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Take the 8 Mile Challenge

Updated on May 4, 2012

8 Mile Challenge


8 Mile Challenge

Americans have found themselves in a difficult spot where they no longer have the disposable income in order to live active lives. They are tied to 60 hour work weeks and time on the computer and or other electronic devices and have lost what is unique to Americans which was there physical strength. This of course is not true for all Americans but for most Americans especially those thrown in the grips of poverty who struggle for a consistent diet. They are disenfranchised, hungry and most of all disappointed in their government.

Weekends which use to be reserved for weekend warriors to reclaim their physical prowess have collapsed into chores and grocery shopping. It is an invalid assumption that Americans need to eat less but that they need more disposable income in order to maintain their physicality. The likelihood of that occurring anytime in the near future is relatively low. But by no measure are Americans or any other nationality lazy. It has just been a while since some of us have been able to work out.

So for all of you couch potatoes out there and I write this with a smile because I love being a couch potato. I would like to suggest taking the 8 mile challenge with me. It is a very simple concept and I was surprised how easily I managed to get into this routine.


What is the 8 Mile Challenge?

It is a simple concept. It is 8 miles a day in a preferred physical activity three days a week for the next 4 months. I break mine up between the dreaded treadmill and the stationary bike. I also like to swim but swimming 8 miles seems like more then I could possibly do.

There is no special diet required because this isn’t about weight but about being physically fit. And it doesn’t matter about your age or your current physical prowess because the 8 miles is not timed. You can walk the 8 miles if you wish but you just have to make the eight mile. At the end of 4 months it will be a total of 384 miles completed.


Why Would I Take the 8 Mile Challenge?

Because it is good for your body to stay physically active and it is easier when you have a group of friends doing it with you. If you have failed at every single exercise program in the world this one is for you as all it requires is 8 miles three days a week.

You will also sleep much better. And your figure might improve if you watch your diet but that is not the specific goal of this particular challenge. Your mind will be clear and focused and you will feel happier each day. Exercise has a way of increasing the happy hormones in your brain.

When Do I Start the Challenge?

Personally I have already been doing this for over a month. The first week was kind of rough as I was sore but after that it has been smooth sailing. I think we should all start on May 21st officially. The challenge will end in September 21st and we will all be feeling and looking quite fine by then.

How Do I Start?

Check with your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough for physical activity and then abandon the couch. Stretch before exercising and then go for it. You will be happier, leaner and sleep better then you ever have before. And your body will be so greatful that despite your circumstance you still made certain it was fit. But the challenge all begins with the commitment to do it.

So are you ready?...set and go!


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