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Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Tables

Updated on September 27, 2010

Teeter Hang Ups EP 650

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Try The Teeter For 30 Days!

Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Tables

I know by now you are familiar with the Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Tables because of the As Seen On TV commercials. You know the ones where the guy is hanging upside down on some contraption and claiming his back feels great. Well these commercials have run for some time now and the the first Teeter Hang Ups were introduced in 1981but there is a reason I'm just now getting around to reviewing them. The reason? Because my back hurts!!

Yep, yours truly, the self professed As Seen On TV stuff junky was in some pain and decided to take a chance on the Teeter Hang Ups back inversion table. I usually stick to clowning around with the less pricey items, but the time was right to dive into this one and it was less of a risk than you may think because I have used back inversion tables before.

Back in the late 80's I had a car accident and part of the physical therapy was going to a place called back school. It was there that the physical therapists would teach you about the back and put you through exercise to rebuild the strength you had lost due to your injury. They were into inversion tables at this back school and I spent some time hanging around. (all puns intended). At the time I didn't care to much about the science behind the idea and I just pretty much did whatever the therapists told me to do but I remember that just hanging from the inversion table, doing nothing and then feeling better was my favorite part of the session.

I don't remember if the Teeter Hang Ups commercials were running at the time or even if the Teeter Tables were available for home use but the important thing is that they are available today and anyone who needs one has the opportunity to try them out in their homes.

Presently I'm dealing with some back pain from a fall I took while rock climbing in the mountains and even though my serious injuries are healed, there is a lot of pain and general discomfort in my back. I took quite serious of tumbles and can't seem to shake the stiffness with the normal back stretches you do to try and loosen things up. I was prescribed some physical therapy to deal with this but as may be the case for others, my insurance isn't very interested in paying for it.

So because I enjoyed using the back inversion tables in the past, I thought it would be a perfect time to take advantage of the Teeter Hang Ups In Home Trial. After all, I'm getting pretty good at sending things back before the trial periods end on the items that I don't want so I felt that my financial risk would be minimal.

Before we talk about my experience with the Teeter Hang Ups, let's take a look at the commercial you have probably seen running on late night television just so we can all have a better understanding of what the Teeter Tables actually are.

Teeter Hang Ups As Seen On TV Commercial

Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Table Reviews

So now you've seen the Teeter Hang Ups commercial and we are all on the same page. Do a Teeter Hang Ups Review was actually pretty easy because several versions of the product have been around for a long time. My research shows they have made a lot of upgrades over the years which to me is a great sign. It shows that the product has always been in demand and they company listens to the wants of its customers and keeps trying to make it better and better. If nobody wanted the thing or it didn't work, the company would not keep investing in the product's evolution. Back inversion tables have always been recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists so the Teeter Table is not just quackery.

I decided to do the $14.95 in home trial for 30 days because I'm not shy about returning something if I don't like it and figured that maybe a months use might even cure my pain and I wouldn't need to keep it. That being the case, I did not take advantage of the savings offered if you pay for the Teeter Table in one lump some.

It arrived surprisingly fast and I put it together quickly. It was larger than I thought it would be but put it in front of the TV. No I will say this, if you are an athlete or someone used to a lot of physical activity you will have no problem strapping in and flipping yourself upside down. If you are in some pain or very sedentary, you might be a bit intimidated by the process. My suggestion is to take it slow and trust the fact that this machine will not fall apart and dump you on your head. The idea of hanging upside down might seem weird and unnatural for most people but once you do it, you'll wish your feet were on your head.

As your body begins to decompress and the stress is taken off your joints you will begin to understand just how smooshed up you actually were. If you read the included instructions, watch the DVD or even the commercial a few times you will get a better understanding of what exactly is happening to your body and why inversion therapy can be so helpful. I'm not want to really care about the science or the fact that my discs are lubricating, I just want to feel good and have pain. I like to get out and do things but most of my day is spent chained to the computer with very poor posture. Now that I decompress with my Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Table I am very aware of just how sitting all day while my organs crunch together and put pressure on my bones and joints can change the way I feel and although it probably isn't true I swear I can feel myself imploding while a work. That's how dramatic a session on the Teeter Table can be.

Since these Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Tables have been around so long it is easy to find actual customer reviews online. I've noticed that the teeter hang ups are used by a wide variety of people with a wide variety of conditions but they consensus seems to be that most customers would recommend the product to others and I rarely see such rave reviews for products sold on television. There may be people saying they would prefer a more inexpensive product but nobody is complaining  or saying that Teeter Hang Ups do not work.

Teeter Hang Ups 30 Day In Home Trial Just $14.95

Like I mentioned above, I took advantage of the Teeter Hang Ups 30 Day In Home Trial for $14.95 so I could test it out. I also mentioned before that I had used a back inversion table while doing physical therapy some years ago. Knowing what I know now I have to say I regret doing the Teeter Table in home trial because I should have just bought it out right and saved a little money. But at the time I wasn't sure I would want to keep it even if it made me feel better. As it stands right now, I really like using it and it is something that I use a lot. There are a lot of people who use theirs every single day. I can understand why but I'm not that devoted to living my life with my head below my feet. I would say I flip over about 3 times a week and feel pretty good.

I have not gone rock climbing in a long time but I take pretty grueling 10 mile hikes in the mountains and do a lot of gold panning. Gold panning requires carrying about 85lbs of equipment on my back, hiking about 5 to 7 miles through rocky terrain, shoveling at least five 50 lb buckets of gravel, carrying them to a sluice and pouring them in. Then I stand or sit on a rock in the river and pan out the all that material. Then I gotta pack it all up, put it on my back and hike back. If that doesn't sound back breaking, then I don't know what does. So having a Teeter Hang Ups Back Inversion Table is perfect for me because I cannot tell you how sore I would get if I wasn't using it regularly. With the price of gold the way it is, I don't see myself giving my this hobby for awhile so the investment in my Teeter Table was worth it for me.

If you think you are ready for your own Teeter Hang Ups then I would pay the $285 out right and get your Teeter for the cheapest possible price. If you want to try it out then I would take the advantage of the Teeter Table In Home Trial.  After you pay the initial $14.95, you will pay 3 monthly payments of $95 totaling $299.95.  Not a bad deal after the trial because you have peace of mind.  The trial offer will only cost you $15 more than paying one time price of $285.  Either way is worth the investment for someone who has been suffering.


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