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Taming Difficult Emotions

Updated on October 25, 2017

When it comes to difficult emotions such as anger and sadness, the best way to handle them starts by beginning to accept the fact that the feelings are present for a reason, which enables us to know more about ourselves and what needs improvement internally and externally. Always know that you should never be ashamed or feel guilty for what you feel. After-all, it is the action and reactions to those emotions that shape our lives and determines our quality of being. After accepting this, then you can focus on bettering yourself by allowing your actions to become positive channels for these emotions.

-Examine Why -

Even if you can not fully articulate or come to terms with the origin of the emotions, the feelings itself can get you to think about the positive and negative consequences of acting on it when you take time to accept it and let go of control. You may opt to channel your emotions constructively into something such as writing or anything that makes you feel free, without any harm to others or yourself. This gives you the opportunity to gain a more logical perspective, and you may be surprised of where the cause of those emotions truly originate. Then you can begin to release it.

-Alter Your Mindset-

Everyday people, situations and other factors may arise and conflict with your desires or will, but this does not mean that you do not deserve what you strive for. Knowing this starts by realizing your personal power of choice. It also prompts you to examine if this is really what you want and need. If so, is this the right way to achieve it, or should you start pursuing other options? Sometimes the advantages of compromise, or complete surrender of a situation can outweigh what you think is best at the time. Keep in mind that we all have our individual circumstances and life path, which means lessons designed specifically for us to grow. Also recall the saying about the green grass on the other side.

-Avoid Negativity From Self & Others-

Lastly, in dealing with difficult emotions, you must learn to develop a mind-set that reaffirms that you will continue to make the right choices for yourself and for others. Think about the long-term benefits and not just the satisfaction that comes from any immediate negative behavior. If people or situations do not align with your will to change, then you probably need to keep some distance and assert boundaries. It takes maturity and honesty to proclaim who you really are, and live according to your life direction and goals for the better. Ultimately, its your life and all decisions effect you, including how you choose to feel and respond.


Always strive for the best and remember that a lot of stress and inner turmoil is inflicted is indeed optional. These emotions are a signal for needing to adapt to more comfortable states of being. Learn to handle them and you can benefit greatly from all situations based on how you feel and how you want to feel through positive means and reactions.

© 2011 Latasha Woods


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