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The 5 Essential Vitamins to Take Daily

Updated on April 28, 2020
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All the information I share comes from my life experiences-things I've learnt on how to live a healthier life that has worked for me.

What vitamins should I take? Is it good to take supplements? Shouldn’t a multivitamin a day be enough?

Ever find yourself confused with all these questions?

Let’s try and shine some light on the subject, not that I’m an expert but over the years with my own health issues and after reading and listening to several nutritionists, here’s my take on it.

A multivitamin basically contains various vitamins that your body requires, and it helps ensure you are getting your proper doze of vitamins you may not be getting through your daily diet.

Vitamins on the other hand, are specific nutrients that you get through a single capsule/tablet where the dosage of that supplement will be higher than in a multivitamin.

Though I’m not against multivitamins, I personally recommend taking certain supplements.

Everyone’s body is different and so is our diet, hence the requirements may be different. There was I time I used to feel lethargic all the time with low energy levels with aches and pains on most days. I went and got a blood test and was told that I had a deficiency for certain vitamins where the levels were low. I started realizing the importance of supplements since I knew I wasn’t going to get it from the food regime I was doing.

Think of it this way, if you drive your car there are many liquids it has right from oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid all essential for the cars engine to run. If any of them are running low, you start facing problems with your car engine where it won’t run as smoothly as it should. It’s the same logic with our bodies, we need to top of the ones lacking, for us not to have any health issues and feel fine.

Instead of waiting till a blood test to realize you may have a deficiency, here are 5 vitamins you can take daily without having to worry about any side effects. In my view these can be quite beneficial.

  1. Vitamin C – probably the most vital of all, mainly an immunity booster (Also found in fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemon, kiwi, papaya, strawberries or vegetables such as brussel sprouts, sweet potato or capsicum)
  2. Vitamin D – essential to absorb calcium and to promote bone growth (Also found in fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel or cheese, mushrooms, egg yolks and soy milk)
  3. B complex – has a huge impact on your energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism while also preventing infections. It is also considered a major immunity booster (Also found in seafood, kale, spinach, cheese, eggs and seeds)
  4. Omega 3 – is one of the good type of fats that mainly help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, depression and many other health conditions. (Also found in fish oil, seafood, walnuts, kidney beans and edamame)
  5. Magnesium – plays a vital role in your energy levels whether it may be keeping good bone health, keep away migraines, anxiety or even keeping your blood sugar levels normal. (Also found in leafy greens, seafood, nuts and seeds)

It isn’t always possible to eat healthy and get the right amount of nutrients we require daily which is where supplements come in. Our body requires everything in moderation. Each of us have food that we like and don’t like hence sometimes avoid it. For instance, I don’t eat Brussel sprouts and most leafy vegetables and hence stems the problems of deficiencies that arise. Ideally it would be great if you could choose to live a healthy lifestyle, but I think in this day and age we don’t really consume all the right food in the right quantities we require.

I have seen a major difference in my day to day life within just a month of taking these supplements. I feel more energetic with less pains and aches and overall feel so much better. When taking supplements, remember that it is important to take the right quantities at the right time of the day to get its full benefits.

Please refer to my upcoming articles to get more information on different supplements, their benefits and much more.

Thank you for your time and reading.


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