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Tae Bo: Lose Weight With A Fun Kick Boxing Cardio Workout

Updated on April 2, 2013
Billy Blanks during a Tae Bo class
Billy Blanks during a Tae Bo class | Source

The name Tae Bo comes from tae kwon do and boxing. It was created by Billy Blanks. He got the idea while training and listening to music. Billy Blanks was a highly skilled martial arts fighter but Tae Bo was not developed to teach people how to fight. It is a workout routine. He does a variety of movements similar to kick boxing while you follow along. Even though it teaches you a number of punches and kicks the main focus is on improving your body. You could probably use it for self defense but that is not what it was intended for.

It is a combination of martial arts, boxing and aerobics that provides a full body workout. Tae Bo does not focus on power. Moving your arms around without added resistance will not give you big muscles. If you want to bulk up you can lift weights or do resistance training. You do not see people putting on a lot of muscle doing aerobics. It is an intense aerobics session with a few body weight exercises. So it is better for toning your muscles than increasing their size. It is a great way to build your endurance and it does not require a lot of room.

Doing Tae Bo burns a lot more calories than traditional aerobic classes. In an hour I could burn around 600 calories doing Tae Bo. I can burn around 680 calories running on an elliptical trainer for an hour at a fast pace but running inside is very repetitive and boring.

A lot of people lose interest and quit because repetitive exercises are too boring. If you are trying to get rid of fat Tae Bo is a more fun than running or biking inside. So you are more likely to stick with it. The other advantage is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment.

The workouts are not about punching and kicking as hard or fast as you can. You exercise to a rhythm and remain in control. The movements should be precise in both timing and execution. You hit your target then quickly retract your arm or leg. The workouts mostly involves stretching, punching, kicking and body weight exercises. The routines usually last between 45 minutes to an hour. By the time you finish you will probably be drenched in sweat.

There are a number of videos you can get with different Tae Bo workout routines. The people in the videos have nice lean bodies. The type of body you would expect from someone that does a lot of intense cardio. Most of them are women but guys can still get good results. Boxers do a lot of cardio. If you feel silly punching and kicking the air or a light speed bag filled with air you can workout when no one is watching.

Tae Bo offers a good workout for transforming your body. You can reduce fat, and tone your muscles. Lots of people have used it to lose weight. It is comparable to running as a way to burn calories but more fun. I recommend trying it out. If you want bigger muscles combine Tae Bo with some weight training for a learn muscular body.

The videos below do not show you the routine but they show you a few of the moves.

Some Of The Punches Used in Tae Bo



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