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Teenage drug use... The major causes

Updated on October 21, 2014

It all starts quite early

What about you?

I would really like you to answer these questions, it would help you to understand the article in a better way, so please

What about you? How about your experience as a teenager?

Have you ever tried or consider trying drugs during your teens?

What was the reason?

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If you have ever tried or considered trying drugs, why did you do it or considered it?

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The real question and its answer

Being a teenager is often a very confusing and challenging time, which leaves them vulnerable to everything, and often drugs find its way to them. Drug abuse have haunted the world since a long time, and it have it's roots quite deep and these days teens are the dealers first preference, cause teens get hooked right away, but then the question arises why teens? What leads them to substance abuse? Is it just mere curiosity or lack of awareness?

Well, as a matter of fact, teens are quite aware of the ill effects of drugs, the legal problems they can face, so the matter about not being aware is totally cancelled, however curiosity plays its part, teens are always curious, they love thrill, love the adrenaline rush, they wanna know everything about everything, so what their mind say is "dude, why not give it a try, what harm can it possibly do." and it starts. But it's not the only reason, pressure plays a very major role, i'm not talking about just peer pressure, family, i.e. parents are equally responsible, parents often tend to ground their kids when they don't perform well in studies, or pressurize them too much to do a certain thing, or stopping their kids from doing something or even trying to control them too much can make a teen vulnerable to drugs, they tend to become a rebel, teens make up their mind to do every wrong thing possible for them to to, and drug tops that list, always. Then teenage relationship problems also plays its part, as generally at teenage people tend to fall in love, and also have some major heartbreaks, and hence to cope up with life, they take the easy way out... Drugs.

So, its my humble request to all the teens around the world to know that every teenager have to go through tough times, and drug is not the way out, it does nothing but wraps you up more in your trouble, until you choke on it, and if you are an user its not too late to give up, its never too late, there is nothing to be shy about asking for help, or sharing your problems, the rest is up to you.

Now, to the parents, please give your teens enough freedom, let them enjoy, sometimes forgive them for their poor academic performance, it happens all the time, they may act rude, but then you should understand its just the adolescent thing.. so please give them some space, don't always stop them, don't interfere with their private lives, and most of all don't ever over react...

Thank You...

A short stats, it's not so uncommon

As it can be seen from the above graph, teenage drug abuse is not so uncommon, and is a reason of real concern as a countries future depends on them, now what i'm going to write is through my personal experience/

I first started smoking when I was 14, it was completely due to pressure from my parents, then as the situation did not changed i moved on to alcohol, then to marijuana and then to acid, and through out the way I kept pushing myself in debt, destroyed my academic performance, became a pure loner, relationship with anyone became too strained to be continued, then there was a girl, we became good friends and then it happened i found my silver lining a reason to live, a reason get up back on my feet, a reason to get better, I sought help, went to rehab, at last i was drug free, it feels like i was something different, someone new... everyone haves that silver lining you just gotta find it, it's right there... so turn around, look around, it's not too late, and know it people do care, they still love you... so turn around

What you decide today will decide your tomorrow

Listen to what Paul Hokemeyer, PHD, LMFT, gotta say about causes of addiction

Major reasons for substance abuse


Peer pressure

Social media

Family problems

Wrong way of stress management



In the end i will just like to say please don't consider drug using teens as a piece of junk, they are still what they were just little rusted, please help them get over their addiction and get lively, encourage them to perue their dreams, try to give them reason to live and dream again... people got to understand that they are humans too, just a little lost, but humans in the end, with 2 hands, 2 legs, 1 heart, 1 head, living just like us.. so please help them.

© 2014 Subhra Thakur


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    • Subhra Thakur profile image

      Subhra Thakur 2 years ago from DEHRADUN, India

      thanks, it's nice to know that people care... thanks a lot

    • The Rebeldefect profile image

      The Rebeldefect 2 years ago

      If I could, I'd give you a hug. Stay drug free man. :)