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Ten sure ways to simplify life

Updated on June 23, 2014

The ability of simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak’ – Hans Hoffman

You feel that your life is complicated and complex when you face problems after problems. You yearn for some peace and calm in your life, but just do not know the ways to find it. When you do some self assessment about yourself you will see that your mind is cluttered with lot of unneeded thoughts that make you unhappy.

When you weed out these negative thoughts from your mind you can see life in its right perspective. Are you wondering why your thoughts are that important?

It is your thoughts which decide how you are going to act and lead your life. A negative person acts negatively as his mind is filled with negative thoughts and a positive person acts positively as his thoughts are positive.

Shall we look at the ways to simplify your life!

1. Haste makes waste

Are you always in haste and do things in a hurried way? This habit can make you miss the good things in life. Haste makes you impatient with your spouse, your children and with everyone you interact with.

When you are hasty in taking decisions, you are bound to make mistakes as you are intolerant to pay heed to other people’s opinion. Your mind seethes in anger and frustration when people do not tow your line. Do you know that your patience can have things done more easily than your impatience?

2. Having grudge

Having grudge against others is one way of complicating your life. Why do you have grudge against others? Very simple! You feel you have been wronged by someone and when you think of them your blood boils with anger. It is surprising that you feel grudge and make your life miserable while the person who was the reason for your bitterness leads a happy life. Throw away the person and the grudge you have from your mind and lead a normal life.

3. Anger

Anger destroys your happiness and the happiness of the people around you.

Why are you angry? When your expectations are not met you feel frustrated and angry. Do not have any expectations about others as you will be disappointed. You are angry when your children do not listen to you, you are angry when you are held up in a traffic jam and the list for your anger lengthens infinitely. Do not feel angry over which you have no control and forgo your frustration and depression to see the good side of your life.

4. Jealous of others

When you envy others, you are demeaning yourself as you feel you are not up to the mark. Everyone has his share of goodness and so you need not envy others. Jealousy can complicate your life as it makes you feel a lesser person.

5. Procrastination

When you delay doing things, you are in fact delaying your success. When you delay in talking out your problems with your spouse, you are widening the rift between you; procrastination of your work can make you burdened with a backlog of it. When you delay apologizing to your friend regarding your angry outburst you lose good friendship. Never procrastinate!

6. Laziness

Laziness is a major reason for your delayed success. When you are lazy you postpone your work and someone snatches your opportunity which could have been yours if you were active. When your mindset is not tuned to your success you feel lethargic to work and become reconciled to your mediocrity.

7. Comparing yourself with others

When you compare yourself with others you feel inadequate. You lose sight of the good things you have and feel you are unlucky not to possess what others have. When you stop comparing yourself with others, you can appreciate the good things you are gifted with.

8. Trying to keep pace with others

The world has become a rat race and everyone wants to outwit others. This is the reason for the stress and tension you feel. If your friend buys a car, you too must have it. If your neighbor has bought something new, you want it.

Why this competition? Are you leading your life for others? Your life is your own and your needs are yours and you have to fulfill it in accordance with your financial status and capacity. What your friend gets is for his happiness and nothing to do with your competitive eagerness to keep even with him.

9. Money is everything

If you feel money is everything in life, you are sadly mistaken. Money gives you great buying capacity and gives you incredible status symbol. Happiness in life is entirely your mindset and does not depend on your affluence. When you are mad after money you become mercenary and do not understand the other good things in your life.

10. No time for family

You might be highly successful, but when you do not have good relationship with your family you do not enjoy true happiness in life. You are earning for the betterment of your family don't you? Then why do you want to be mechanical in having good rapport with your family? Excellent interaction with your family gives you emotional security which no professional success can give.

As you see it is you who complicate life by letting in unwanted emotions to rule your mind. When you De-clutter your mind of all the unneeded qualities that give you unhappiness, you can live your life to the full. Simplifying life is the trick to immense happiness.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’- Leonardo da Vinci

Everything about life is so simple, yet you complicate it. When you shove aside the negative qualities that threaten to make your life hell and welcome positive qualities within you, you find your life a lot simpler and enjoyable too.

© 2012 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      When we can simplify life it becomes easy to lead our life, otherwise it will always be a struggle to keep our head above the sea of complications we create. Thank you Angela Blair

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      What a timely Hub -- seems this day and age encourages us to direct our lives to wrong ideas and habits. Simplicity in life, I believe (and as you state) is the answer to peace, harmony and contentment -- thanks for the reminder. Wonderful Hub! Best/Sis

    • profile image

      mathira 5 years ago

      Thank you soconfident.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 5 years ago

      Very useful thanks