resistance.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      bub 5 years ago

      I had TMJ for about a year.and i found this site, tried it and it worked!!

      this 5 min exercise may help you!

    • profile image

      cameron 5 years ago

      i cannot open the left side of my mouth.any help?

    • profile image

      Travis Blanchard 5 years ago

      I have just been healed from my TMJ !! Ive had the joint pain on the right side of my face/jaw for a little over a month. Im here to help! This is how I healed: Stopped using a pillow to sleep on. I find that the pillow forced pressure in many joint areas of my face neck and shoulders. Sleep flat. This also enables the blood to circulate better from the heart to the head and back to the heart. Supplements to take are: magnesium calm powder for stress on joints and muscles, coral calcium to rebuild joint ligament and or bone, msm which helps with absorption and Noni juice twice a day. Noni is an excellent antioxidant and a cox-2 pain inhibitor. don't forget to massage the joints and pressure points. Do the typical excercises recommended on youtube as well. P.S. I do not get paid for any of the products mentioned. Much luck to you all and God Bless you too.

    • profile image

      shaz 64 6 years ago

      i don,t know if i have tmj, but when i get up in the morning, the left side of my jaw is so sore that i can hardly open it and i have pain in my ear and the left side of my temple,shoulder and neck, to eat it hurts but though the day it does tend to ease a little, but after a nights sleep it all starts again in the morning it is driving me mad all the doctor said was keep taking the painkillers. i think i will go to a&e and see if they can help.

    • profile image

      Morgan 6 years ago

      Ive had tmj for almost a year now. My jaw locks shut about once a month and it takes about 4 days for it to open. Its extremley painful. My face is swollen on my right side. The dentist told me that my wisdom tooth is causing it to get this bad.. but i dnt have the money to get it removed. It started yesterday again and its the worst its ever been. Its completley closed all the way and if i try and force it open.. It feels like someone is trying to rip my jaw off. It hurts to swollow because my glands are so swollen plus ear infection on that side:( Im going to the hospital to see what they say... wish me luck!!!

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      1 year ago i had an accident, after that when i look myself in the mirror it seems to me that my lower jaw has been pushed backward. There is no pain, and not any kinda sound of popping & clicking when i eat. Bt there is ringing in my ear and i have been suffering from continuous headache. Help me

    • Raevyn14 profile image

      Raevyn14 6 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

      Well I have almost everything here, except for 1 thing, I have had my jaw dislocated 2yrs ago and it finally settled 1yr ago. Now its slipping outta place only when I sleep, and I have recently had oral surgery done. The dentists knew I've had a jaw problem.

    • profile image

      Shannon 6 years ago

      My dentist told me to get a night guard because I was clenching my back teeth and he didn't want me to damage my teeth further. I had never had jaw pain at that point, ever. So four months later and $400, I get this custom guard and sleep with it for about one week. Now my jaw is constantly aching up to my ears and it feels as if my entire face is out of alignment. I believe the night guard caused this pain and have no idea what I should do now. It is that dull achy pain that makes my entire head hurt and doesn't go away with advil and makes it very hard to do my job.

    • profile image

      Greg 6 years ago

      Just saw a show how botox can help TMJ.

      Talk to a TMJ specialist.

    • profile image

      JessicaAlways 6 years ago

      I am practically scared out of my mind. I don't know if I really do have TM J but I have most of the symptoms listed. I'm scared to have to deal with this for eternity! The pain is unbearable. I cant chew, but i can open my mouth, i just can't move my left jaw with out it hurting! Guess Ill go to the doctor. Thanks for the information:)

    • profile image

      helen hushin 6 years ago

      i think this is what i have but would this make the insides of my ears feel like they are on fire and swollen too and make me feel like i just want to curl up and die because im in so much pain my mouth opens and closes but i cannot put my teeth together i feel like i have a marble between each side of the back teeth

