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Terrifying Phophia Uncovered about Falling on Certain Animals

Updated on June 2, 2017
Diana Majors profile image

I'm Diana, happily married, and blessed by God on a daily basis. I live with chronic illness, but I don't let that get me down!

Present Phobias

While visiting with my dad last night, I discovered a new phobia I have: to fall on a roach or a snake! Not really, but we both got a good laugh from it.

Many people have phobias about one thing or another, or so I thought. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, only 4-5% of people have a phobia within a year. I was very surprised by such a low number; I thought nearly everyone had a phobia of some sort.

So 95% of people don't have any phobias at all, and here I am with three: roaches and snakes and howling coyotes. Oh my! Not necessarily in that order, I'm dance-in-place scared of them.

I've always been terrified by roaches. When I googled roaches as research for this article, I was completely freaked out by all the images! Oh man, I hate roaches!

I'm just as afraid of snakes. I'm not even going to attempt to research snakes in my area. Nope, not going to happen. I don't like seeing them in the wood and don't enjoy visiting the reptile building at the zoo. I can't watch them on the television and even the google images make it into a race to see how fast I can click on any other open page of my browser.

Thankfully, I haven't seen any snakes on our property in the last year and a half, and I find that a huge relief. I don't know how I've lucked out with that since we live next to two creeks and much of our property is a swamp. I know they're out there waiting to chase me down and get me; I just have managed to avoid them so far.

I have no idea whatsoever what is so scary about a coyote. I've seen a few in the forest, and I wasn't afraid. But when I hear them howling at night, whether just one or a whole pack, I want to run inside and lock the door, deadbolt included! I'm fully aware that coyotes don't have opposable thumbs to turn the doorknob, but that's not the point. Howling coyotes scare me to death! That may sound batty, but I promise it's all true!

Am I Afraid of Falling?

Recently at a doctor's appointment, I was being interviewed by the nurse before seeing the doctor. She asked about my medications, if I smoke, and if I consume alcohol. Then came the question, "Are you afraid of falling?" I couldn't help myself. I just looked at her, trying to figure out what kind of question that was, and what my answer may be.

I thought about it. Am I afraid of falling? Well, I certainly don't find it an enjoyable hobby. It isn't something I'd recommend penciling in on my social calendar. When I asked her what she meant, she only repeated the question. Hmm, that didn't help any.

I ended up telling her that I don't have a phobia of falling (Basiphobia, according to, but it isn't anything I look forward to. She chuckled, but what was I supposed to answer? That was the truth. Or it was the whole truth until I talked about it with my dad.

New Phobia

Oh great! I've discovered another phobia, one I'm not sure will be found on that website in the long list of phobias. I was telling Dad about the nurse's question, and we were laughing about how I could have phrased my answer.

That's when it occurred to me, that I have a new phobia. What if I really am afraid of falling? If I were to fall while backing away from a snake, I'd be afraid of that fall. If I were to trip over something (like my own feet) while trying to climb onto furniture to escape a roach, I'd be terrified!

Look Out!

So the next time I am feeling unwell, I'll try to be extra careful. Not just to avoid having to tell the doctor about a recent fall or explaining where the fresh bruise on my hip came from (It doesn't help that I'm clumsy and accident-prone anyway). I'll have to look down the next time I'm falling.

When will I be afraid of falling? What in the world is the new phobia I've discovered? What if I fall on a roach? What if I fall on a snake? I don't really have a phobia of this, but the likelihood of it actually happening is slim to nil.

What if I were to fall on both simultaneously? Ack! Therein lies my new fear! Legs don't fail me now!

Do you have a phobia of any kind?

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What Are Your Phobias?

I'd love to hear about phobias you may have! Leave a comment!

© 2017 Diana Majors


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    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 7 months ago from Arkansas

      GalaxyRat, I also have claustrophobia. Thanks for sharing!

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 7 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      I have claustrophobia... and I hate mirrors.

    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 8 months ago from Arkansas

      Wendy, that's a remarkable story! Love it!

    • Wendy Ledbetter profile image

      Wendy Ledbetter 8 months ago from Gurdon, Arkansas

      But it's true! You can develop new fears when old fears morph into slim-but-(maybe)-possible eventualities. Really! What if a coyote was running from a snake and began to howl in the hope of scaring away the roaches, and that all happened on your porch?

      Seriously though, good job. Loved it.

    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 8 months ago from Arkansas

      Dianne, I dislike heights and enclosed spaces too! I don't count them as my phobias, but I certainly don't consider them enjoyable! Thank you for your thoughts!

    • profile image

      Dianne Moore 8 months ago

      Heights, MRI 's , Enclosed places. All of these give me nightmares. Avoid all three at all times.

    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 8 months ago from Arkansas

      @Georgia- I had to look it up! The website I referenced had a list of 100 different phobias!

    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 8 months ago from Arkansas

      @Rita-. I hear you about being afraid of snakes! Yikes!

    • profile image

      Georgia Estes 8 months ago

      Now I have learned a new word!

    • profile image

      Rita 8 months ago

      My phobia is snakes....YIKES! The best snake I know is a DEAD snake. Ever now and then I encounter chicken snakes since I do have chickens. Last time my husband tried to kill one...well here I was jumping around in the chicken house holding a flashlight while he had a dull hoe. That snake kept trying to get away from him....coming at me so I thought.