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It is not weird, it is show love to your feet

Updated on November 8, 2012

How to take good care of your feet.

The feet are the most overlooked part of the human body. This causes the feet to become smelly and also develop some feet problems . There are several ways on how to take care of the feet to ensure there are free from smells, infections and also that they remain healthy.

1. Cleaning the feet. It is very important to be equally keen when cleaning the feet as when you clean other body parts. The feet should always be cleaned with warm water and soap. When cleaning the feet remember the soles and use a pumice stone to remove any dead skin. Clean feet tend to boost the self esteem of an individual.

2. Shoes. Do not wear tight shoes that are uncomfortable to your feet. When buying shoes always look for shoes that are comfortable enough even when you have to wear socks. When buying heels (ladies), choose an appropriate heel that you will be comfortable walking in. There is absolutely no need to impress at the expense of your feet comfort.

3. Drying the feet. Always dry your feet thoroughly after cleaning them. Pay closer attention to the areas between your toes, this is where infections are most likely to occur. Make sure that the feet are always clean and dry.

4. Socks. It is highly recommended that one should wear cotton socks so as to absorb the sweat. Socks are applicable only when you are wearing closed shoes and especially incases of hiking, walking, jogging and the like.

5. Nails. Keep the toe nails short. This will help to eliminate the chances of the nails cutting into the skin as they grow, trust me it is very painful.

6. Diet. Ensure that you eat a well balanced diet that will help in strengthening your toe nails, and enhance the appearance and function of the feet in whole. This is one of the great ways in taking care of the feet.

7. Exercise. Physical exercise will aid in proper flow of blood to and from the feet.



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