    • profile image

      Malinda 6 years ago

      I have been suffering from TMJ for at least 15 years now and its no joke.I have had symptoms from headaches after meals and when I wake up to facial pain and weird tingling feelings in my head.I have had at least 3 CT Scans because i have been so worried that I either had a tumor or something else going on .I was diagnosed with TMJ 15 years ago.It was treated at that time but,I haven't been back since.My specialist even told me that I would have to back off from my singing for awhile but I couldn't do that and knowing that I was going to have to live with this disorder,I wasn't going to let it control the one thing that I love the most.But,i suffer everyday.My jaw pops,I have had dizziness and terrible facial pain that brought tears to my eyes.Sharp head pains and tingling .I wished there was something that could relieve the symptoms besides taking over the counter inflammatory meds that only ease for awhile.I don't wish this disorder on anyone.

    • profile image

      Krystal 6 years ago

      I'm pretty sure I have TMJ, but no pain. Just a grinding on my left side. My jaws have locked shut twice, and I was able to force them open both times. Can someone help me?

    • profile image

      micki 6 years ago

      Yes I have suffered from this disorder for about 5 years now.... It is driving me crazy, I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy. I try all the meds for inflamation.. will help but only to a point. I to work for an oral surgeon... But have not brought this to his attention. I am going to try the massage vibrator and the hopes that it will help... My main issues are my head funny sensations neck painful, and shoulders right dwn to my back....Something has to work need your prayers thank-you MTS oxox

    • profile image

      Debbie 6 years ago

      I often wake up with one side of my jaw constricted. I cant yawn properly when it is like this. I sleep on my side so I think the jaw hangs down and the joint goes out of place. It usually goes back in, but this morning it had been 3 hours and is still out of place.

      I was thinking maybe an Osteopath or massage would help.

    • profile image

      freetz 6 years ago

      Hi judieh. My friend solved his headeaches problem at this doctor. It's one of the best. You can visti for an appoiment or you can call at (202) 223-4564. I recommend you this doctor because he helps me very much.

    • profile image

      judieh 6 years ago

      For 2 years I'm suffering from headaches. But last week i have strongly headaches. My husband takes me with him at his doctor, but no result. One friend recommended me to go to Elliott Alpher cabinet, ( ) but I don't go for treatments which will haven't no result. Anyway, Phillip Gasvar, thanks for your article it's helpful for more users.

    • profile image

      sleep apnea manhattan 7 years ago

      My friend suffers from tmj :( Think, this hub will be helpful for her.

    • profile image

      sylvia 7 years ago

      I started with daily headache for the last 18 months. 6 weeks ago my jaw started throbbing worse everyday around the same time the doc put me on gabapentin for the misterious headaches. I saw a tmj specialist and wow 4500.00 for spint thearpy. However, he did give me some answers...from a ct scan he explained my airway in my sinus and throat were extreamly small and at night when I struggle to breath in my sleep I clentch my teeth to pull my tongue forward to get more oxygen. The clentching causes tight muscles in the head which cause headaches and the clentching drains the jaw joint from its lubricant. For some odd reason the gabapentin and muscle relaxers cause extreame pain in my face rater than help. I haven't found the reason why yet. So I have to see an ENT to work on the root cause of clentching and hopefuly that will stop the problem with the headaches and tmj. Everyday is painful and more when I go to be. Be sure you get a ct scan or mri to find the cause I had doc throwing pills at me and none took a single test to make sure what was wrong until I went to a tmj specialist which is Not covered by insurance!

    • profile image

      syl 7 years ago

      I have tmj too...

    • profile image

      Tiff 7 years ago

      I had a wisdom tooth cut out of my mouth over 4 mo ago and have had most of the symptoms and i just keep getting the run around. Im not sleeping, it hurts to eat and talk some times or if i move the wrong way. I have tried things to attempt to help with the pain and nothing is working. I have been to the dentist many times and they just say they cant help me, im lost.

