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Ten Tips to Prevent or Cure the Common Cold and Flu

Updated on November 18, 2013

It is no fun getting sick. Colds and flu cannot be cured with antibiotics because they are not caused by bacteria. They are caused by viruses which respond well to natural means of healing. I have spent over 30 years studying and using homeopathic remedies and other natural remedies with great success. My 98 year old mom calls me “Dr. Lohrainne” because I always know what remedy she needs. I have tried and used successfully all of the protocols below to heal myself, my husband, my children, and my parents.

Here are some effective natural things to do to prevent cold and/or flu symptoms from getting you down. These tips can also potentially reduce the severity of infections if you happen to get ill. I have found a number of natural solutions over the years to prevent illness or curing it easily if I happen to get a cold or flu. All of them have been extremely helpful. Often, I will use several of these methods at the same time to boost my immune system – basically throwing lots of things at it in the early stages to get rid of it quickly. It works!

Which method has helped you the most?

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1. Sinus Wash

This is my first line of defense when I feel a cold coming on. I use NeilMed Sinus Rinse, a sterile saline solution that cleanses and soothes the sinuses. NeilMed recommends using it every day. However, that is too much for me to do. It has gotten rid of a cold at the very early stages if I do the sinus wash for several days in a row. At the very least, it reduces the mucus and stuffy nose symptoms so that I can sleep better and recover faster. Sinus Rinse helps alleviate: allergies and dryness, post nasal drip and congestion.

2. Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is based on the belief that "like cures like." Practitioners treat symptoms by prescribing infinitesimal amounts of a substance that--in larger amounts--would cause the same symptoms in a healthy person.

There are many homeopathic remedies that help get rid of the cold and flu. Here are three basic ones that I often use. Take them 3 times a day in a 30C potency. As symptoms diminish, take 2 times a day, then 1 time a day. Many health food stores carry them.

Hepar Sulph - When chilliness and clear or yellow phlegm dominate, this remedy helps the body heal diverse congestions including sinus pressure, swollen splinter-like sore throats, dry or rattling coughs, chilly flu and acute ear pain. It is also good for allergies with these symptoms.

Nux Vomica – Increased work stress or fatigue, parties, and stimulants tends to lower vitality, increase susceptibility, and lead to many ailments. Nux Vomica is wonderful at balancing the body from these stresses and preventing or relieving illness. Restless colds or the flu with extreme chilliness, suffocating cough and fatigue respond well to Nux Vomica. If I feel unbalanced or just plain “off” for any reason, Nux usually calms everything and prevents illness. I also use it when traveling just to put myself in balance.

Gelsemium -Sluggishness is the hallmark of this remedy. Heavy fatigue with muscular weakness and achiness marks its use for flu and restless colds.

3. Maharishi Amrit Kalash

This Ayurvedic herbal medicine consists of two separate kinds: Amrit Nectar and Amrit Ambrosia. It provides full-spectrum antioxidant support. It strengthens the immune system far more than Vitamin C. It has extensive scientific research on it. It gives me tremendous energy so I prefer taking it in the morning. I am grateful to have it on days that I need a boost of energy. I take it with me when traveling to reduce the stress of traveling. Amrit Nectar comes in a paste or tablet. The paste has sugar in it which I try to avoid, so I use the tablet form.

4. Echinacea Goldenseal Extract

I take it in liquid form without alcohol. This is wonderful for preventing illness. If you already have a cold, it can reduce the days you have it to 2 days instead of 10 days and/or reduce the symptoms.

5. Grapefruit Seed Extract

This is a natural antibiotic. People have had success treating colds, gut flora and fauna, eczema, and many other maladies. I would recommend also taking a good probiotic with it because it kills everything, including healthy bacteria.

Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Form

6. Bentonite Clay Detox

Bentonite clay is one of the most versatile and inexpensive natural treatments available. It provides a world of health benefits and is heralded for its safe and effective cleansing properties.
Bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash found in different parts of the world and has been used in treating medical conditions since ancient times. It cleans the liver, colon and skin. It balances bacteria in the digestive tract, and it strengths the immune system. It helps the body heal fevers, colds, and flu eliminating the viruses that cause them.

7. Vitamins and Minerals

Zinc – Zinc is great for the immune system. My daughter uses zinc to keep herself from getting a cold, especially in the early stages. It always works for her. I started using it a year ago and it works like a charm if I take it early enough.

Vitamin C – Along with its immune functions that fight against bacteria, viruses, and infection, vitamin C also serves as an effective antihistamine that will lessen the unpleasant effects of the common cold, including inflammation, stuffy nose and aches.

8. Sage Tea

Sage has many health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and has antimicrobial properties. I find it energizing when healthy or sick. It helps in treating fevers, headaches, colds and flu.

9. Sauna Facial Bath

This simple home sauna is fabulous at soothing sinuses, coughs, and headaches. Put herbs such as sage, chamomile, peppermint, and pau d’arco in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Pour boiling water over the herbs. Immediately put your face over the bowl and cover your head and shoulders with a towel. Breathe in deeply for ten minutes. I usually throw in two teabags of each herb. Very refreshing, soothing, and relaxing!

10. Energy Healing

There are many energy healing modalities to help the body heal itself. I use Reiki, Pranic Healing and Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy. Pranic Healing is especially helpful and can be done by a practitioner at a distance. It cleans the body, especially the chakras, of toxic energy and puts clean energy in so that the body can heal itself quickly. Contact me if you would like a session at

You can try one of these home remedies, or several at a time. I usually use several to really attack it and heal quickly.

I used to get sick several times a year. Many years ago I switched to buying all organic food. Now, I rarely get sick. It is a little more expensive, but what is your health worth?

Let me know how these things work for you, what your symptoms were, what you tried and what worked the best.

Wishing you perfect health, great happiness and a long life!


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