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Teaching Autistic Children: How To Teach These Children

Updated on December 8, 2010

Teaching a child can be a challenge for any teacher but trying to teach a child with autism can be extremely challenging but if done correctly and with alot of love and patience it can be also very rewarding.

Realizing just how children with autism learn is vital to instructing these children and understanding that they do not learn the same way or at same pace other kids. This will likely appear to be a simple concept, yet children with autism spectrum disorder learn such different ways that being familiar with autism in itself is absolutely essential whenever you are teaching autistic children. Through getting knowledgeable in this condition, educators may properly discover ways to handle autistic children in and out of the school room, making a much more tolerant world for everybody.

Autistic Children are Visual Thinkers


Children with Autism tend to be visual thinkers. So instructing by talking won't be completely helpful. Instructors ought to blend images along with words and phrases for the child with autism to completely fully grasp the lesson. For example, in case you are teaching about various creatures on the planet, you need to have a flash card using the word cat, repeat the word out loud carefully and plainly, and present the young child an image of a cat. Possibly perhaps take in a cat for show and tell. Nouns could be simpler to present to children with autism because verbs need action and may be much more tough to demonstrate. In case you are teaching autistic children phrases including sit down or stand up you ought to carry out these exercises whenever you teach the phrase. Additionally, due to the propensity for these children to be visual visual, autistic kids are frequently not able to follow lengthy phrases. They can't figure out the string of words and become overwhelmed. Therefore, writing directions can be quite useful whenever giving exams or quizzes.

Because children with autism are visual learners, they can frequently focus on a certain item or image. If this describes a child you know then consider including that item or image directly into lesson strategies. In the event the young child loves airplanes, use airplanes for images where ever you are able to within the lesson. For instance, whenever teaching mathematics, develop concept problems concerning airplanes to get the child's attention. Many autistic kids also are generally creative or musical, creating remarkably unique paintings and displaying extraordinary talents with musical instruments or singing voice. Schedule some time in the morning or afternoon for the arts and promote fun-based activities which the kids delight in.

Teaching Autistic Children Is A Gift

Was you child under the age of 2 years old when they were first diagnosed?

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Children with autism spectrum disorder might also have difficulty hand writing a result of the lack of control over their hands and wrists mobility. This really is aggravating for both the young child as well as the educator. To lessen the stress, permit the child work on a laptop or computer. If you're able to do this, make certain that the computer keyboard and screen are near together as the child might have trouble remembering what they have typed.

When you are available to teaching autistic children, you're not just providing them the most effective possibilities in life, but you will also be be great role model to the other kids in the classroom. Don't permit a child with autism spoil the school classroom experience for the other children in the room, but rather tolerate some the autistic child's oddities whenever you can. Developing a much more tolerant classroom, this can be the greatest treasure you are able to offer a child with autism.


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    • profile image

      John Connor 

      5 years ago

      What an excellent and informative hub!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. Being a mother of 2 boys with autism I take my hat off to you and all those who have the patience and compassion to work with these children. I feel I have much to learn from every teacher my boys have had over the years. Thank you!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I think this is a fairly decent article, however, some of the ideas are too vague and general. Yes points such as learning styles and creativity are applicable to many children with autism, I personally don't find this to be the crutch to stand on in teaching them. As a behavioral skills trainer and therapist, I've worked with children and adults on the spectrum quite a bit. For me, the thing that translates across the board is consistency. If a child with autism or any child really knows what to expect and we are not throwing them constant curve balls--then they won't throw them back. Understanding of providing constant consistency is important along with understanding sensory integration dysfunction. The whole idea of "learning styles" comes into play here. Once we can discern what sensory sensitivities are present in a child (they are different for all of us), then we can tailor their education toward their success which in turn will help to assure the success of the whole class. Lastly, the actual article does a wonderful job with person first language. The titles, though, do not. To believe that someone is their diagnosis often comes from misnomer. Diagnosis is by no means equivalent to prognosis. There are no "autistic people" just as there are no "brain tumors" or "club foots". I know that people get confused easily. Children with autism are children first. I feel privileged to have been able to work with so many wonderful kiddos.


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