    • profile image

      Julie Scobie 7 years ago

      I went to the dentist to guet a cavaty but could not. He put a big metal thing. Now I have pain on the botom right hand side. What could it be?

    • profile image

      Araceli 7 years ago


      I posted on this site about 1.5 years ago when my TMJ 1st started. I has so many horrible symptoms but I kept praying to the Lord, in the name of his son Jesus, for healing. And he has healed a lot of those symptoms and is still healing me today. Our Lord does heal if you put your trust in him. He is really the only person who can really supernaturally heal us because he Loves us so. And he can guide us as to what we need to do as well. I am 80% recovered. I would recommend lots of prayer but what also has assisted to heal me is gentle self massages on my face, gentle exercises, deep tissue massages for my neck, back and shoulders, natural supplements such as Nzymes and a good Mutli-Vitamin to help your body heal faster. I also recommend a book titled "The Healing Codes" which is awesome to help release thru energy the stresses in your body to allow it to heal better. I will continue to keep all TMJ sufferers in my Prayers and I will continue to encourage everyone to not lose Hope and to ask Jesus for help. He will help you as he has me. God Bless!

    • profile image

      Diann 7 years ago

      I was having this same problem try everything but not surgery hopefully not ever,but I am trying prolotherapy injections my doctor injectes this medicine in my joint of the ear and back of neck,I also see a good chiropractor he adjustes me first then within a couple of days I see this doctor he is an neuro-muskosketal doctor or any pain specialist..please look up prolotherapy doctors in your area call and ask about a consulation and see how it goes from there,I just had two injections and pain pain is somewhat better this is to build up a lot in the joint area.....

      Hope this helps!!

    • profile image

      P.L.KHUSHU 7 years ago

      Ihave the problem of pain in my right jaw joint near the right ear. I can not eat well and feel horrible pain that moment. The DOCTOR concerned viz. the orthopedician injected cortizone also in the vicinity of my pain ful joint but I am not feeling any remedy. Please advise as to what should be done with such a problem. It is a problem with me for the last one month now. I had to undergo some repairs in my teeth and the problem occurred there after. Thanks and regards.

      Yours sincerely,


    • profile image

      karen 7 years ago

      I had tmj surgery two weeks ago and the pain and bone gridding noises are worse. I am going crazy and don't know where to turn, the surgeon just sent me home. Any ideas or help would be great.

    • treatmentfortmjpa profile image

      treatmentfortmjpa 8 years ago

      Wow not only was this a kick butt hub, but all the comments made have been really helpful. Gotta love hubpages!!

    • profile image

      Martha 8 years ago

      I have really found this article helpful!

      I have suffered from TMJ since I was about 13. I am now 23. I grind at night, and have slept on my stomach and side at night for most of my life. I was a nail biter until 20, and have always been a gum chewer. I was looking for a quick fix (orthodontics, etc.) when my mother told me to surf the internet and see what certain websites were recommending.

      This website is great because it has convinced me to try and train myself to sleep on my back. I am also having splints made for splint therapy (to get the displaced disk in the mandibular joint back into place--it had moved!). I have stopped chewing gum. I made a BIG mistake the other day and had some now-and-laters and my jaw locked shut again, but it was just a reminder of what I need to be avoiding. splint is being made, my mom bought me a special pillow with an indent in the middle for my head (made for sleeping on your back), and I take Ibuprofen for occasional pain. **NOTE: Tylenol is a pain killer, but it is NOT an anti-inflammatory! Take Ibuprofen and you'll find better relief. Not to mention that Tylenol is somewhat toxic to your liver, and Ibuprofen is not.

      I wish everyone luck with their TMJ difficulties!!


