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The 10 Best Reasons To Start Eating Healthy NOW

Updated on July 29, 2014

Stop Eating Your Pajamas

For years I was going to the grocery store, selecting food for myself and my family and trying to pick foods that I thought were healthy. If you're like I was, you do the same thing. But, little did I know that the food I was eating wasn't really food at all. It was filled with flame retardants, chemicals varying from pesticides to GMO's. I was eating cancer in boxes and cancer in bottles. I was just going along with what tastes great and not really putting enough research and thought into what exactly is going in and then NOT coming out. I was sick with gallstones and other health concerns, not feeling well, and headaches all the time.

Then I decided to look into what I was consuming on a daily basis and what I found shocked me! My food isn't food at all. They have no nutritional benefit at all. It's a dead food. I started juicing fruits and vegetables and changing what I ate to live foods. Foods with micro nutrients and naturally enzyme rich. The results are nothing short of amazing. We all know that obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United State alone and while a lot of people may be consuming too much food, the problem lies in quality, not quantity. You see our food that we are consuming daily isn't food at all. It's like eating our pajamas and expecting to feel great!

Only You Can Choose to Change

With all the crap in the food in this day and age and all the sickness occurring, it's time to start changing what we put in our mouths and take responsibility for our health. It's time to recognize that everyone has a choice how they live and how they feel. Sure, we can keep going on the path and we can keep making excuses as to why we are sick and feel like crap. Or we can choose to take control. It is a choice. You have the power to change. I'm not by any means saying that all someone has to do is eat fruit and vegetables and be saved. I'm not saying sugar is bad, or that cake and soda are bad. I'm saying that they have a place once in awhile in moderation, but more people are consuming these items 3 times a day and not occasionally. It's wearing down the bodies ability to heal itself and rejuvenate.

The 10 Best Reasons To Start Eating Healthy NOW

1. 100% more energy mentally and physically by consuming micro nutrient rich foods.

2. Feel GREAT!

3. Better focus and clearer thinking thought processes. The mind will be more clear.

4. Your body will get the nutrients it needs so you would be able to expect to live longer.

5. 100 % better quality of life. No more headaches or muscle aches. A virtual pain free existence,

6. No more guilt. You will be on your way to freeing self defeating thoughts from

your mind, because you are doing everything to better yourself.

7. You will become a better human being. It's scientifically proven that people who

get the nutrients they need are better able to handle their bodies response to stress.

Self control and patience with others improves.

8. You are in control of YOU! By focusing on eating better you will be able to get

more balance and control in other areas of your life as well.

9. You will be a better role model for those around you and an example to others

that they can make different choices too.

10. You will be more positive in word and thought and that positivity will radiate outward

to others and you will want to help others do the same with their lives. You will feel great about yourself.


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