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Ten Easy Steps to Get Rid of Stress

Updated on April 22, 2015

Ten Tips to Reduce Stress

Ten Tips to Reduce Stress

Following are the ten easy tips to reduce stress:

1. One of the basis reason for stress is over burdening. So don't be over burdened. Perform your work according to your potentials. Secondly, stress occupy us when we do not succeed in our goals. We want to get our destinations very quickly without making that much hard work. Hence, don't be impatient. It is so easy to make mistakes that raise tensions within us, leaving the mind troubled and distressed. In such situations, remember! it is just natural that a human being makes mistakes. Despite getting worry on these mistakes prepare yourself to make good of these mistakes. Getting worry on mistakes is a blunder and you should learn to face the situations in a quick and sophisticated manner.

2. Above all, learn to relax. This will help reduce nervous tension while bringing the body's activities back to normal. Many people are completely exhaustive because of nervous strain. A quiet rest just before the evening meal and also before lunch may be all that is needed to bring back life and vitality to the whole body. Try cutting down on all those extra activities, for this too will help to reduce tension. Such a program, combined with restful sleep at night and sufficient exercise in the fresh air every day, is excellent.

3. Most of the stress patients are too conscientious, often worrying over situations they have no control. Best technique to cope with such situations is a firm believe in God. Give your best and then pray to God for better results. Don't be despair. Mediation is the best remedy in such like situations.

4. You cannot always have your own way, even at home. Remember, a happy attitude towards life is one good way to prevent stress from coming on in the first place. So, try to face your problems bravely, without fear or weakness. A clam, quite atmosphere will bring peace within yourself, and with others, and with God. Keep it always in mind that mature people never act like pampered children.

5. Get sufficient exercise out of door, especially walking. This will relieve stress. Fresh air is excellent to cure stress. Gentle massage to the neck and back will often bring relief.

6. Laughter, smiles and tears are the best antidotes for stress. These are natural ways of releasing our inner stress and bringing us back to a more normal way of life. Have you ever notice how difficult it is for a depressed person to either laugh or cry? He may make an attempt but it is never genuine, probably because he is so obsessed with his own feelings of frustration.

7. Teach yourself to forget unhappy episodes in your life. Many nervous people have memories like tape recorders. A good memory is a wonderful thing, but there are times when it is more important to forget. This is not always easy, especially if we happen to be the injured party. But if we want to really enjoy good health and stress free life, there may be some things we should forget.

8. Learn to thank God. Each of us is consuming thousands of blessings of God so he should thank God for giving them and don't be distressed if he is deprived of some of the blessings for the time time. Look at the inferior to you. You may find people more intelligent and smart than you but not enjoying your lifestyle. Try to develop a firm faith in the future. In spite of all the chaos in the world, God still has His hands on the helm, not only in the affairs of nations, but also in our own lives. He knows what is best for every one of us. His guidance means far more than all the medicines in the world.

9. One of the most valuable asset in life is a good sense of humor. If we will only learn to laugh and take ourselves less seriously, we can usually overcome our most difficult handicaps. The thorns of disappointment are often accompanied by roses of opportunity and challenge. So let us dwell on the happier side of life.

10. Avoid loneliness. Discuss your matters and problems with your friends and loved ones. Don't bury your worries in your heart as often discussion on a particular topic leads to a solution. Even otherwise, this method reduce your stress. It is also a good method of avoiding loneliness to make friends with the great writers of the past. The reading of good books will help us to forget our disappointments and failures and our thwarted ambitions.


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