    • profile image

      summer 8 years ago

      Im have had TMJ for atleast 3-4 yrs now. I went to my dentist and he didn't really do anything for me. He just told me to give myself these exercizes and massages. He didn't recommend night guards? Im wondering why he didn't now that im reading all these comments? I also went to a TMJ specialist hes recomming splents which will cost $2800 and my insurance wont cover it! I get frequent headaches! My neck hurts all the time. To me it was never a problem. Now it seems like its getting worse! I don't know what to do! I will pray some more about this issue! I hope this will go away one day! Every comment im reading says this is temporary but is it temporary for everyone? I've been stuck with this for yrs now when will I be done with it? What is there for me to do to get rid of it? please help!!! I take pain killers those just help temporary with the headaches. Its the popping and the clicking im worried about while chewing on foods. HELPPP!!!

    • profile image

      EP 8 years ago

      Excuse me I am very scared right now and I don't know what to do i have an overbite for years and I have pain not that often left my ear when i move my jaw. Just yesterday i got tinnitus and I was wondering if i get my jaw fixed would my tinnitus go away?


      A very scared and concerned college freshmen

    • nnjbella profile image

      nnjbella 8 years ago from New Jersey

      I also have had a horrible experience with TMJ after having a wisdom tooth extracted, and a few fillings done. My teeth weren't coming together right, and I had excruciating pain in my eyes, face, head, neck, and back. The worst part about my situation is that I'm a dental assistant, and work for a dentist. To expect for him to fix my problems every day that I went to work, turned out to be completely heart breaking, and brought more stress on, when he failed day after day. I had the nightguard, and was pretty much wearing it constantly. He prescribed muscle relaxers that seemed to make me wired instead of relaxed. I saw the TMJ specialist, who wasn't very compassionate, or helpful at all. He referred me to a stress reduction therapist. It was like everyone doubted my pain, and made me feel like I was crazy which was turning me into a raging bull. I started having panic attacks, and saw my medical doctor who then put me on ativan. It helped more than anything else I had tried to relax the muscles in my face, keep the rest of me calm enough to not become a raging lunatic, and without turning me into a walking zombie. I then started adjusting my own teeth gradually to make my bite feel more normal, (fortunately I could do that working in a dental office, and had the things I needed to do it accurately, so please don't attempt to do that, because that could open up a whole other can of worms, and make your tmj worse) and found this video on youtube...

      Please watch it, and practice these stretches. I suffered for many months with pain, and these moves help when I feel the muscles in my face tensing up, and my bite feeling like it's off when I'm really stresed. I am no longer on ativan, nor do I use my guard. I'll only use the guard if my jaw pops when I open, and close but that happened only in the middle of the worst part of my tmj disorder. I know it's easier said than done, but do your best to try, and calm down. Don't become outraged when the people you seek help from don't have the answers, and seem to think you're crazy, because your condition is very real. These doctors send us away because they're not qualified, or experienced enough to fix our problems. Educate yourself, and keep in mind that it's only temporary. I just had another filling done which I was dreading, and before he asked me to bite down on the paper, I told him to give me a few minutes, and I did the stretches in the video. I didn't care what he thought. In life you have to do what works for you! If hanging upside, or doing a handstand for 10 minutes fixes my problem, I would have done that right then, and there. haha I wish you all the very best!

    • profile image

      Cate 8 years ago

      I've had tmj for about 6 years now and it's getting progressively worse and more debilitating. I've worn splints but stopped for a long time and have had a consultaion with a TMJ consultant and surgeon, not having surgery but need a brace called a williams brace to widen my upper set of give my jaw space to move forward and the discs to come back into the right position.....I get inflamation, muscular tension and pain in jaw, nect shoulders, dizzy spells, speech difficulty, anxiety, breathing problems...awful!!!!massage helps temporarily...I have found ginko biloba drops, plus gotu cola drops are great to help restore my concentration and functioning, ...find these in any health food store..I take relaxing essence at night with helps me sleep by Jan de Vries..otherwise i would not sleep..also take two magnesium and calcium tablets at night to relax...also a tip...Dr Hauschka has a body oil called St Johns Wort....what u need to do is rub it into your body and leave soak in for 30 minutes before you have a shower, then you must have a hot shower, go to bed...u will sleep like a baby and wake up feeling like you did before the horrible TMJ set in....the oil massaged in helps calm the central nervous system...which is greatly effected by this condition..hope this helps...all of these things have really helped me xxx

