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The 100 Happy Days Challenge - Part 3

Updated on June 11, 2014

Halfway there

I am now halfway through the 100 Happy Days challenge. About a quarter of the way through I was feeling a strain, akin to beginning a new exercise regimen. During the second quarter, I was legitimately challenged by several stressful, unpleasant life events and situations piling on me at once. Of course, in the face of these troubles, I discovered the true benefits of this challenge. I find I am better equipped to deal with these stressful events, and they do not leave me so helpless.

Furthermore, though I am still quite capable of being annoyed, I can no longer afford to dwell on annoyance. Because every day I am required to find one thing that makes me feel happy, annoyance must necessarily be put aside to make room for happiness when it arises. I am slowly being trained to recognize everything I feel as being temporary, including joy. This may not sound like a positive thing, but it really is. Not expecting joy to last forever takes the pressure off when I need to feel aggravated or sad. And one the other side of things, annoyance and sorrow do not feel so crushing or permanent. I have hit my stride with this challenge, and it feels very freeing.

Day Fifty-One
Day Fifty-One

Day 51: Singing in the Car

Singing in the car with no one around, not caring how I sounded or how out-of-shape my voice is. Just singing until I got sore.

Day 52: Church

I walked to church this morning because it was a lovely day, and I was off work.

Day 53: Animaniacs

Watched old episodes of Animaniacs after work.

Day 54: Starbucks

Bought a frappuchino from starbucks for a treat this morning. I rarely have coffee anyway, and I dearly wished for something sweet for breakfast.

Day 55: The Kind Stranger

I had to park on the street when I got to work because the parking lot was full. There was a decent stretch of curb space, probably about two car-lengths. I pulled up to the edge and started backing up towards the car parked behind me. A gentleman who happened to be walking by stopped to help by gesturing for me to keep backing up and holding up a hand when I was ideally positioned. Thank you, mystery parking helper!

Day 56: Another Kind Stranger

I ate lunch at a fast food restaurant today. As I was finishing, a stranger at the next table was just getting up as well, and he offered to take my tray for me.

Day 57: Kickstarted!

I learned that my best friend's kickstarter project was funded.

Day 58: A Family Gathering

A gathering to celebrate my uncle's recent marriage meant seeing many extended family members I haven't seen in awhile.

Day 59: A funny movie

I found "The Hairy Bird" on Amazon. Having only seen the film in bits and pieces once, I was excited to watch it all the way through. It is quite funny.

Day 60: Afternoon Nap

Took a nap this afternoon, accompanied by my furry feline shadow, Kerry.

Day 61: Job Interview

I set up a job interview for this week.

Day 62: A Funny Sign

This sign outside the coffee shop next door to work.

Day Sixty-Two
Day Sixty-Two

Day 63: Goal!

I met my sales' goal for the month at work.

Day 64: A Night Out

Several months ago, a couple friends and I won second place in a Doctor Who trivia contest held at a bar. The prize was a $100 gift certificate to said bar. Tonight, we were finally all free on the same night, and we went to use our winnings.

Day 65: Orphan Black

A new episode of Orphan Black to finish off a long Saturday.

Day 66: Jojo's Fashion Show

I spent the day playing Jojo's Fashion Show, one of my favorite games to relax with.

Day 67: Eyesight

Went to the eye doctor for a new contact lens prescription. Turns out my eyes have gotten stronger in the past year.

Day Sixty-Eight
Day Sixty-Eight

Day 68: Calvin and Hobbes

Spent the evening reading Calvin and Hobbes books.

Day 69: Hired!

I interviewed at a place that seems like a good fit, and they want to hire me!

Day 70: Massage Magazine

A new issue of Massage Magazine.

Day 71: This is the Day

At work, I called a patient to confirm their appointment, and heard a sweet and amusing message on their voicemail: "This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad. You have reached ***-***-****. Peace and blessings!"

Day 72: Text

A text conversation with a friend to brighten my morning.

Day 73: Memory Box

Going through my memory box with my mother.

Day 74: Paid in Full

It always makes me happy when patients' accounts are paid in full, especially when they've been paying it off a little bit at a time for awhile. I feel so pleased for them.

Day 75: Mug

I used InkGarden to put a picture my friend drew on a mug.


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