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The 4th Glasgow Reiki Gathering 7th October 2012 (Sei Heki)

Updated on October 17, 2012


I had the best job of opening the doors and welcoming all the beautiful people into the hall today at the 4th Reiki Gathering. Each person, Reiki practitioners, and some who had only heard of Reiki, smiling on their arrival. With each person who stepped over the threshold, came more and more energy into the hall. Thereafter Jan and Aileen did all the work of receiving tickets and checking people in. Everyone was met at the door with a gift from Suga Lass. The reiki prayer on a beautiful Reiki Card blessed with energy.

Amazing grace throughout the day.



LORNA MCLEAN & RACHAEL (her daughter)

Once again we gather. Reiki participants from around Scotland and the surrounding areas. The 4th Glasgow Reiki Gathering held in the beautiful St Andrews on the Square.

Our organiser Lorna McLean welcomed us all to the 4th Glasgow Reiki Gathering. Our day was focussing on the Mental and Emotional symbol, Sei Heki. Unfortunately Lorna gave up her spot to talk about Reiki and animals. I have added a picture of Lorna working with horses giving them Reiki of course. Hopefully next time Lorna.

Lorna's daughter Rachael was missed this year as she is shining her precious young light on a project in Africa called The Tikondwe Youth Project in Domasi, Malawe, Africa. You might want to have a look at the good work Rachael is doing there. Any profits left over from the Reiki Gathering were being put towards this charity, with a small donation going to concessions for 1st degree Reiki from Lorna. Any monies left over to be donated to the "The council for Grandmothers Scotland fund". Lorna had a small table for Rachael where many of the participants were able to give a donation to the charity.

Check out Lorna's new website it's fantastic.


Patricia Iris Kerins - Water ceremony

Patricia began the Gathering with a lovely invocation of Hatsu Rei Ho and then took us through a water blessing. We all got to bless and charge up our bottles of water given out in the morning.

Later at the end of the Gathering Patricia led us into a dance of Mawashi Spiral and sending out of the light.

You can attend workshops on Viva and rebirthing on October 14th and 27th in Paisley. Teleseminars also available on MP3

Zaria Cullen Sei Heki Meditation

Zaria passed the audience a huge quartz crystal and some pictures of dolphins to boost the energy while she gave us a very powerful meditation and visualisation using all the different energies. Very moving experience for a lot of people there.

Zaria runs a holistic healing therapy practice in Beatoock 50 miles from Glasgow.

Zarias details ~

The gathering raise their voices with Peter

Peter Govan

Peter singing a beautiful song of Reiki tones.

Everyone joining in with harmony.

Selling his beautiful CD's

Some sweet pictures


Fiona McLaren

Fiona is a gifted and intuitive Sacred Sound Therapist as well as a Reiki master. Today we received a Gong Bath........magic.... everyone was zoned out

Fiona runs wonderful sound workshops using shaker,chimes, bells, didgeridoo, Native American style flute, various drum and so much more. Including voice.

Fiona performs the "Gong Bath" while everyone relaxes into the tones of the gong



Sabrina did a talk about Reiki in our every day Lives

She is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher!/saballison

Tel; 07903030781

Gisela Stewart

Gisela practices Jikiden Reiki in Edinburgh and the Borders. Gisela was talking about jikiden Reiki which had not undergone any form of westernisation.

Tel: 01896870781

Irene mcCabe Master practitioner of Reiki and Director of Napiers Herbs in the West End
Irene mcCabe Master practitioner of Reiki and Director of Napiers Herbs in the West End | Source
Joan runs Opal Moon at 136 Queen margaret drive G208NY.   014`5760113
Joan runs Opal Moon at 136 Queen margaret drive G208NY. 014`5760113 | Source

Kumanga Andrahennadi

Director of the Nilupi Foundation in Dundee was presenting Dr Masaru Emoto's work "water" and how we can change the vibration with thoughts or words.

Art work, singing bowls, and drums
Art work, singing bowls, and drums | Source
Annemarie talking about her experience with MS and working in the hospice.
Annemarie talking about her experience with MS and working in the hospice. | Source

AnneMarie Gallagher

Master practitioner of Usui Reiki. Annemarie spoke about the hospice work she is involved with.



Liz has studied over the past 22 years a wide range of meditative disciplines including Dream yog, Dzogchen and Tama-do. She is trained in Craniosacral therapy. Voice and breath work, 5 rhythms dance, therapeutic ayruvedic and aromatherapy massage and life skills couselling. Liz is an intuitive healer, reiki master and teaches introductory to Craniosacral therapy and therapeutic touch. She pours a sweat lodge here in Scotland for community and private groups and leads workshops in prayer-song, drumming and journeying.(Liz is playing the drum in the video of the dance)

You can contact Liz at the g mail address below.

Telephone : 07790227447

Dorothy Davidson

Dorothy's table was covered with her Reiki Jewellery, unique art work in jewellery, extiles and mixed media created with reiki love in each piece by Reiki Master paractitioner Dot Davidson.

Ross Anderson

Ross shared his very emotional life experience with us. He told his story, and gave his experience of what Reiki had done to improve his life and lift him up from despair.

Ross is an Usui and KarunaReiki Master Teacher and is available for inspiration talks.

Reiki Blessing from Reiki Masters at the Gathering


A beautiful Reiki Blessing was given to every participant at the Gathering. Reiki Masters give this blessing to boost energy and give love to the person receiving it. The intent is always love.

Patricia leads the dance

Everyone gets together for the end


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    • profile image

      Fiona McLaren 5 years ago

      Thank you for capturing the memory of the day in this blog. Lots of love Fiona x

    • profile image

      simply jikiden re 5 years ago

      Thank you very much Jane for this blog and the lovely photo memories of the day. I loved the inclusive feel of the day and I'm sure that's largely thanks to Lorna's very generous nature. Thanks again for the invitation to speak about Jikiden Reiki! love, gisela

    • profile image

      Sally Teixeira 5 years ago

      Thank you Jane for putting this lovely blog together :-) It was a very special day indeed! xx

    • Jane Forrest profile image

      Janie Walker 5 years ago from Glasgow Scotland UK

      Thank you Monique. Lorna was very touched by your comments and was happy that you had got something from the hub. P~S Just by watching, means you would have been getting some of the beautiful energy anyway - all the way from Glasgow Scotland.

    • Monique Graham profile image

      Monique Graham 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Hello, what a very nice article!

      Looking at all of the pictures it seems like this was an event full of great information that shouldn't be missed. I’d love to attend an event like this. I believe it would be very interesting and fun as well.