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The Human Body

Updated on May 8, 2011

The Human Body

The human body maybe compared to be an intricate piece of machinery superbly designed with a combination of numerous specialized parts linked to a top of the line portable computer housed securely in a small case called the skull. A creative marvel this human body of ours is and if properly taken care of it can run efficiently for many years without breaking down.

It should not come as a surprise when at times our bodies refuse to function efficiently because of neglect. We get so busy doing all types of projects that we do not spend enough time to look after our bodies as we should and. Pretty soon many of the human body organs and limbs start slowing and at times refuse to work prematurely.

When we buy our mechanical gadgets we ensure that they are serviced regularly. Take

Into consideration if we but a new car, we slavishly return to the service department for oil change, and overall servicing just to have it running and in tip top shape at all times.

Why then do we pay so little attention to our bodies, the simple answer because the human body has the capacity to repair and heal itself. Sometimes it takes only a few hours of rest for it to rejuvenate, a process which is by far superior to that of any computer built in restore feature.

With all these outstanding built in features sometimes the body still needs help to clean up its "system files". At times we foolishly download in it so many harmful things by way of thoughts , drugs and unhealthy food knowingly and unknowing that soon it starts spitting out" garbage "in the form of illness including aches and pains, as the saying associated with computers goes "garbage in garbage out."

Since there are similarities between the human body and the computer then if a computer ‘s hard drive needs cleaning periodically and sometimes reprogrammed for it to maintain its speed and functionality ,then the same is required for the human body. To be functional in today fast tract and technical world, individuals sometimes do need to clean the body of toxins and reprogrammed the minds in order to get ahead.

Too often many of us hold on to archaic ideas ,things , methods and thoughts which only serve to block us from acquiring new experiencing and scaling new horizons. It may be well advised that it is time for each of us to analyze ourselves to see if we do need a complete body cleansing.

There are numerous ways of getting the body stay in shape physical or mental .Consider getting liver and kidney cleanse. A colon cleanse is also benificial. Meditation ,reading of inspiration literature heps to keep the mind fit. Exercise and fresh air, along with having meals that reduces the load of toxins in the body provides maximum benifit to a healthy body. Last but not least is keeping abreast of what is happen in the world around us will keep the mind sharp.

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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