    • profile image

      Sylvia 8 years ago

      Physical therapist work in conjunction with Dentist and Doctors in this area and can provide A LOT of relief b/c they'll pair with with you--give you specific ways to control you pain and fix the problem from a mechanical point of view. They can help get your pain/popping/ear pain/ringing under control and then teach you ways to prevent it from happening again..or what to do if it does. From my experience, you need to call a PT in your area and ask if they can refer you to one that specializes or works with the TMJ.

    • profile image

      ksmstarr 8 years ago

      I have been fighting TMJ for about 15 years now. Lost lots of weight due to not eating and for the last 10 years have been on very soft (soup, yogurt, mashed potatoes..) and then about 2 years ago I stopped even that and now can only get a few Boost plus drinks down to keep on weight and get nutrients. And drink italian ice or gatorades. That's it! I live on Boost and Italian ices. I have pain, cracking.. bottom jaw is back much further then the top and feels as if it is going further and further back. Was in a head on collision when I was twenty so assume this is the cause?? Now I always feel like I am choking or soemhtign is getting stuck in my throat so hardly drink anything as it hurts so to swallow nad tell you the truth I am scared as I feel like I will choke everytime. I don't even like to swallow my saliva. Every dr now tells me to do the surgery and have 2 friends who did it and who say do the surgery but so many people say not to do the surgery?! I am so confused - what to do?????

    • profile image

      Georgia 8 years ago

      I feel for you all I've had TMJ for seven years. I've been to several doctors and tried all kinds of medication but the sad thing is I'm allergic to most pain medications. BUT I now have relief, a woman told me to buy a small hand massager with a strong vibrate and use it as often as needed. I did research and found all the trigger points and now I am one happy woman. Its easy Its convient and you can use it anywhere and in about 10 to 15 min I am pain free. I thank God for her I'm not cured but I don't cry anymore and I'm back to my old life again without medication and spending a lot of money. It gets better everyday. Thank you Jesus.

    • profile image

      Dawn 8 years ago

      I have suffered from TMJ for about 5 yrs. I had the mouth guard from the dentist and was told to wear it 24/7 but it hurt like hell. I can't chew gum & if I do i am in pain for hours after. I also suffer from horrible migraines. I have the poping sound every time I open my mouth. I don't know what else to do for this painful condition.

    • profile image

      Araceli  8 years ago

      I found this website and finally feel some relief to see some Prayer warriors out there that are trusting GOD to heal their TMJ. I had an equilibration done that seems to have messed up my bite and this caused me TMJ problems, jaw popping/tightness, neck stiffness/crackling when I moved neck, and a lot of pressure on front teeth that has casued me to grind now during day and night. All dentists can recommend is an expensive nightguard. I went to my primary doctor that is covered under my insurance and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug called Mobin for a few weeks. I've only started taking it but it seems to help a bit. I also bought a few nightguards over the counter and these help to prevent the grinding but not sure how good they are as far as not making my TMJ worse so I am watching my symptoms when I wear them. I also do some jaw and neck exercises and apply a massage hot/cold lotion to my jaw area and neck. I like the comments here about staying positive and trusting GOD, because fear does want to creep in after reviewing horror stories in internet. But GOD is our supernatural healer and I pray against all TMJ symptoms for all people on this site. Help them Lord and be our healer in Jesus Name.

    • profile image

      Eric 8 years ago

      If you have TMJ and its symptom was tinnitus can the tinnitus be removed if the TMJ is fixed?

