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Taking care of a sick parent

Updated on November 21, 2012

Steps for Success

1. Be patient with yourself and your loved one.

2. Be kind

3. Remember to laugh

4. Remember to Breathe

5. Find time for yourself

6. Learn a new talent or hobby to help to deal with all the stress.

7. Ask questions

8. Do your research

9. Be informed on how to best take care of your loved one

10. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

True Story

My dad has Pancreatic cancer. Over the past year I have learned to administer insulin and blood thinner shots, check blood sugar, be patient reassuring and encouraging.

I find that taking time to do things I enjoy like reading or walking help to deal with the stress. Learning to not take him to seriously when he is grumpy is also a big help. I even bought him a Grumpy cup from the Disney store because he knows he is grumpy sometimes. Taking time to treasure the good moments and figuratively snap a picture of the moment in mind will help if things do not go the way we want them to. Not dwelling on the bad days and moments helps the good moments shine though.

Its not easy and there is a lot of stress and unsurity but focusing on the good times and finding time to do things I enjoy help. Making an effort to stay social is a challenge but I use those times to forget for just a few hours that things have not turned out how I thought.

What ever happens I think it is important not to lose who you were before a loved one was sick. Because after they are gone you will still remain. Finding ways to cope with this stress will be beneficial in the future also.


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