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Testosterone Cream For Women

Updated on July 25, 2009

Two kinds of testosterone products for women are available, testosterone cream and testosterone patches.

This hub deals with the former - testosterone creams for women. The idea behind testosterone for women is that women also have testosterone like men do.

Testosterone is the sex hormone that is present in both women and men. It's responsible for controlling sexual urges, desires and libido.

Although the levels of testosterone in woman are much lower, this doesn't imply that they are not important. The testosterone in woman is balanced against other kinds of hormones, like progesterone and estrogen.

Loss of Sexual Desire?

In fact, loss of sexual desire is common to women with a low testosterone level. Any imbalance in the level of hormones can cause health problems and a lost of quality of life. The same applies to men.

A low level of testosterone in women leads to thin or dry skin, inflammation of pubic regions and a certain gain in body weight. Although most people never thought that many health problems in woman are caused by a lack of testosterone.

Even medical professionals are not aware of the importance and the frequency of an imbalance of testosterone in women. Thus many women go on untested and untreated.

On the other hand, a high dose of testosterone in women will cause hair loss, acne and make the woman look masculine. Due to these problems, a lack of testosterone have to be carefully treated by a doctor with experience in hormone replacement therapy.

Will Testosterone Cream Restore My Libido?

Generally women who have very low testosterone levels have very little sexual desire. While some doctors are reluctant to recommend testosterone cream, it can be effective in restoring women's libido.

Testosterone cream for women are usually applied directly on the skin to build up the level of testosterone in her body. It's one of the most effective libido-enhancing treatment during menopause.

Menopausal women often comply a lack of sexual desire and decreased energy level. Most doctors regards these symptoms as a part of menopause. However, recent findings have discovered the importance of the balance in all hormones – estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.

The advantage of a cream compared with a patch is that the effects of lack of testosterone are sometimes local – like dry genital skin.

Therefore, patients don't have to absorb testosterone into their bodies, just apply the cream onto the affected part of their bodies. For instance, applying testosterone cream on the vagina is effective in restoring their libido and desire for sex.

Considering testosterone a male hormone is the mainstream antiquated view of the medical profession. Testosterone cream for women have been thoroughly tested and approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. A doctor will test the level of hormones through blood testing and watch out for any kind of imbalance.


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    • Goury Firoz Khan profile image

      Goury Firoz Khan 

      4 years ago from Pali, Rajasthan

      Testosterone is a critical hormone that plays an essential role in the health and well-being of our bodies. For males, proper testosterone levels ensure a strong libido, sexual function, energy level, and happy mood. For fitness and exercise, testosterone works to ensure strong muscle mass and body shape.

      visit also to know more :

    • profile image

      Lance Chambers 

      7 years ago

      One of the major issues with women, especially of menopausal age, is tha their testosterone levels start to fall dramaqtically. The result of which is a loss of interest in sex and a general disappearance of libido.

      For many owmen this can be very frustrating (their partners often aren't too happy either.

      The good thing is that it IS possible to get all of you old life back by applying a bioidentical testosterone cream especially formulated for women.

      Lawley Pharmaceuticals offer such a cream which can be purchased online and delivered to your door via tracked postage.


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