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TRX Functional Training That Can Build Muscle and Increase Performance

Updated on February 8, 2012

Suspension Training for Muscle Strength and Endurance

Suspension training can be a very effective method of building and strengthening muscles, burning fat, and enhancing sports performance and daily mobility. Although tools like the TRX Pro Trainer can be intense, they are also easily modified to accommodate all fitness levels.

The functional workouts with the TRX work because of the additional muscles brought into play to keep the body in the proper form of the move being performed.

The awkward nature of feeling your body unsupported and having to stabilize itself while performing suspension exercises will wake up muscles you may never knew you had. It is also fun and easy to set up anywhere.

Here's a simple workout to incorporate into your training program using the TRX suspensiontrainer:

Adjust the TRX so that it sits 8-12 inches off the ground, grab both handles and assume a push-up position, with a steady motion, your arms straight, let your hands out to the sides and lower your body towards the ground. Keep your body stiff as a board throughout the exercise.

These are suspension flyes: 3-5 x 6-12 (higher for muscular endurance, lower for strength and building muscle.)

If this exercise is too difficult, try doing push-ups instead. If it is still too difficult, place your feet in the foot straps and your hands on the ground. Engage your body so it is rigid like a plank and perform push-ups this way.

trx suspension chest flyes
trx suspension chest flyes | Source
Suspended pushup, and then...
Suspended pushup, and then... | Source
to suspended pike!
to suspended pike! | Source
Trx suspended lunge
Trx suspended lunge | Source

Next, place your feet in the TRX using the stirrups on the handles, walk out to a push-up position, and perform the push-up pike by doing a push-up and alternately bringing both knees up to the middle, right and left as you come up. Try to get your knees to touch your body each time.

Suspended Push-up Pikes: 3 x 15-20. If you can do more, go for it. Or, add a weighted vest or a push-up clap for more difficulty.

Try these two exercises for a quick workout or as an add-on before or after a heavier workout, it's a great way to increase balance, work on upper body strength, and stabilize the abdominals and obliques.

Suspended Lunge: 3 x 15-20

Take one foot out of the foot strap and place it on the floor. Making sure the knee does not lean over the top of the foot, step forward into a lunge and back. To make the exercise plyometric, hop up from the lunge.

If this exercise is too hard, try the Reverse lunge:

Holding on to the TRX handles, walk back until the straps are taut. Then take one leg back as you drop into a lunge.

Have fun and work hard, but always remember to maintain perfect form. For good examples of form on these exercises, or to go shopping for equipment, visit the links in the sidebar.

The TRX Force Kit

Infinite Workout Combinations

The question is often ask as to whether or not you can build muscle with suspension training. The answer is a definite yes, but it must be done at a gradual pace. Earn the exercise progression by mastering easier versions of it first. Pushups and incline flyes before full horizontal flyes, or using an easier angle for body rows, for example.

Take your time becoming proficient with the try to you can get stronger, build more muscle and increase performance, all without injuring yourself!

Fitdeck Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Fitness Equipment Workouts, TRX Suspension Trainer
Fitdeck Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Fitness Equipment Workouts, TRX Suspension Trainer

The compact, portable FitDeck TRX Suspension Trainer is perfect for workouts on the go. Made of quality card stock, each exercise card includes helpful tips for repetitions, time and ability level. It's like having a pocket-sized personal trainer with you that can help keep your workout fresh.

TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road
TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road

The Pro Pack with Door Anchor includes the TRX Suspension Training P2 Model used by pro-athletes, the US military, and top trainers everywhere. Rated for up to 1000 pounds the system mounts to any sturdy door with the TRX Door Anchor. A 65-minute Basic Training DVD and full-color 35-page Workout Guide get you started and 2 bonus workouts--the TRX Endurance Circuit and the TRX Metabolic Blast--keep you on the path to greater strength and fitness.


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