    • profile image

      Joy 8 years ago

      I started suffering from TMJ about a month ago. It was the worst in the mornings. It felt like I had to pry my mouth open and when I finally did, a loud popping noise sounded off that was very scary. With every bite of food my jaw was clicking & clicking away. And I would get pain in my ear and upper jaw bone that lasted throughout the day. I started to take a pain reliever which only helped a little. Then I tried putting some Bio Freeze on the outside of my cheek along the jaw line. Don't ask me why I tried this. My husband goes to a chiropractor and brings home sample packets. What a relief!!!! I did this for 2 days and I can now eat foods without any popping or pain. I feel like I am cured. I don't know if this will work for you but it's worth a try. I was just experimenting and am so happy I can open & shut my mouth without the pain or the popping & clicking.

    • profile image

      Stepahnie 9 years ago

      I had 3 grandmal seizures a couple of weeks ago and since then my jaw hurts and sometimes causes my ear to ache. Im thinking I may have TMJ has anyone

    • profile image

      Charlene 9 years ago

      My daughter has right ear to lower jaw pain can this be tmj? also she can open her mouth very little to hardly at all can someone help? Thanks , Charlene

    • profile image

      Covert Hypnosis 1 9 years ago

      I have those clicking sounds in my ear when I yawn - does that mean I have TMJ?

    • profile image

      Shanda 9 years ago

      I have had TMJ for about a year now. It is definitely the most annoying disorder. Trying to sleep at night is torture. At times my head startes to vibrate which makes it impossible to fall asleep. Sometimes I think I might have a brain disorder or something, but I already got a ct scan which proves other wise. The doctor told me I was fine and its all in my head.

      i Knew i was crazy. I searched my symptoms online and thats how I found out that it called TMJ. I'vew been to the dentist and he gave me a night guard. It works a little but now it has gotten worse.

      Now I'm going to the oral dentist again and hes going to do some massage therapy on my jaw. I'm just going to pray that it works.

    • profile image

      Bruce 88 9 years ago

      I have a major cracking in my jaw everytime I open and close my mouth I also have sever tinnitus. Could my tinnitus be caused by my TJM. I have gone through the ENT doctor and had MRI,s but they have found nothing causing my tinnitus. My last resort seems to be my dentist. Does this make sense.

      Bruce 88

    • profile image

      A Pruette, LMBT 9 years ago

      I can't believe that this wasn't already mentioned but there are some advanced massage therapy options to alleviate the pain and tension associated with TMJ. Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) is a specific type of massage that addresses chronic tension and pain. Find a LICENSED massage therapy that has had extensive training in NMT that was also trained in how to do intra-oral work on TMJ patients. St. John's Neuromuscular is the system that many massage schools train new therapists in, although it appears that St. John himself has developed a new sub-technique of his original form. NMT is a combination of manual trigger point therapy (instead of injections) and St. John's (or similar minded practitioners) theories. See more info about NMT at:

      I personally graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in Charlotte, NC but they have multiple schools located in different places. Commonly experienced teachers maintain some type of clinic at the schools themselves, so you may be able to get treatment there. You can also check the AMTA's (American Massage Therapy Association) website for NMT practitioners.

      I can tell you from experience (I have been a massage therapist for 10 years now) that NMT for TMJ pain works. I have worked on many clients through the years and relief can come from as little as 1 session or as many as 10. If you've tried the night guards, been to the dentist and the oral surgeon, have to take pain medication religiously just to get through the day, have migraines or headaches, or perhaps have even gotten Botox injections for the pain, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try! There way to many things that you have to do rather than put up with this condition. Don't give up! There is hope. And no... it doesn't always "just go away".

      Best of luck to you all.

    • profile image

      Holland Tayllor 9 years ago

      Three years ago my brother hit me on the side of the face with a shoe, and pretty much dislocated my jaw. I am now 14 and I have tmj, my dentist is crazy and told me it was stress and that i shouldn't chew gum and what not, i haven't chewed gum in 3 months and it has gotten way worse, i saw a doctor about a week ago and she said i have severe seperation. I am going to the doctor again tomorrow, and i hope i can fix this. Tmj is a problem, and anyone who even THINKS they have it should see a doctor immediately.

