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Taking Yoga Classes for Weight Loss Purposes

Updated on July 29, 2011

Taking Yoga Classes for Weight Loss Purposes

More and more people have been getting good results from yoga. Maybe it’s time to consider making it work for you too.

Yoga is not your average weight-loss program. It is, but, a sure way to help you lose weight and stay fit though. It makes your body strong, flexible, which allows you to lose body weight and psychological stress. It improves other body functions such as digestion, blood circulation, respiration, and hormonal balance.

Yoga is more popular in eastern countries in comparison with the West. This is proven by the fact that out of 65% of the American population are obese and only 2% practice yoga at home or in class. This is because yoga is still viewed by some as ethnic and passive.

This belief is nothing but false though. Yoga involves different asanas (poses) and breathing techniques that can yield great results if practiced correctly. These techniques enhance oxygen absorption in cells, thus, causing fat cells to melt down.

Weight Loss Yoga

Five stage plan in Yoga:

The yoga weight loss program is composed of five stages. These stages involve a series of cleansing methods. They are called Basti, Prakshalan, Bagh, Kunjal Kriya, and other yoga poses. Basti cleanses the colon, Kunjal Kriya cleanses the stomach and lungs, and Prakshalan cleanses the digestive system.

The  Bagh Technique is composed of various tiger poses. It also includes the locust, tree pose, and angle poses. Brathing techniques like the kapalbhati, lomeanulome and pranayams are also part of the Bagh.

For people with a distributed fat accumulation in the body (some people have more fats in the abdominal area as compared to others who have bulk in thighs and buttocks), the 5-day plan needs not to be followed. Poses targeting specific body parts will do.

For example, for people having excess weight in the abdomen, abdominal lifts, naval moves, yogic seal and the child pose should be practiced. Meanwhile the poses advisable for toning down arms, thighs and legs are the Bridge and Dog asenas. Chest area toning requires hero, triangle, and cobra poses, as well as the spinal twist. Lastly, people blessed with wider hips can go for the sun salute (surya namaskar), angle or dog pose.


Yoga harmonizes mental, physical and emotional health as these are important factors in preventing weight gain. It makes people of any age agile, flexible, and fit. Continuous yoga practice helps you become more fit and healthy.

While yoga books, magazines, and instructional videos are readily available to us, it doesn’t mean that we can attempt yoga immediately. Be sure to study it and consult a family physician. Take it slow as well by enrolling in yoga classes.


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