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Tetanus shot pain: How much should it hurt?

Updated on June 26, 2009

Sometimes the arm pain can last for days or even weeks. Many people are lucky enough to not have it last that long, but it's common that others have problems as well. Tetanus shot pain can be anything from a small prick to weeks of discomfort, numbness. There are some unfortunately people out there who have worse conditions which you can read more about online.

If you're in severe discomfort, there's hope! It can be reduced by typical pain relievers. Why does the tetanus shot hurt so much? Doctors are still debating how it causes pain to this day. Many of them are also crackpots who believe it's not necessary, even though hundreds of thousands of people die because they haven't had an immunization shot for this disease every year.

If you experience problems for a long period of time, please see your doctor! Tetanus shot pain is nothing to be afraid of, but if it persists there might be something else wrong. Never rely on just the internet for your medical information.

How was yours?

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