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How To Take A Pill

Updated on March 10, 2014
Conleys Review profile image

Conley had a problem taking pills but overcame that problem with the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup and now takes all pills normally.

Do You Have A Problem Taking Pills?

It may be an easy task for most people to swallow a pill, but there are many adults and children who have problems taking pills. There seems to be two real types of pill taking problems:

  • The fear of or actually gagging - may cause the throat to tighten up and makes it hard to swallow. This is a physical type problem.
  • Psychological - this type of anxiety is more of a brain function than physical.

I want to write a little about the problem and then show a "solution for most people" on how to take a pill.

I am writing this from personal experience and my problem fits into the psychological category. I had no problem swallowing pills for many years, but as I grew older and started taking supplements, which normally are large pills, I began to have problems swallowing them. Soon, I was having trouble swallowing even small pills. My problem was that as soon as the pill hit my tongue, it seemed that my brain would not allow me to swallow. Once I swallowed, I had no problem with the pills going down my throat. That is why I have diagnosed it as psychological (not an MD diagnosis).

Another aspect to this type of anxiety is that it caused my blood pressure to spike. That may happen to other people without them knowing it. When I was having my worst problems, I monitored my blood pressure with a home monitoring meter. I eventually stopped taking most of my supplements.

Video shows a training method which helps some people

And now the Solution for Everyone!

I did some research on the internet and found a solution which had worked for others,

The Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup is the Answer!

  • Pills go down smoothly
  • Eliminates stress
  • Eliminates crushing & splitting pills
  • Designed for all ages.

I ordered the Cup and received it in about 4 - 5 days. The cup is designed to use your natural swallowing reflex to help you swallow medications and vitamins. Patented ribbed spout design and special water resistant material help you swallow your pills stress free. It looks like a toddler's cup but helps children, adults, or seniors -- anyone who has difficulty in swallowing pills.


The Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup


I have been using the Oralflo Cup for about 18 months and it Works. I no longer have a problem taking pills. I can now take the large supplement pills without stress.

I recommend the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup to everyone who has a problem taking pills.

I also took a brochure of the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup to my family doctor and he was very impressed. He has several patients who have trouble swallowing pills and he plans to recommend the cup to them.

2014 Update

After using the Pill Swallowing Cup for about a year, using the technique of swallowing pills with the cup, I no longer have to use the cup. I can take my pills normally with a cup or glass of water.

You will discover an amazing solution to your pill swallowing challenges with the pill swallowing cup.


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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 4 years ago from USA

      I am glad that this cup works for you. If you need medicine and can't swallow pills, then it does make it difficult to get better. Thanks for reading my hub about this and other alternatives to swallowing pills.