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Top ten ways to lose weight naturally.

Updated on October 10, 2013

Lose it the proper way!

I met my friend recently and was surprised to see her put on weight. She was always on the slimmer side when she was young and it was rather odd to see her plump and rotund .After talking with her I knew the reasons for her weight gain ; she lead a sedentary life and would not move a finger to do any work. When your body does not have proper physical activities, the calories you consume will not be burnt and the result is you gather weight.

Everyone wants to be slim, but what you see today is obesity and bulging girth even among youngsters. You want to try out some artificial means of making you slim. You visit gyms, you crash diet, starve yourself and generally make yourself and your body tired and deprived of proper nutrition. There are simple ways to lose weight and the trick is you should keep your regimen regular and consistent.

1. Avoid stress eating

If you are stressed you are prone to stress eating. When you are stressed you immediately feel that you should have something to eat and the result is weight gain. You should divert your mind to other positive things when you feel stressed and you will not feel like stuffing yourself.

2. Do your work

Some people do not like doing any work at home and you should not be one among them. Cleaning the house, washing dishes and gardening can make you lose weight. Do not use lifts and walk up the stairs. Avoid using cars for nearby shopping and go by walking and you will definitely lose weight if you do so.

3. No crash diets

Sometimes you indulge in crash diet in hope of losing weight and the result is your body is deprived of essential nutrients. Though you are on diet your mind is set on your favorite food and one day you are unable to resist the temptation and you gorge yourself and completely lose control over your diet. You should diet intelligently and not on impulse. When you diet intelligently you do need not forgo everything, but have it in minimum so that you do not have the craving.

4.Eat healthy

Eating healthily can reduce your weight in an effective way. Do not eat snacks when you are hungry in between your meals. Have fruits, fresh juices, and coconut water and butter milk. Butter milk is an excellent thirst quencher.

5. Lots of water

Drink lots of water. It keeps your body hydrated and gives you a feeling of fullness. When you are having food, drink water in between and you will feel you cannot eat anymore halfway through your meals.

6. Say no to junk foods.

Avoid bakery items, artificial drinks and junk food. Junk food has become the craze of today’s youngsters and they little know that they make them gain weight and lose vitality.

7. Regular exercises

You should do regular exercises. Weight around the midriff region can make you appear plump. Slim hands, flat stomach, toned legs make you look slim and so you should concentrate on those parts of your body. Do exercises that are specific for flat stomach and slim limbs.

8. Hot water does the magic

An amazingly simple way to lose weight is to drink hot water. You should avoid having iced water and have hot water. Have at least eight glasses of hot water on one single day. Whenever you cannot avoid sugary items, drink a glass of warm water after eating it. You will find it odd initially, but you will get used to it.

9.Do not eat out.

You should avoid eating out, as the oil and fat content is very high in the food prepared in restaurants.

10. Early morning drink

When you get up in the morning have a glass of lime juice in warm water and with a spoon of honey added to it. It helps in reducing weight.

There are another three very important things you should have to help you lose weight. Have a weighing scale at home to monitor your weight regularly. Have a full view mirror which will give a clear picture of how you look so that you can concentrate on the areas where you are plump. The other most essential thing is your mindset to become slim in a healthy way and a perfect regimen to maintain your slimness.


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    • Ebonny profile image

      Ebonny 5 years ago from UK

      Sensible sound advice. I am hoping that upping my fluids will help me maintain a healthy weight. Thanks for sharing.