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Ten Ways of Creating And Sending Positive Vibes

Updated on February 17, 2016

Ten Ways of Creating and Sending Positive Vibes

During the day, we encounter many things which drain us of energy and make positive vibes go away: the boss is unfair with us, our partner or children have a bad day, we have a quarrel in traffic, noise, bad news or there are challenges which consume our energy. And when our vibes spin on a low frequency, it is very hard to focus on our goals or to be happy.

When you are on a high vibration, you feel more stable, safer, more creative, passionate, confident, connected to life, expressive and intuitive. And this is an excellent method to spend your time in life.

There are many methods through which you can increase your vibration. I will share with you 10 of them, which you can apply for 10 minutes in order to have results. The more familiar they are, you will start finding your own methods. Study them and try to include them into your routine. You will discover that you have more energy and resources to live your life to the fullest.

SING – singing is the fastest and the easiest method to increase your positive vibes, but also for sending positive vibes. It is hard to feel sad and depressed when you sing. Try to sing a song with lyrics. Sing loudly, as if you were in a musical on Broadway. If you are shy, find a private place to do this. It is very fun even to invent words for an older song or you can try karaoke. Try to sing when you are too sad. Sing in the morning, when you get your children ready for school or when you prepare for a new day at work and you will see that your day will improve.

DO EXERCISES – when you move your body, you invite Universal Spirit inside you and move your inner energies, destroying the possible energetic jams from chakras area. Dance! Play a song and then dance. If you don’t like dancing, then do exercises. Take a walk, on foot or with the bike, climb the stairs, lift weights. Put your muscles to work. These exercises will reconnect back with your body and Earth. Remember that you are a spiritual being in a physical body and you have to take care of your body so that it can take care of your spirit. You can try Qigog, Tai Chi or Yoga. All these include meditation and they reconnect the mind, body and spirit.

The exercises clean lymphatic system and produce endorphins which give you pleasant sensations in the body. Movement energizes. When people are sad or depressed, they don’t feel like doing exercises and prefer watching TV or staying in bed all day. If you are on a negative frequency, make yourself to move. Walk a little or dance on a favorite song. You will notice a significant change of your positive vibes.

LAUGH – humor always increases vibrations. There is a reason why it is said that laughter is the best medicine. If you feel miserable, find a reason to laugh. Laugh at yourself and your situation. Learn not to pay too much attention. If you cannot laugh at your own situation, then find reasons to laugh. Watch a comedy or a funny video, read a comic book. Laughter sets free the endorphins. Very rarely you see depressed people laughing. If they could laugh, certainly they could get away of depression.

When you can laugh, even if you are in a difficult situation, this thing will lead you to a point where you can act and you could get away of low vibes.

When was the last time you laughed with tears? It is a wonderful feeling of releasing, which worth to be tried more often.

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MEDITATE – meditation is an excellent method to reconnect the mind and spirit. It is recommended to sit comfortably, play relaxing music, light up some candles. Then focus on breathing. You will notice that your mind is invaded with many different thoughts. It is good to let them in and out. To be aware of our thoughts and then let them go away. We can continue with this state in order to enjoy the present, or we could meditate.

It is recommended to meditate every day for 10 minutes. Some people like to meditate in the morning, immediately after they wake up, in order to have a better energy for the rest of the day. Some people meditate before going to sleep, in order to let go all negative energies accumulated during the day. Meditation can be done at the office, during lunch or anytime during the day.

ENERGETIC CLEANING – There is a light energetic body inside of us. During a day, this energetic body permeates with other people’s experiences and energies. Some of these will energize you, others will drain you out of energy. You can recover your energy, becoming aware of it and making some steps for rebalance the energies.

There are some methods for cleaning your energy fast:

  • Breathe deeply 10 times. Deep breathe reduces tensions in the body and oxygenates the blood. Also, eliminates anger, fear and depression.
  • Take a hot bath. Water has purifying powers, physically and energetic. When you take a bath, it is good to repeat:” I eliminate from my body all negative energies. I am full of love and light from the Universal Source”. Imagine that the water is white light, which surrounds you with love and protection.
  • Say a prayer. Ask your energies to be purified, repeating yourself:” I am surrounded by the white light of love. I ask to be a clean vessel for the energy from the Universal Source, to share love and blessing wherever I go”.
  • Free your chakras – they are light points in your body which connect energetic body to physical body. Each chakra is a part of your life. Meditate in order to purify your chakras, when you imagine that each part becomes clean.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations in the Universe. Being grateful can increase vibration in a few seconds. No matter what happens in your life, you can find something to be grateful for. Even when something bad happens to you, try to find blessing out of this situation.