    • profile image

      kathy16 9 years ago

      i am also suffering from tmj, sometimes i am depress when symptoms attacks! i really need support and prayers to fight for it that is my family. i hope all sick persons. prayer is so miraculous!

    • profile image

      sandra case 9 years ago

      ive had this condition since i was about 13 im now 40 the only symtons i have are the popping in both jaws and on the rare time my jaws will lock its not a problem for me,i just thank god i d'ont suffer any pain,

    • profile image

      myeisha 9 years ago

      im have tmj but i don't know what to do cause most of my pain come from the top or crown of my head

    • profile image

      Linda 9 years ago

      Also had surgery..5 of them. Last one was 22 years ago. The pain increased and never went away. Last specialist I saw told me I should never have another surgery because the facial muscles could become paralysed. I eat only once a day..Around 8 p.m., so it doesn't hurt so much during the day, then I try to sleep the pain away. I weigh 88 pounds and usually sleep 4 hours a night at the most. My TMJ is due to an accident..The pain is on the left and right side..Please, Try everything before going through surgery!

    • profile image

      April 9 years ago

      I have had TMJ for about 3 weeks now. This is driving me crazy. I saw a dentist and he prescribed me a muscle relaxer and told me to wear my mouth guard. I am reading what all of you have said and to think I may have this pain for forever scares me to death!!!!!

    • profile image

      tanya 9 years ago

      had tmj for over 5 yrs sometimes feel i losing my mind with all the different pains in my body doc,s say it all to do with tmj spasm,s

    • profile image

      AYMAN 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Gilly 9 years ago

      Had TMJ replacement after 2o plus yrs of pain, migrane pain in neck, shoulders and ears.

      TMJ surgery has made it worse


    • profile image

      Gilly 9 years ago

      Had TMJ replacement after 2o plus yrs of pain, migrane pain in neck, shoulders and ears.

      TMJ surgery has made it worse

      now on

    • profile image

      Gilly 9 years ago

      Had TMJ replacement after 2o plus yrs of pain, migrane pain in neck, shoulders and ears.

      TMJ surgery has made it worse

    • profile image

      charlene 9 years ago

      I have had severe pain, clicking, and popping in my ears for almost a year. The doctor treated me for ear infections each and everytime i complained of these symptoms. Thank you for the valuble information---now I know I had been misdiagnosed and will seek proper treatment in the hopes of finding some relief, for the pain has become unbearable.

    • profile image

      shan 9 years ago



    • profile image

      widower05 9 years ago

      Ha thanks for the information about TMJ. I had a fall and landed directley on my butt, I have pains from my butt to my skull. the next morning I found that from the fall a filling came out of my back tooth.My jaw hurt along with the ringing in the ears an a dentist said that there is know way that the fall could have caused my TMJ problem, which I had no problem with any tooth or jaw pain till I fell. Thank you for the message to help others. God Bless widower

    • profile image

      Darlene 10 years ago

      My dentist prescribed a mouth guard. I have suffured symtoms of an on for a year now. I have used the night guard for over 4 months. For the past few months, the symptoms have increased. The info found on this site has been helpful. I plan to see a specialist asap.

    • profile image

      unknow 10 years ago

      hello i just suffered from tmj about a month agao my mouth would not close and i could not breath anyone suffering from this should talk to a specialist

    • profile image

      Bobby 10 years ago

      God bless you. Sometimes, being so rushed and out of place at the doctor, they tell you what is wrong, but not the hows and whys of it, and I would've never known any of this.

    • mads78 profile image

      mads78 10 years ago

      Hi Phillip,

      I'm glad that you posted this information on TMJ. I'm especially glad you listed ways to alleviate symptoms! For the past month only one side of my jaw has been absolutely killing me. I fit all of the symptoms that you described. At this point, all I want is relief. Thank you for your help and nice Hub!

      Jill (mads78)