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The 90 Day Change

Updated on June 20, 2020

Most of us dream of having that sexy, hourglass figure body. I was once one of that girls who would do anything to achieve that fit body. But as I got older, I learned that being fit does not equate to being skinny. It's about feeling good, and if you feel good, it will just radiate.

That's me (first from the left) on my 25th birthday last March and the time I decided to go on this fitness journey and actually push through with it once and f

What made me push through on this weight loss journey?

Well, to be honest it was mostly because of all the pent-up dismay and stress I had about myself. If I count the years that I "tried" to lose weight, I would say I have been trying this weight loss thing for a decade now. And the main reason why I end up going back to my old habits and patterns is that I have a tendency to self-sabotage. Any goal I set my mind to, my mind is usually the number one suspect to probably sabotage it. Now that I'm a full-fledged follower of Christ, I really believe that it was the key to me finally sticking to this journey. I learned to let Him fight my demons, anxieties, worries, doubts I had and I learned to love myself because God loved me first and I am His beloved child. I have a newfound confidence and assurance of who I am in my Father's eyes. It's like nothing can stop me!

This is me at my heaviest. 173 pounds. 80 kilos. And I was tired of it. Tired of not fitting into clothes. Tired of basically anything I cannot do because my we


It all started on March 25,2020. 3 days after my birthday, I set out a plan, goal weight to be reached, within 90 days. My initial weight was 80 kilos, which was my heaviest. and I set out to reach 60 kilos or at least 70 kilos (which I later realized was ridiculous). I tried many fitness YouTubers but who I really stuck to was Cassey Ho (@blogilates) and Emi Wong (@emiwong_). I felt like they connected with me on a personal level. And they motivate me and torture me at the same time with their killer workouts that really target a specific part of my body and I really saw results.


Waist: 39 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Breast: 43 inches

Started taking progress pictures. And I can really say that it was the best decision I ever made because it let me tracks my progress. This is my first picture.

DAY 30

I was still grasping the idea of sticking to my new lifestyle. My eating habits were still a wack, and it was still so hard for me to try keep up with the workouts. I was out of breath every 10 minutes of the exercise. But they say that the first step is always the hardest so I pushed through and honestly, I have never loved exercising more than ever!

DAY 60: Still Getting My Eating Habits in Check

2 months deep, I was starting to see changes in my body, so happy that my hard work was not all in vain. I was more motivated to continue this lifestyle not just for 90 days but for good. One thing I was still struggling to balance was my eating habits so even though I was seeing changes on my body, my weight was fluctuating. I realized that no matter how hard I exercise, If I'm still not eating clean, I will see little to no changes in my weight. This is when I started intermittent fasting. I would fast for 16 hours and eat in my 8-hour window. But this method proved to be not sustainable for me. So my quest to healthy eating habits is on once again.

I was genuinely happy of the progress I was making. This was at Day 65.

DAY 90: The Dreaded Weigh-in and Measurement

I was on my Day 80 when I started having worries and anxieties again, overthinking that I wasn't going to reach my goal weight within 10 days. But God is so good, He showed me that there's more to me than the number on the scale, my hip and waist measurements. So I was able to compose myself and regain control of my thoughts and not let the enemy tell me otherwise. I realized that it's okay if I won't reach my goal weight, what's important is what I was feeling inside, the unseen changes I was making but still so significant and I was feeling really good, I can finally fit into the clothes I have that we bought and was too small for me but I still kept in case I lose weight and I could have not been more happier, that's already a victory for me!

Day 90 finally came! And that's today. I weighed and measured myself first thing after I woke up and these were my results:


WAIST: 35 inches

HIPS: 38.6 inches

BREAST: 39.2 inches

I could not believe what I just saw. I. LOST. 7 KILOS. 15 POUNDS. and all my measurements were in the line of 3! still have a long way to go but this is such a victory for me already. Thank you Jesus! I did it! We did it!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - PHILIPPIANS 4:13

I can wear my fave turtleneck without struggling to breathe!


Obviously, I did not reach my goal weight but that's okay! I have learned to accept that I progress at my own pace and that my body is perfect the way it is. I still have so much work to do and I can't wait to see more of what I can achieve. Of course, I wouldn't have done it without my #1 support system, my family. They were the ones that pushed me to continue when I felt like quitting again, supported my healthy eating decisions and became my workout buddies and were even motivated by my fitness journey as well. I'm also grateful to my online friends, church family for supporting me and cheering me throughout my journey. BUT... my journey does not end here, as I said I will be doing this for the long haul because I know I can do so much better. Thank You Lord! All the glory belongs to You!

If you've reached this part of my article, I like to thank you. I shared what I believe is the most vulnerable part of me. My body, my weight, my journey. Thank you again! I hope you continue to be with me as I continue my journey to bettering myself.



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