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Lists of Tasks & Job Titles of Medical Assistants

Updated on May 9, 2016
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Tasks of a Medical Assistant

As a Medical Assistant you can perform clerical tasks and clinical tasks. The clerical duties involve the administrative part of the medical office. And the clinical tasks involve patient contact and care of the patients. Men and women are attending vocational schools for Medical Assistant training. After completing the vocational training there will be an externship, which is also a hands-on training. Medical Assistants who pass the AAMA certification examination become Certified Medical Assistants and may use the designation CMA after their names. The abbreviation AAMA stands for Affiliate of the American Association of Medical Assistants.

As a Medical Assistant student you will learn how to do vital signs, schedule appointments, test urine specimens, glucose tests, venipuncture, injections, centrifuge blood tubes, CPR, first aid, electrocardiograms, proper order of draw for blood tubes, data entry, Microsoft Excel, ICD-9 coding, medical terminology, billing, filing, reception calls, faxing, scanning, and other general clerical tasks.

To be a Medical Assistant you would have to be a caring and gentle person, with a great positive attitude. And treat your patients the way you would want your family members to be treated, and that is with respect and in an understanding manner.

Medical Assistant Tasks - Jobs Medical Assistants Can Do
Medical Assistant Tasks - Jobs Medical Assistants Can Do

More Tasks of a Medical Assistant

Clinical Tasks
Administrative Tasks
Obtaining medical history
Completing ICD-9 and CPT coding for insurance claims
Obtaining vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature)
Handling incoming calls
Obtaining height and weight
Sorting and filing mail
Preparing patient for examinations
Using oral and written communication
Preparing and sterilizing instruments
Filing insurance forms
Obtaining blood and urine specimens
Maintaining medical records
Performing electrocardiograms
Greeting patients and relating to the public
Role of a Medical Receptionist

Job Titles of Medical Assistants

Many Medical Assistants take a test to become a Nationally Certified Phlebotomist, only if they are really good at drawing blood/venipuncture. As a Certified Phlebotomy Technician you are required to take the recertification test every year, and the test can be mailed to your home. A Phlebotomist is someone that is trained to perform venipuncture procedures in a laboratory or other settings.

As a Medical Assistant you can work as an 'outpatient' employee, or an 'inpatient' employee. And you will be qualified to apply for most of the positions in each of the different types of health care facilities below.

  • Clinics
  • Patient care units
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospital admissions department
  • Walk-in care centers
  • Hospital laboratory department
  • Adult day-care centers
  • Drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • Hospital medical records department
  • DNA Collection Centers
  • etc.

There are other jobs Medical Assistants can do when it comes to administrative and clinical jobs. Medical Assistants can also work at Chiropractor offices and other medical offices as well. I hope this article has been useful, kindly leave your feedback at the bottom. You can rate this: Useful, Interesting, Awesome, and/or Voted Up. Thank you.

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