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Television is Mind Control

Updated on December 6, 2011

Emotion Receptors

Our brains are wired so that we can receive and perceive information. This can invoke an emotional response. That is what the television programmers are after. If they just gave you the information you would filter it out. You could decide if you believe something a talk show host, or drama program was saying to you. They wish to bypass this altogether by invoking an emotional response. When this happens, you automatically receive the information and accept it. It bypasses the part of the brain that gives you the decision power.

Another factor is that an emotional response is more powerful than an analytical. When you are in an emotional state, you will be more likely to accept what is being told to you. If you can analyze information and decide on a point by point basis, you can reject much of the message they are giving you. The information going strait to your emotional triggers on the other hand will make you believe it.

The only way to reject this is to turn the TV off. The commercials are written, directed, and edited by some of our best and brightest. People with talent go where the money is, especially in a recession. Where is the money right now? It's in advertising. The main reason for this is that competition has gotten to tough. They want to connect to you very deeply and make you feel like you have a relationship with them. They hire psychologists to help them. They apply mind control and propaganda methods used by Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud. From the experiment with Pavlov's dog to the secretive CIA experiment MK Ultra, they've got your number. They know how to ring the dinner bell in your head.

The entire media in fact is being designed this way. TV, radio, and now that the Internet has become a viable economic harvester, it will be used in this way as well to get you sucked into their confined paradigm. If you are told repeatedly that Democrats and Republicans are giving you options, you will eventually come to believe that they are the only resonable options. My question is "What were the options before Democrats and Republicans existed?"

I'll leave you all with a quote from John Lennon's song Working Class Hero. "They keep you doped on religion and sex and TV."


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    • Portamenteff profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

      I'll be sure and edit that. I looked it up. You would be correct.

    • ChrisIndellicati profile image


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      It's Pavlov not "Maslov" otherwise an excellent hub vote up, interesting, and useful.


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