Write, every morning or evening, 10 things you are grateful for. It can be simple things, you enjoy every day. Here are some examples:

- I am grateful for my health.

- I am grateful to people who challenged me today, because they gave me the chance to evolve spiritually.

- I am grateful because I have the most comfortable robe.

- I am grateful for my children’s health.

- I am grateful because I have enough money to buy ecological products.

When you are aware of all these blessings in your life, you start functioning on other frequencies and to sending positive vibes, bringing more blessings in your life. When you start feeling angry, sad, guilty, fearful, start counting your blessings. You will see that your situation is not as bad as it looks.

KEEP A DIARY – writing down your thoughts helps you process them better. Express yourself, even on paper, can be a therapeutic exercise. It can also show you how were you and how far you are now. You can use the diary in order to record your daily blessings, but also to express your thoughts. This will help you increase your positive vibes, because instead of deposit negative feelings in your body, you can get rid of them, putting them on paper.

At the same time, it helps you in finding solutions and sorts your thoughts in a logical manner. You can use your diary to make your daily tasks lists, to describe your personal experiences accumulated during the day or to take notes of your goals. You can write in the diary letters for those you feel fearful about in reality or you can write some lines for those you are angry on. You can write anything you want in your diary. It is a therapeutic exercise, it is recommended to be kept only for you, in a safe place, to give yourself space to be alone.

HELP OTHER PEOPLE – it is a simple and effective method to increase vibration. When you look for someone, that person is grateful to you. Gratitude is a very high vibration, and when you help someone to reach that state, the same positive energy is also projected on you.

You don’t have to play the hero in helping other people.

You can call your elderly relatives and ask about them. You can buy a coffee for someone who joins you at the restaurant. You can leave tips for a waiter who seems tired, make a compliment to a stranger, donate clothes to poor people, especially children. You can try to do 10 of these actions every day.

It is very easy to do these things when we have a good emotional state, but it is very important to help people when we are sad or depressed. Be a blessing in someone else’s life, only for a moment and you will see how your vibration increases.

FORGIVE – Do you know that when you are angry or upset on someone, your energetic system suffers very much? When you choose to forgive, you choose to be free. This thing can make you feel free and your vibration increases. But it is very easy to talk about then to be done in reality.

First, be aware of your anger feelings, that they harm you, not to the person you offended.

If someone offers you a cactus, how long will you hold it in your hand? Until all the spikes injure you? Just let it go, let it fall and then cure your injuries. If you choose to hold the cactus for longer, you can’t blame anyone for your own pain.

Learn your lesson and move on. When you feel offended, take responsibility and move on. Don’t be rough with you, just realize what have you done in that situation and decide how you will behave in the future.

Seed love for those who harmed you. Empathize. Realize that who harmed you, behaved in that manner in order to fulfill his need of love. Maybe he didn’t want to harm you, but he does not want to admit it. Maybe he suffers so hard that he had to do it. Try to see the situation from his point of view. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and the others. We are all here to learn. You don’t need to carry unbearable pains. Don’t let hatred and anger in your life. Make room for love.

Love is the highest frequency ever. It is good to find ways of love and to be as much as we can on the love frequency.

Sending positive vibes and love to others is good for your energy too. Close your eyes and imagine the person you want to send love. Imagine the energy inside your heart. It can be pink, green, yellow, white. Imagine the flow of love between you two. It is possible that that person to contact you later and tell you that he/she thought about you.

Express your love for others. Can you tell that all the people you love, they know you love them? When was the last time you told them? When did you show them your love? With a hug, hand shake or a smile? Share always these things, so that all the people know you love them.

Remember your connection with the Universal Source. You are never alone. The Universal Source is permanently connected to you and available. Close your eyes and open your heart to receive Universal love. Imagine a ray of light coming from the Universe and get in direct contact with your heart. It will always be there. You don’t have to do something special to win it, it is simply there. Let it wash your fears, guilt, anger, shame, depression. Remember permanently that you are connected with the Universal Source of Love. Connect with this energy every time you feel bad.

Love yourself. Take time during the day for love. Go the massage, hug yourself, smile in the mirror and tell yourself:” I love you. Thanks for being here”. You should offer love to your cells. Make a list with things you enjoy and do them more often. Do not expect other to offer you love. Feed yourself in order to feed others. Take time to balance your energies, to have the ability to share your love with other people.

Try these methods. Share them with friends or colleagues. Create a positive environment at home or at work. Everything begins with you. Think about how many things you can do if you take care of your energetic level. The Power of Attraction really works, you only have to believe in it. Loving others and loving yourself sends positive vibes all around you creating good energies for a positive environment.


“Life itself is magic, and if you don’t believe it, at least try to live it as something magical” – Albert Einstein.


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