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Ten Breakfast Tips to Help You Reduce Weight

Updated on April 3, 2013
Breakfast | Source

The first thing what we do in the morning is glancing at the kitchen and ask “What’s for breakfast, coffee or tea?” or perhaps in a rush to work end up without having breakfast. You may be even lucky enough to grab some cheese sandwich, Egg Muffin, pancakes, sausages or sometimes English fry up. But when it comes to weight loss or staying healthy none of these foods would work. Many readers wanted to know how a healthy breakfast should be. Due to stressful environment we either skip breakfast in a hurry to go to work or we are out of healthy food options.

The major problem is people generally tend to skip breakfast thinking that it would be very helpful in reducing weight but it’s ultimately a loss for them as they have to stay empty stomach. The loss is that when you are on the verge to start working your blood sugar gets low due to skipping of morning breakfast. The end result is you need to get your sugar level back to normal and to get it back to normal you would eat unhealthy food like pastry or pasta. On the other hand breakfast does not come in healthy flavors. Below are some of the options which people consider:

  • Food that contains more sugar like pancakes, donuts, pastries, pies, sugar cereals, breakfast bars, muffins. These foods contain low protein and starts of your day with high blood pressure.
  • Too much fatty food like fried eggs, bacon, egg muffins and much more

What does it leaves us with? Formation of high calories resulting in heart disease and obesity. In order to lose 10-15 pounds of weight you need to control your diet which is understandable that it is not a very easy task. Here are some the tips which would not only help you in weight loss but also enhance metabolism which helps in cutting down calories. The more you burn calories the quicker you would lose your weight.

  1. The most vital step to lose weight quickly is to maintain a food diary and note everything which you consume every day. This would require lots of obligation from your side if you want to lose your weight. If you are overweight your health needs to be a main concern and by keeping food diary would help you control on what you eat and drink for weight lose.
  2. Always control sugar intake or try to avoid it. Always look for sugar levels in food you buy.
  3. Breakfast is one of the most important meals which would help your increase the level of metabolism which would burn unnecessary calories every day. With reduction in the amount of calories you would reduce your weight to much extent.
  4. Always choose whole grains as it would not only serve you as a healthy breakfast but also keep your stomach full for half the day. Recent study conducted amongst the people who were asked to consume whole grains and few others were asked to consume wheat bread. The result, people who consumed whole grains were feeling less hungry for more than 8 hours as compared to the people who consumed wheat bread.
  5. You can also eat eggs for breakfast. Studies show that who that people who were planning for weight loss use to consume 2 eggs for breakfast (remember just eat the white part of the egg and not the egg yolk as it contains high calories) were successful in reducing their weight to 70% as compared to the people who ate bagels. Not only this but consuming of eggs also provided them with high energy in their body for the entire day. However few doctors advise not to consume eggs if a person is already having high cholesterol. Always consult your doctor and ask for any alternatives for eggs.
  6. If you are not a regular morning breakfast guy but can eat after couple of hours, it is always better to eat few amount of yogurt along with cereals and some peanut butter.
  7. As a part of healthy breakfast you can also have Swiss muesli.
  8. You can also have sliced melon for breakfast along with a little yogurt and muesli.
  9. If you are a sandwich lover then you can have a ham or turkey as an ingredient along with whole grain bread with tomato as toppings. You can also drink a small glass of milk which contain low fat (cow’s milk is preferred as it contains low fats)
  10. You can also try fruit salad mix with fruits like apple, Sapodilla, banana, papaya and grapes which would not only keep you energetic but also help in weight loss.

These are just ten tips which would help you reduce weight. You can get more information if you conduct a research on Internet or purchase a book on weight loss.


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