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Talk Some Sense To Me

Updated on February 24, 2016

You see my life is in a bit of a shambles
ripped and torn put together from so many scrambles
And I don't think I can continue to lay low
and kiss ass and worry about the future
not anymore

I'm feeling like there is a lot of time yet
to recapture what I lost and take back what is mine
and I'm not sure if you got what I need
and I think you are mainly driven by greed
and I'm not

And I can't go back to being lost
to lose my soul again is too great a cost
and I'd be better to start again with nothing
than to rely on you to give me something

So I'll probably drink as much as I can from this cup
before I stop on this trail and give it up
and go in a direction where there is mainly weeds
to find myself and what I need

And there is so much left for me to know
and I feel like I just got out to the sun to grow
and if I just do what feels easy for you
I'll never find me.


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